Top 5 Toronto Thrift Stores for Traveler on a Budget

Toronto Thrift Stores

Toronto Thrift stores are the vintage godmothers for those who love to shop at an exceptionally low price. For a traveler, it’s like finding a haven. Vintage clothing is not only budgeting friendly but it comes with a lot of emotions too.

Toronto has much to offer, not only for traveling but for a unique shopping experience. Like any other city, it comes fully loaded with miracles such as the comfort of airport limousine to travel around to tasteful wineries and thrift stores!

With already a bunch of cash spent on traveling plans, it gets impossible not to shop so, anyone who is ever interested in a thrift shopping, you will find yourself inside the Toronto’s thrift store.

Seems Lost? We Can Help You To Find The Best Of Toronto Thrift Stores!

It’s a genie in a lamp kind of experience for first-timers. Not every person has a taste of wearing hand-me-down clothes but its common practice and economical too for a traveler.

1. Public Butter

Move down to 1290 Queen St W, Toronto and you will find yourself a pretty cozy anonymously standing out thrift store by the name of Public Butter. Flannels and old leather are the reasons behind the impressive sales so do not let the size of the store demotivate you.

It’s a cool jock point to buy expressive vintage tees and hippie sunglasses. If you have a hipster vibe going on, congratulations, you are in your favorite new place. A more of an old antique shop has a lot of secrets ready to be sold at an unbelievable price.

2. Exile

Your next stop for the day has to be on 60 Kensington Avenue! First of all: WAO! The exterior of the building is depicted with cool graphics but hey, the insides are equally gravitating for buyers.

Proven as a local landmark, a bohemian styled aesthetics is what you will find (mostly). In this beautiful neighborhood thrift store, you will find bohemian frills, hats and some hot discount rates you can benefit from. But if you are looking for something peculiar, then dig deep to find the perfect blouse or maybe a summer dress!

3. Value Village

Since thrift stores found fame in trending markets, the price rates at Value Village peaked a tad bit over the last few years.  With 10 different locations around the city, you can have a pretty good idea; it must be selling the hot stuff!

Mostly known for cheap costumes, if you happen to be travel on limousine service in Toronto with a bound of friends during Halloween, all of you will find scary or funny costumes here. Although you won’t find any clothes from the latest trends you can still do happy shopping with a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

4. Common Sort

This is not your everyday thrift store. You will not find it cluttered with an abundance of clothes but rather it’s much peaceful as compared to Exile or Public Butter.

But can you guess the best part of stepping in this thrift store? How does trading clothes for cash sounds to you? Yeah, it is a traditional barter plan but if you have cash in hand then there’s nothing to complain about right?

So yes, to answer your question, you can find trendy clothes here! Deals are a far cry from Value Village but with the trendy clothes ready for sale, it is worth it.

5. The Black Market

A nine cloud thrift store in Toronto, located in the windowless basement is where you will find items for max $5! That’s a new low for any thrift store. So you can buy more than you originally planned during your travel spree.

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True, some might feel it’s rather spooky or gives off creepy vibes, but you will be surprised to visit it. You will instantly hit off with major deals and let me tell you one interesting factor…there’s a vinyl store within the basement as well!

Black Market doesn’t have a specific location but this was the current location I visited and got to have interesting picks.

Got a knack for thrift?

You go, girl! Even guys can find cool boots somewhere in the cave of wonders! As a traveler, you can enjoy the perks of traveling with style and a day well spent on budget shopping! Now next time you will have Toronto Thrift Stores list with you when you will go out.

Good things come to those who thrift.”


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