Fitness Secret Of Top Celebrities

    Fitness Secret

    Every celebrity around the globe makes a conscious effort to stay fit and healthy. Being slim is something that they work religiously on. More and more celebrities are going vegan, not just for losing pounds, but because being vegan is healthier in the long run. Most of these celebrities have a healthy balance when it comes to diet and workout, which helps them keep their body toned and shining. If you are also looking for ways to shed those extra pounds without following any fad diets, you are in luck. In this article you will read about, fitness secret of top celebrities.

    In this blog, we will learn the secret which helps all these celebrities remain in top health. Their Fitness Secret is now in the open for you to take inspiration from them and work on your body.

    1.No excuses when it comes to working out

    The first rule for staying fit, get in a few exercises no matter what. Celebrities follow this religiously. They may not have the time to squeeze in a gym visit someday, but they do work out every day. For instance, Shilpa Shetty does yoga at home daily. Gisele Bundchen uses resistance bands to work out in her hotel room.

    2. Work with a trainer

    Most celebrities have a personal trainer, which helps them lose weight and stay fit. It will be helpful for you as well if you are starting your weight loss journey. You might not be able to get a personal trainer, but you can join a gym class or a yoga class with a certified instructor.

    For instance, Hrithik Roshan works with Kris Gethin, who is a professional sports trainer. Under him, he worked hard to lose 10 kgs in ten weeks. He also worked on his diet side-by-side.


    Celebrities are normal humans too. Sometimes due to their busy schedule or back to the back meeting, getting in any exercise is hard. But they make up for it by performing HIIT. High-intensity interval training helps you lose more fat. You can choose a HIIT which is 10 minutes long or one, which is 30 minutes long. It works hard to burn your fat and give you a lean muscular body. Katy Perry does HIIT often, and we all love how she looks, right?

    4. Walk and dance

    If the gym is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can still lose weight by following Nargis Fakhri. She says that walking 10,000 steps a day is what helps her stay Fitness Secret. Also, she focuses on her diet and eats veggies and juices and never forgets to drink lots of water.

    She also says that you can join Zumba to lose weight if lifting weight is not your thing.

    5.Combination of workouts

    Cardio and weight-lifting both are crucial for staying fit and losing weight. Celebrities like Carry Underwood understand that. She, like others, mixes cardio with strength training or weight. Some even take spin classes or having boxing classes. Switching up exercises keeps it exciting, so try that.


    Shilpa Shetty, Jennifer Anniston, Adam Levine, and Jennifer Biel are all known to follow yoga for staying fit. They know that yoga helps with lifting your own body weight, keeping fat off from coming back, and connects the body with the mind.

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    Yes, even celebrities have cheat days, while others eat everything regularly in moderation. But they ensure that they eat healthy food maximum. You too can eat healthy by creating a diet plan using the Canva. When you have a menu planned, you can eat healthily.


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