Dress Code for IELTS Speaking Test

Wear Pants or Trousers

We often wonder how our outfits determine our personality, conduct and our comfort-level. The way we dress ourselves showcases our level of intelligence. Therefore, while appearing for the IELTS exam which proves your english language proficiency and secure a chance for migrating to a foreign country, you’d definitely want to put a positive impression before the examiner. It is important to get well-dressed that ensures comfort. Otherwise, a little discomfort can reflect nervousness on the face of candidates. This reason induces candidates to deck up in classy and professional outfits while going for IELTS speaking test as it reflects serenity of their nature.  

IELTS is an acronym for International English Language Testing System. This test judges the english reading, writing and speaking ability of the candidates. There are umpteen number of candidates appearing for the IELTS exam. In case anyone needs astounding training for IELTS exam preparation, then they can join a magnificent institute that caters profound IELTS coaching in Ludhiana. While appearing for the IELTS speaking test, candidates should make sure that they are dressed properly. 

It is a proven fact that a proper outfit boosts confidence as when you know the outfit you’re wearing suits you best and that reflects determination  on your face. Many students ponder before the IELTS speaking exam- how should I behave? What should I wear? Calm your nerves, as we have listed some suitable tips that can help you learn the best Dress Code for the IELTS speaking test. 

First of all, there is no dress-code for the IELTS speaking test. Candidates need to look confident and appropriate but there are no strict rules attached to it. For the ease of candidates, we have mentioned some handy tips that can assist them while getting ready for IELTS speaking test :

Wear Pants or Trousers

Choosing to wear trousers or pants can help you look professional and sincere. Wearing slacks is also included in options, as slacks are comfortable to wear. It is recommended to choose black slacks as they go with everything. You can also opt for any other colour of slacks such as dark brown or navy blue. Make sure to wear dark coloured pants/trousers/slacks.

Wear Pants or Trousers

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

Girls, we know you love high heels, as they are really attractive. It is suggested not to wear them as high heels can make you feel uncomfortable. Note this thing that your speaking test can take a while, make sure not to suffer by wearing high heels. Instead of choosing high heels, wear platform shoes as that is an easy and comfortable option. If weather allows, you can prefer to wear leggings along with boots. While talking about men, they can opt to wear a pair of formal shoes. 


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Choice of Top

Ladies can choose to wear a white blouse, make sure it’s without cleavage. A collared shirt is the best suitable option for gentlemen out there. They can button-up their shirts to look poised and professional. Doing this can definitely put a good impression before the examiner. 


You Can Opt to Wear a Jacket

A classy look will help you look confident and determined. You can add value to your dressing by wearing a jacket. Ladies, if you are choosing to wear dark slacks or jeans then opt a blue or brown coloured jacket. You can easily ace a professional and fashionable look. Men can opt to wear a black jacket, as it will help them look smart and equanimous.  

Wear a Jacket

Avoid Wearing T-Shirts

The deal is not only to feel comfortable but look professional as well. Note this thing that T-shirts generally have glitters, images or text imprinted on them. It is advised to shun the idea of wearing a T-shirt as it can pour a negative impression on the examiner.


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Blue Jeans is a BIG NO

Blue jeans are not inappropriate but they make you look casual instead of professional. Choose black jeans or any dark colour and make sure they are not tight fit jeans. Moreover, avoid wearing sweat pants as it can make you look sluggish. 

Blue Jeans is a BIG NO

Groom Yourself

While appearing for IELTS speaking test groom yourself by following the following tips:

  • Make-up: Ladies can use light make-up on their face to avoid looking feeble. Lip balm can be used by men.
  • Hairstyle: Ladies can tie a high knot if they have long hair and fix them properly to avoid hair disturbance in the middle of a speaking test.
  • Nails: Ladies and Men both should cut their nails. Ladies can choose to apply a light-coloured nail polish on their nails.
  • It is recommended to use a mouthwash or breath freshener before appearing for the IELTS speaking test.

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Afore-mentioned tips can help you dress smartly while appearing for the IELTS speaking test. However, there are no written rules for dressing sense but looking presentable can add value to your personality. 


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