5 Modern Ways To Style Your Kanjeevaram Sari!

Kanjeevaram Sari

If you think sarees are just for the older crowd, you clearly haven’t seen a kanjivaram saree. Kanjivaram sarees are a timeless piece of fabric, which suits both the older and the younger generation. Sure, you must have seen everyone draping a saree in a regular way, but if you’re wondering how to add a twist to your look, so you can be the centre of attention, we’ve got your back.

If you’re hesitant to buy yourself a kanjivaram saree at first, you can experiment with your moms. Ask your mom to help you drape the saree in a regular way and see how it suits you. Now that you’re confident about your look, you can go buy yourself a classic kanjivaram saree that will add stars to your wardrobe. 

If you want to style kanjivaram sarees in different ways, you need to be careful because they are quite heavy, so a lot of effort will go into keeping them in place. You also don’t want to ruin your saree by poking holes into them with tons of safety pins. You can even get a semi-draped saree, which will reduce your efforts to a minimum. 

Now that you’ve finally brought yourself a nice kanjivaram saree, let us see how you can style it in different ways.

  1. Ditch your blouse for a jacket: Wearing sarees with blouses is so cliche. But if you’re all about experimenting with your look, how about ditching your blouse for a cropped jacket blouse? Since kanjivaram sarees are mostly in golden colour, you can pair them with a golden cropped jacket with elbow-length sleeves. Drape your saree on this modern-style blouse just like you would on a regular blouse. 
  2. Pair it with a kurta: Designers have been urging all the fashionistas to pair their kanjivarams with a kurta. Yes, you don’t always need your blouse to nail the look. Replace your blouse with a traditional kurta that will match your saree, and drape your nine yards across it in the regular style. You can take this style up by a few notches by securing your look with a golden belt around your waist. 
  3. Alternate draping style: If you’re bored of draping a saree in the same manner, you need to experiment with your look by trying an alternate draping style. A scarf-style draping technique will bring an edge to your overall look. But make sure you pair your saree with an embroidered blouse because this draping style will bring your blouse to your attention.
  4. Opt for a full-sleeved blouse: A full-sleeved blouse will give you a modern look. You can opt for a plain blouse if your saree features intricate designs and a heavily embroidered blouse if your saree is rather on the plain side. While carrying this style, remember that balance is the key.
  5. Style it like a lehenga: When you cannot decide what to wear between a kanjivaram saree and a lehenga, get the best of both worlds by draping a saree like a lehenga. The drape should be in such a way that you get the flair of a lehenga. 

With these different draping styles, you will surely stand out from the crowd in your beautiful kanjivaram saree.


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