Essential Beauty Tips To Have Glowing Skin This Summer 

Beauty Tips

Talking about summer months, the first image that strikes our mind is cotton dresses and barely-there pastel makeup. Summer months cause lots of sweating, and our skin is exposed to harsh sunlight every day. Since summer 2020 has arrived, we all are excited to change our wardrobes and equip it with some summer clothing and makeup. Summer months are also referred to as the season of fun and colors because the weather gets warmer, and we all look for the latest and new set of skincare and beauty tips that can combat all sunburns and tanning efficiently. Below you will find some helpful Beauty Tips for summer 2020 that can keep your skin glowing this summer. 

Tips for Keeping Skin Safe This Summer

The boiling summer heat can be harmful and merciless for your skin. The extreme level of pollution can take a toll on your skin by fading away from its natural glow while leaving behind blemishes and oily skin. So, follow the tips mentioned below to keep your skin glowing this summer. Ensure to use only branded products for skincare and use Nykaa promotional coupon code online to buy the products at discounted rates.      

  • As the weather changes from winters to summer, you need to upgrade your face wash too. During summer months, you need to use a face wash that can take the extra oil away from the skin, while making the skin glowing. People with dry skin can opt for non-foaming cleaners and wash their skin twice daily to keep it fresh and clean.  
  • It is important to stay hydrated to have clean and glowing skin. During summers, your skin needs moisture and hydration in proper quantity. So, apply the hydrating face mask to keep it glow without dryness and drink plenty of water daily. 
  • Sunscreen is the best buddy of your skin this summer. Invest in some good sunscreen that suits your skin type and comes with a good UV spectrum. 
  • Eating a healthy diet is another essential step to have glowing skin this summer. There are lots of fruits that are skin healthy, and you must keep consuming it during summers. Oranges, watermelon, cucumber, berries, pineapple, and tomatoes are some of the vegetables and fruits that you must consume.   

Homemade Face Packs for summers!

  • Papaya and Banana Face Pack – Both banana and papaya are the skin healthy fruits, and it can prove beneficial for your skin during summers. Mash both the fruits thoroughly and add some honey to it and mix the face pack properly. Ensure to use the pack all over your face and leave it until it is completely dry. Rinse the skin with regular water. It would be best if you use it twice daily to control oil and achieve the natural glow of your skin. 
  • Fuller’s Earth Face Pack – Fuller’s Earth is a crucial ingredient in all face masks available today. It aggravates the dry skin conditions, so before applying, you must add some rose water to it to supply the added moisture required by dry skin. Prepare a mixture of rose water and Fuller’s Earth and mix it well. Beauty Tips Apply the mixture all over your face and leave it until it is dry and rinse it with normal water. 
  • Honey, Rose Water, and Yogurt Face Pack – Honey and Yogurt have cooling effects, and it can be soothing for your skin during summer and helps in removing skin dryness and offering natural moisture to your skin. Mix all the substances in equal quantity and apply it over your skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with water.      

Makeup Tips for Summer

Since the summer temperature is quite frustrating and soaring, applying makeup for all day long becomes quite challenging for women. So, to avoid the summer makeup blunders, here are a few essential make tips that you opt for this summer. 

  • Instead of mascaras, you must make use of eyelash curler because mascaras melt and make your face look oily
  • Use BB cream in place of concealer as it works as primer and sunscreen, and it is comparatively lighter
  • Light-colored eye shadows must be used in place of smoky eyes 
  • During summer months you must make use of liquid blush as they are long-lasting and effective 
  • Replace your matte lipsticks with the lip stains, which would help your lips to glow this summer.

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