Coloured Contact Lenses – Types and How to Use

Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are one of those things whose popularity has spread like wildfire. Everyone wants not just a pair but people are going all out to buy all of their favourite contact lenses out there. Well, you cannot blame them for this, coloured lenses allow everyone to beautify themselves easily and still look natural, that is quite bewildering.

These contact lenses are a hot product right now and because of that fact, many individuals are throwing precaution in the air. Most of the users do not realize that these contact lenses are to be worn on the eyes. That is why they will always be classified as medical devices and you cannot be carefree when you are going out to purchase a pair for yourself.

You must understand that there are many different types of contact lenses. With that, you must decide carefully which type would suit you best.

Anyone who wishes to use coloured contact lenses should first know how these contact lenses work and how many types are there.

Different types of coloured contact lenses

You cannot deny that these are amazing contact lenses. They have these special coloured tints on them with lines and patterns that blend in with the eye colour and produce a wonderful effect. You do not have to worry as these tints have a free middle zone so that you can see clearly.

Below are different types of coloured lenses
  • Plano Coloured lenses – These are the coloured contacts that are used just for fashion and lifestyle purposes. They do not have any vision correction power. Just a coloured tint to make your eyes shine.
  • Prescription Coloured Lenses – Then there are also those coloured contact lenses that can be used to correct vision. The prescription coloured lenses will be prescribed to you by your doctor.
    • Among these two we have other types of contact lenses. These are 3 types of tints that are used on these contact lenses.
      • Opaque tints- Opaque tints are completely solid tints. They cover the iris completely and totally change the eye colour. They are perfect for those who want to use coloured lenses to change their eye colour. They are perfect for those with dark coloured eyes and people with light coloured eyes can also use these to make a fashion statement.
      • Enhancement tints- Then we have the enhancement tints and as their name suggests these tints enhance the eye colour instead of changing it. The tints are partially opaque or translucent and they allow some of the eye colour to appear. You have to choose the right type of coloured lenses that would suit your eye colour. These tints sharpen your eye colour and adds more definition to it. But because they are translucent, they can only be used on light coloured eyes.
      • Visibility tints- In the end, we have the visibility tints that have a very faint colour on them, enough to spot them. They have no effect on the colour of our eyes. The tint is there so that we can identify the lens if we drop it by mistake.
Different types of disposable lenses as mentioned below:

Daily disposable coloured contacts – these coloured lenses can be used for just a day. They are usually made with soft material and are very comfortable on the eye. And because they can be used once, you do not have to maintain them

Weekly Disposable coloured contacts – Second, we have the weekly disposable that can be used for a whole week. The difference is that you would need to clean them properly every day after use with the solution

Monthly disposable coloured contacts – then we have the monthly coloured contact lenses that can be used for 30 days. They are usually rigid gas permeable lenses to provide more durability to the lenses. Again, you are required to take care of them properly.

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Extended coloured lenses – in the end we have the extended lenses that can be worn for more than a month or two. These are used by people with vision problems. That is because they can be worn continuously for weeks without taking off. You would need to maintain them though.

Health & Safety Tips For Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are a wonderful accessory but because they are a medical device, you have to follow its instruction of use. We are just going to list down some of the important safety rules you must follow.

Get a doctor’ appointment

Always get a doctor’s appointment before you purchase your lenses. It will help you with getting the right contact lenses for your eyes in terms of typeand also the solution that would suit you.

Do your research before buying

Also, you must conduct a research before you buy your coloured contact lenses. Find the best brand or online store and only purchase the highest quality contact lenses. Never compromise on the quality of the contact lenses. You are going to wear them on your eyes.

Maintain Hygiene

Wash your hands always before you touch your coloured contact lenses. Maintain complete hygiene so that no particles or debris gets on it.

Learn to put in lenses properly

You should learn how you can put the lenses properly in your eyes. Watch videos or ask someone experienced to help you out the process.

Never share your lenses

Yeah about that, your coloured lenses, no matter how amazing, must not be shared with anyone. It doesn’t matter if they are family or friends. Think of them as your toothbrush. Sharing may transmit eye diseases from one person to another.

Never sleep without taking off coloured lenses

Make sure your lenses are off before you doze off. When you sleep your eyes dry off and if you haven’t taken them off, it will damage your eyes. Injuries such as corneal abrasion is common.

Never wear them beyond their expiry

If your coloured lenses are expired then just throw them away. You can always buy a new pair. Do not compromise on your eye’s health.

Make sure you follow all the safety rules. Enjoy life and stay safe.


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