Build Your Signature Style

Every style icon espouses the what, where, how of building one’s go-to personal uniform from the ground up, to create a more confident/ dynamic appearance every time they step out. And, for the sake of sanity in the mornings, we suggest you find yours too! We will help you to make a signature style.

How to Build Your Signature Style?

It’s a simple 4-step process. Let’s start:

1. What makes you feel your absolute best? 

We all have those days when you have “nothing to wear” in a wardrobe full of clothes. Then there are the days when you simply slip on a plain white tee, boyfriend jeans, and canvas shoes and feel like a million bucks. These are the main contenders for your personal uniform styling. Next time you are dressing up, pay attention to what you are naturally drifting towards blacks, blazers, or high heels. You can also create an inspiration board and build a huge mood board full of images that inspire you in some way with regards to your style
2. What’s in your closet?
Next up is to see what you have the most of in your closet. Personally I have a lot of layers: kimonos, wraps, light-weight jackets, and tailored crisp blazers. Those items are definitely part of my signature style. Your cue is if you have too many, you obviously like it enough to keep stocking your closet with them.

3. What do you drool over?  

Shoes, bags, lipsticks, or jewelry. Jenna Lyons from J. Crew makes a suave entry in her thick-rimmed glasses and bold red lips. Consider small nuances like these part of your uniform. They are a mix of utility and style and if these pieces make you happy, why not incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe?

4. Why develop a style mantra?

The majority of us wear only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The main benefit of the signature look is that it will make your 20% absolutely 100% right. This is the most effective way to a functional wardrobe because once you have found a look that you truly love, you can invest in those focused items and create a versatile mix-and-match system.
Every style icon – from a timeless diva to this moment’s it-girl – has a go-to fashion formula/uniform.

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Quick tip:

Having a signature style can mean having a predictable look every time. But it’s your style, your formula so you can decide how closely you want to define your signature look. You can be super specific or create your signature look around a specific set of items that you wear a lot with only minor variations. So if you want to include blazers, change it up with a loose jacket or a cape for greater variety! A signature bag can be a classic tote one day and a quirky clutch the next. And nothing changes up a look like shoes – oxfords, wedges, stilettos; leather, satin, lace; straps, embellishments, embroidery – it’s like being a kid in a candy shop!

Jasleen’s Go-to Style Decoded: Loose on Loose

I’m one of those people who will swap her heels for a pair of flats right before leaving the house. To me comfort is paramount and that to me is a summation of my style. My go-to silhouette has to be pairing loose and loose together. Fashionistas will be wary of this and my mom especially always tells me to wear tight pants if you are wearing a loose top and vice versa but this is one fashion rule I certainly don’t abide by.
Build You Signature Looks
Build Your Signature Style
Sonu’s go-to style decoded: Third piece magic
My love for layers is no secret but the more I experiment the more I realize that my blazers are actually like my second skin. They add an instant spunk to anything I wear and make everything look chic. I’m on a constant hunt for the most unique vests, jackets, and gilets to add to my collection.
Sonu's go-to style decoded
Style Decoding


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