Aries Birthstone – Traits and Implementation


Aries Birthstone – diamond with its magical effects is hovering in the market to fulfill the needs of the folks. People are familiar with its limited scope. Advent of the internet delivered it a wonderful introduction. Now customers are well introduced with its market influencing properties that are carat , color, clarity and cut.

Weight of Aries birthstone is measured in the carat. A colorless diamond with size 6.5 mm and weight one carat is ruling over the international market. It is the demand of knowledge based customers.

Aries Birthstone Color determines the price of the stone. White diamonds have the highest value in the market. For recognition, the color range of diamond is arranged in alphabetical order starting from F and ending at Z.

Clarity of diamond calculates the level of impurities present in the gemstone. High degree presence of birthmarks in diamonds decreases its price.

Cut has a deep association with the reflection and dispersion of white light. With an ideal cut, a diamond behaves like a prism.

Chemical Overview of Aries Birthstone

According to chemical formation, a diamond is a carbon element that has a strong covalent bond with its neighboring atoms.

Till 1950, diamonds were in the market in a smaller quality with high price. The folks like to use it for showoff and pride. The valuable traits have opened new doors for the synthetic diamonds. Now synthetic diamonds started fulfilling the deficiencies of mineral Aries birthstone to produce new applications and products.

Sources of Aries Birthstone

Diverse source are there in the world and details are mentioned here

  • An estimated weight of a naturally existing diamond is more than twenty tonnes in a year. More than half have their application in the industry and the remaining is used as gems.
  • By keeping in view the incremental demand of the diamonds, diamonds are created in the labs at high pressure and temperature of 1400 to 1600 Celsius. Such diamonds are cheaper than mineral Aries birthstones.

Properties of Aries Birthstones

Aries birthstones own optical, physical, mechanical and optical traits. Diamonds have high refractive index, the hardest stone with low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity. It is also compatible with biological instruments.

In powdered form, it is a good polishing agent and is also used in computers as an alternative to silicon chips.

Applications of Aries Birthstones in Various Fields

The use of diamonds has been observed in the market since 1940. The application and scope of the stone in various fields is demonstrated below.

As it is already demonstrated in the above paragraphs that diamonds have the highest hardness, strength, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistivity.

The products in which diamonds are used either they are natural or lab created are oil drilling bits optical grinding tools and ball bearing coating tools.

There is no second tool that can deliver results matching to Aries birthstone with combination of high thermal conductivity with electrical insulation.

This aspect of diamond is seen in the industry in heat sink for laser diodes and microwave power devices. Such diamond devices produce high efficiency without overheating.

In electronic configuration of diamonds, there is a wide gap in the energy bands that permit them to be used as semiconductors. These semiconductors can operate with maximum efficiency at more than double temperature as compared to silicon devices. Therefore high power transistors and high temperature integrated circuits are prepared with Aries birthstones.

Features of Aries Birthstone Concerning to the Personalities of Individuals

 In relations an Aries birthstone as a gift is a sign of silent love. It is a sign of deep affection and a long life passion of love. It is a prized gift for spouses on every marriage anniversary but in literature it is dedicated to 60th marriage anniversary gift.

Ancient Greek warriors preferably used to wear it to strengthen their muscles and include invisible energy in their bodies.

In history diamonds were used for protection in bloody battles but today it is one of the finalized tools for adornment. It is used in ornaments of engagement and wedding jewelry.

Aries birthstones also own mystical and healing features. It also makes a bond between the brain and body of the wearers. People also prioritize the stone for cultivation of patience, positive habits and prosperity. The stone assists the folks in attaining the goals of their life.

People have firm belief that the stone invites mental tranquility and obscure calmness in wearers’ personalities. It is also a barrier in the flow of negative energies and provides remedies for stress management.

For maximum transformation of energy, it is recommended to wear the diamond around the neck or left hand.

Focusing Point about Aries Birthstone

Diamond without any impurity is colorless. But such stones are rare in the world. When impurities like boron infiltrate in the stone, it changes its color in orange, blue, pink, red and brown.


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