Wedding Cake According to Zodiac and What Your Sign Does at a Wedding

Wedding cake

At some or the other point of time in our life, we have seen ourselves comparing and looking at the traits of our zodiac sign. On the bus is one you are supposed to be a game and nothing to be taken too seriously about it. Today we compared what your zodiac sign would be at a wedding and what would be the Wedding cake on your wedding day. Because you are always thinking about what cake to have, a new one has a whole zodiac signs list okay. For their personality, you can go with it or maybe you can have cakes, one according to your husband’s sign and one according to yours. Flower bouquet delivery in Indira Nagar Bangalore is available so those of you missing out on weddings can send these flowers to their friends.

1) Aries – Wedding Cake

The very first sign of all the zodiac signs is Aries. Aries are famous for their adventurous and energetic qualities. No wonder that many of the celebrations to use leaders around the world are Aries. They are confident about every action they take. So for them, we have a pink champagne cake if and when they finally decide to get married. But at someone else’s wedding, they’ll be, so bored that they are already in the bar and have started their own game. You can always send flowers to India if your best friend is an Aries and you are not able to attend their wedding.

2) Taurus 

Chocolate cake

Those who had a Taurus boyfriend would know that they are the most ardent lovers of all. They are always determined and persistent in doing things. They make amazing husbands because they are security loving people. For these amazing people who are quite often jealous and possessive too, we’ll have a classic chocolate cake. And of course, when you attend their wedding don’t forget to add an online cake delivery in bangalore or any other country to take with you for the wedding. Now the point is where Taurus would be at a wedding, so they were so damn hungry that they have already eaten three plates of Wedding Cake.

3) Gemini 

Gemini’s are famous for being the best. They are adaptable and versatile. They are always great army leaders and in general, they are spiritual leaders too. For them, we’ll have a Pims cake. It’s simple yet elegant and can be eaten on any occasion. Send flowers online in India or any other country if you are missing your best friend’s wedding. Well because of their popularity they’ll be seen in all the wedding pictures of the bride and groom.

4) Cancer 

Cancer is famous for its frivolous nature and being a mummy’s boy. This makes them especially great with women. And in general, as well they are protective and sympathetic. For them, we’ll have a vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting for their wedding. Buy flowers online in India and send them around the world to your cancer friend. But at somebody else’s wedding, a cancer would be fighting to get the flower bouquet thrown by the bride.

5) Leo 

Leo’s are famous for hating the people whom they don’t like and on their positive side, they are generous and warm-hearted, broad-minded people. So for them, we’ll have a pink champagne cake. It’s just like them spongy and sweet. Order black roses online India to give them as a wedding present. Leo’s at a wedding will be found blabbing on and on into the microphone, during what we call the toast.

6) Virgo 

Virgo is considered to be the most ardent lover and soon enough you’ll notice that the choices have become your choices and next you know it will all be about Virgo. Although they are meticulous and organized. So if you have a Virgo friend don’t forget to send flowers to India or any other country. And for them, we’ll have a simple black forest cake. And at a wedding, we’ll see them telling everyone that their wedding would be better than the one they are right now in.

7) Libra 

Did you ever have a dream of having a guy who would do anything for you especially in love and doesn’t mind the fact that you smoke, drink or do anything? Flowers delivery in ahmedabad online is available and so is in any other part of India. So you can send these flowers to anyone of Libra’s in your life. One thing is for sure about them that they are charming. For them, we’ll have a cake that is charming too, and it’s a white chocolate cake with white chocolate icing. And Libra too, like cancer, is fighting to the death to get the wedding bouquet, although they aren’t too high to give someone else commitment.

8) Scorpio 

Scorpios are determined and intuitive, forceful and passionate. They have a magnetic personality and the woman of this zodiac sign is mysterious, no one, not even a Virgo can ever know what’s going on in their mind. For a friend like that, order black rose’s online in India and give those as a wedding present. For them, we’ll have a fondant cake because this looks different from the outside and completely different inside. And at a wedding, they’ll be seen being shouted at, because they were shouting amidst the people saying “I don’t”.

9) Sagittarius 

This sign is famous for having one night stands more in their life than their committed relationships. And the reason they don’t get into relationships is that they are freedom-loving and optimistic. Although their wedding might not take too much once they have met the love of their life. And they spend frivolously so their wedding would have the best florist in Bangalore or any other city. And their cake would be the most exotic ones and talk of the town. At a wedding, they would already be hitting on waitresses, bridesmaids, etc.

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10) Capricorn 

When a Capricorn is in love they’ll dedicate themselves to the relationship, however, if this comes in between their work then they’ll be happy to leave the relationship for work. Capricorn is often prude and ambitious. And their wedding would be a talk of the town and so have they been forever. But they are often called Scrooge for their working habits. So it’s possible that just after their wedding they’ll be seen resuming work instead of hitting the beach, for them you can send roses delivery in Bangalore if they are redecorating their house. For them, we’ll have a dark chocolate cake. And at someone else’s wedding, they’ll be seen sneaking out of it without anyone knowing because they have work to finish.

11) Aquarius 

Aquarius is friendly and humane. We don’t know much about their lives but for sure they are honest and loyal. And for them, any kind of cake would be like orange, strawberry, pineapple upside-down cake, etc. At a wedding, they are thinking that they have recycled a birthday gift and given it to the couple.

12) Pisces

Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, etc. are the many qualities of a Pisces. At a wedding, we’ll see them drinking and whining about the fact that this is not their wedding. And for them, we’ll have a beautiful chocolate cheesecake.


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