Trendy Prints You Should Know for Sharara Dresses

Sharara Dresses

When we talk about Indian fashion and styles, sharara dresses are not taking a back seat anywhere soon. Coming into trends in the last few years, they have won the hearts of women across the country, and that is, you prefer wearing them to at least one celebrated function. And even in semi-formal events, these sharara dresses look attractive and perfect. And when sharara dresses are so desirable, why limit yourself to wearing them only in solid or plain forms? You can quickly try the trendy prints that are so overwhelming and fabulous when you adorn them on different occasions.

Read for some classic prints in sharara dresses that you can pick for the next occasion.

1) Floral Printed Sharara Dresses

Gone are the days when floral prints were limited only to summer fashion. Today, no matter what the climate and weather are, florals and flower designs are always trending. Especially in sharara dresses, these floral prints look magnificent and attractive. You can pick the sharara tips in dark red, pink, blue, purple and orange hues, while the floral patterns are primarily in lighter shades. With solid sharara pants and matching dupatta, they become the eye candy of every event you wear them in

2) Latest 3D Prints

The kind of print that everyone has been talking about recently is the 3D print. In sharara dresses, you get these prints scattered over the entire attire, which adds more beauty to this dress. Imagine wearing a multi-coloured sharara dress in 3D prints of various types and pairing it with some Boho jewellery. Your style statement is sure to win hearts through this fashion!

3) Geometrical Prints

We can never underestimate and ignore the power and role of geometrical patterns in revolutionising the fashion world. These geometrical prints and lines that come in various shapes enhance the fabric’s beauty and colour even more. So imagine if you are wearing a geometrically printed sharara dress, you will definitely make a mark displaying this attire if you pick the right colour combination, and the fit is right. Also, wear similar geometrical jewellery and hand bag with it, so the dress looks suitable and trendy.

4) Bandhni Prints

Originating from the Gujarat State, the bandhani prints have always been cherished across the country. For sharara dresses, you can wear the tops in darker hues of bandhani prints, while the sharara pants can stay plain and solid in a light colour. With the dupatta being of the same print, your style would be the talk of the town no matter where you wear them to.

5) Polka Dots Prints

The classical and basic polka dots prints are forever the favourite of fashion lovers. These look perfectly subtle and totally attractive on sharara dresses as well. You can contrast the shades of beads and the base for the sharara tops and bottoms to make it the perfect casual wear for all occasions.

One of the best & trendy types of print is the floral print and the polka dot prints.


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