Mix and Match: How to Pair a Half Saree with Different Blouses for Multiple Looks

Mix and Match: How to Pair a Half Saree with Different Blouses for Multiple Looks

Sarees are the most elegant piece of fashion that is trending among women. Sarees are super versatile because they can be worn at any given festivities, including formal occasions such as meetings and presentations. But do you find draping a saree difficult? If you think doing the pleats of a saree is a Herculean task, you can ditch the saree for a half saree instead.

A half saree is similar to a regular saree, but there are certain features that set them both apart. Like in a saree, the whole fabric needs to be pleated and draped in a certain manner. But half sarees come in different parts. A half saree is made up of a wide skirt featuring ready-made pleats, something that you will be grateful for, if you don’t know how to pleat a saree. It also comprises a blouse and a separate dupatta to drape in the manner you’d drape a saree pallu. Pairing these items together, you will create a look that is a combination of a lehenga and a saree.

Let’s look at the types of blouse designs that can be paired with your half saree to create a beautiful look.

A Plunging Blouse

If you dare to go bold, a blouse with a plunging V-neckline is the best because it also helps to flaunt your vivacious figure. If you are still sceptical about the deep neckline, you can always have it held together with a piece of sheer fabric in the same colour as the blouse.

High Neck Blouse

A high neck blouse is a trending concept if you want to ditch the regular blouse pattern. If your half saree is rather plain, you can opt for an embellished high-neck blouse pattern so that it remains in the focus. You can opt for a sleeveless blouse design if you want.

Lacy Design

You can keep things flirty by opting for a lacy blouse pattern. You can choose the lacy design if your saree features any lace work. The lace is super soft and smooth, so it won’t hurt your sensitive skin too.

Corset-style Design

Corsets are super trending these days and if you want to flaunt your curves, a corset-style blouse will give your ethnic look a nice edge. You can either opt for a plain corset-style blouse or an embroidered one, depending upon your saree design.

Cape Design

All women are no less than superheroes and because all superheroes wear capes, you too can don one with your ethnic look. A cape-style blouse will add a flirty touch to your look.

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Boat Neck

If you’ve got amazing collarbones to flaunt, a boat neck blouse design will help you rock them perfectly. You can take this look a step ahead by opting for a backless design.

Go Straples

 To take your style to a whole another level, a strapless blouse design is the way to go. You simply can’t go wrong when you want to add that little ‘oomph factor’.

With these amazing blouse designs to be paired with your half saree, you can manage to take everyone’s breaths away.


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