How Is Bridal Wear of Pakistan Unique from the Middle Eastern?

Bridal Wear

Every society chooses its attire according to its culture. Wedding dresses of the bride and the groom are unique in every part of the world. Pakistani bridal outfits are also distinct from its neighboring communities. Its bridal wear is unique from Middle Eastern wear due to cultural variations.

Humans have evolved themselves through a long time frame starting from the cages to the modern society. Through this incredible journey of progress, we have maintained some traditions. Weddings are one of such traditions that humans are proud of. Marriage is the most vital event of every person’s life. So it is quite natural that everyone desires to accomplish this life-changing event in a spectacular way. 

Pakistan is a Muslim country with deep historical roots. Its Indus Valley Civilization is regarded as one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Present Pakistani society carries the same cultural aspects in its life.

During times, Pakistani culture has been amended with Arabic culture as they ruled the Sub-continent for a long time. Therefore, we can also experience many aspects of Pakistani society similar to the Middle Eastern way of lifestyle. However, Pakistan has successfully maintained its cultural identity.

Marriage is the most significant event of every home in Pakistan. Parents start planning for their children’s wedding long before. Every single work related to marriage is carefully done after a lot of discussion. Due to so much consideration, Pakistani weddings are glamorous. And the dresses of bride and groom prove this fact.  The bridal dresses are so lavish that makes her the most astonishing person in the whole ceremony. These dresses are chosen according to cultural traditions with a touch of modern fashion. 

When we take a look on Pakistani bridal wear, it is unique in many ways from its surrounding societies like the Middle East. Here’s we will describe some of the facts that make Pakistani wedding dresses unique.

Daily wear of Pakistani people is different from Arabic people. Shlawar Qameez and Lehnga with Dupatta to cover the head are normal wear of Pakistani women while Arabic women like to wear long Abaya with headscarf. The same behaviour applies to wedding dresses as Pakistani bridal dress is Lehnga and Arabic traditional wedding dress is Jalabiya. Arabic dresses are vaster as they like to wear open and wide dresses. 

Pakistan is a diverse society composed of different cultures. Contrary to the single Arabic identity of Middle Eastern countries, Pakistani society has Punjabi, Sindhi, Pakhtoon, Balochi, Kashmiri, and Balti culture. Each of them has different norms and traditions. So pakistani wedding dresses are also diverse in the same manner. Each bridal wear is so beautiful that it validates the cultural richness of Pakistani people.

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Moreover, Pakistani bridal wear designs have roots from its sub-continental background. So, we observe many similarities in Pakistani and North Indian wedding dresses as North Indian people have the same roots from the Indus Valley Civilization. 

So let’s take a look on Pakistani bridal wear and you will applaud its diversity. 


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