Guide to Buying Kolhapuri Chappal for Men

Kolhapuri Chappal for Men

Kolhapuri chappal is a classic pair of footwear that is timeless and never goes out of style. It has been the cult favorite for years and continues to be the trendsetter now and then. No matter what age you are, carrying a kolhapuri chappal for men with any traditional outfit won’t be a difficult task. This is because you can effortlessly style these chappals. Here’s a guide to buying kolhapuri chappals for men.

Get the size right

The size of your footwear matters to have a comfortable experience using them. Too loose or too tight can not be considered the right size for your kolhapuri chappal men. You need a pair of chappals that comfortably cover your feet. Because if they fit you a bit tighter, you will get rashes or shoe bites. And wearing loose-fit footwear is never advisable since there is a chance that it will affect the footwear’s functionality. So whether you visit the store or shop online, be mindful of the size you pick and how perfectly it fits you. As with time and usage, the strap does tend to loosen up slightly. 

Select the suitable material

Whenever you step out to buy kolhapuri chappal for men or women you will notice that each and every piece of footwear is crafted in its own way. They are made with different materials, but they were made from good quality buffalo leather decades back. The material used to be cured using natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. They opt for such materials so that it becomes soft and is also durable. Many people already know that the original kolhapuri chappal men used to be handcrafted with this material making them the perfect pair for rugged use.

Choose a durable and timeless piece

Generally, the material used to make the kolhapuri chappal men is 100% naturally produced. This helps the footwear stay in good shape for a more extended period of time. On top of that, the procedure followed to make these chappals is very thorough, which in return ensures that the footwear is bonded well for an extended period of time. With these pointers on the making of footwear, you get to understand that this footwear is highly durable in nature. Along with all this, you have an added benefit of them being timeless pieces to style any outfit with. Therefore, the kolhapuri chappal men cannot easily go out of fashion. 

Go for Stylish Patterns

These kolhapuri chappal men have a specific template for the sole, which adds to the particular shape of the chappal. They also have a toe ring strap which is very classy and a perfect pair for all your traditional looks. The signature style for any kolhapuri chappal look is the kurta pajama which can be the conventional outfit staple for people across age and gender barriers. They are known to have this flower-like tassel on the front strap, but footwear brands have begun to give a fashionable twist to this iconic style these days. You will get variety in strap color and other minimalistic design elements added to them.


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