How To Combine Long Shirts In Your Day Today

Long Shirts

Long shirts are perfect to show our most original side. Combining it is not an easy task sometimes because its length limits the options. Discover the different ways to combine a long shirt that we show you in this article.

For any spring-summer season, a garment that cannot be missing from your wardrobe is the shirt. The designs are so varied that there is something for everyone, but how do you combine long shirts?

Long shirts stylize, are comfortable and elegant and, if you know how to combine them, you will get the most out of this garment that never goes out of style. Pay attention, we show you how to get incredible outfits with this versatile and adaptable garment.

Learn How to Combine Long Shirts

The best way to combine this garment is as short dresses, and, depending on the time of year, you can accompany it with leggings, leggings, semi-opaque stockings, or, if the length of the shirt allows it, with nothing underneath.

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The world of blouses and shirts is very extensive: prints, cuts, genres, designs. Some models are more elegant, others are more street style and others are designed to offer us comfort on days out.

Taking into account the style and impact you want to achieve with this garment, it will be easier to choose the ideal footwear. For example, ankle boots or Texan boots, both high and low, even sneakers, are incredible options to achieve a casual look.

On the contrary, if the shirt is silk, satin or you wear black stockings underneath, shoes with a platform or with a medium heel, or perhaps some black stilettos, they will provide a touch of elegance to complete your look.

How to Combine These Shirts with Accessories

Long shirts can be very well combined with accessories such as belts or ties. In addition, if the garment has a medium-length or irregular shape, it is often necessary to add a complement at the waist to highlight the silhouette. You can use simple or studded belts, with fringes or a central design buckle.

Long shirts also look great with bags and wallets. For more casual looks, better opt for shoulder bags, mini wallets with fun or unstructured designs. Also, clutch bags and envelopes are not highly recommended to accompany this garment, since they are too formal accessories.

Best Coats Combination

To complete your outfit in the outdoor events, or even to go to work, the jackets short are the best choice. It does not matter if they are light or dark denim, leather, or wool, as they are all ideal to combine with long shirts.

The sweaters set are also valid. Allow the shirt collar to be visible on the outside for a proper office look. On the contrary, if you want to get a more sporty look, use a printed sweatshirt, as long as the proportions are harmonious between one garment and another.

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To know how to combine a long shirt correctly, you should know that long blazers do not favor this garment. Neither do kimonos, cardigans, or parkas since they subtract delicacy from the shirt and, if they coincide with its length, give the impression that there is nothing underneath.

Now that you know how to combine long shirts, be sure to introduce this garment into your looks, whether as a short dress, with ankle boots and a shoulder strap, or with slippers and a denim jacket. Your imagination is crucial to design your own outfits, so … let’s innovate!


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