5 Popular Hair Serum Selling Brands in India

5 Popular Hair Serum Selling Brands in India

Hair serums which give the smooth and shiny hair as well as prevent the split hair and cures the damaged hair. The air pollution makes the air unpleasant and dry and harms them. To secure it serums are the best items. Utilizing great hair care items is imperative to keep your hair secure and healthy. Tell us about the top brands for hair serum in India.

Hair serums ensure the hair completely as our hair requires additional nourishments and the pollution harm the hair that prompts hair breakage, hair fall, dandruff, dull and rough hair. Serums function as a defensive layer on the hair and keep them nourished. With the goal that the hair remains smooth, strong and shiny. Hair serums are accessible in a wide range in the market that makes the hair shiny.

Here are the 5 best selling hair serum brands in India.

  • Parsh Hair Elixir

Parsh hair serum makes your hair look glossy, healthy and long. This product by Parsh is one of the best and incredible formulae. The solution is made up of 16 natural herbs and ingredients which work viably on the hair. This mixture makes the hair smooth and healthy and increases hair growth. It sustains the hair and makes the hair healthy and shiny. Also, it seals the natural moisture of the hair and prevents damaged and frizzy hair. It has conditioning property.

  • StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Serum

This Serum is a nourishing hair serum that smoothes and rehabilitates damaged and rough hair. It helps to lock moisture while smoothing down the cuticles.

It helps with limiting the growth of split ends. This serum depends on natural herbs, essential oils and it is preferred by salon experts. It is perfect on straight hair or curly hair to make it shiny and smooth.

  • Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Serum Oil

Parachute has been started since 1992. It is a trademark name for the range of coconut-based hair care items made by Marico.

This Serum Oil is one of a kind mix of Coconut Oil and conditioning serum. It is an ideal light-weight and non-sticky hair nourisher.

One of the famous serum needs to be discussed is streax hair serum for men here.

  • L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Serum

The L’Oreal labs have made Ceramide-Cement formula to regain the hair’s natural growth to fight five hair issues.

This Nourishing Oil Serum is another nourishing and soothing serum. It functions as a leave-in conditioner and gives salon-like treatment for hair. Apply the serum on dried hair to shield it from harm daylight, rainwater, dust, and dry breeze.

  • UrbanGabruHair Serum with Almond Oil5 Popular Hair Serum Selling Brands in India

This Serum is an ideal pick for dry, rough, dull and frizzy hair. It is a handy solution serum for both women and men. It restores the natural shine to dry hair. It goes about as a protection to your hair and high-heat styling equipment. Right now, shields your hair from heat harm. It gives moisture control and anti-frizz smoothness.

These hair serum brands are gainful for the hair and one must include the hair serum in a haircare kit to keep the hair nourished, shiny and smooth.

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