6 of the Best Game Creation Apps for Beginner


Are you interested in creating a video game of your own? This looks like a difficult task that might require coding but it doesn’t. You do require some basic programming knowledge but there are numerous apps out there that can help you build the game of your dreams without being a coding ninja.

These apps simplify the process by letting you specify the gameplay, graphical style, and other features you would like in the game. Some of these games also teach you lessons to climb up the ladder and attain a professional-level experience. You just need the right development tool stack to create your very own game. There is a whole exhaustive list out there and these apps are popular among newbies the same way Charter Spectrum cable is with cable fanatics. Most of these apps have a drag-and-drop interface, an event system, a graphics editor, a level editor, special effects, and other tools that make game production easier and save time and energy.

Let’s check out the list:

1: Game Builder Garage 

When you’re using the Game Builder Garage, it feels like you are playing a game rather than working on an app. It comes with gamified tutorials that walk you through the 2D and 3D design basics, scriptwriting, and other important lessons. All tutorials are accessible in simple language and it teaches you everything that’s normally included in a Nintendo game.

This app has a Free Programming Mode that lets you access the full toolset. If you want to jump right into building the game of your dream, you will actually have lots of fun using Game Builder Garage. The only problem is that there are visual limitations because of which every project starts looking similar.

2: Construct 3 

This is one of the best apps to get started with. If you have zero experience with coding, Construct 3 will be your guide. This game development tool is an entirely graphical user interface (GUI), which means everything is drag-and-drop. Construct 3 offers amazing design features that can help you build variables and logic inside the game.

The best thing about Construct 3 is that you can export it to different platforms as well as formats without changing anything in the code of the game. You may export your game to HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox One Mac, Microsoft Store, Linux, and others after it’s finished.

3: Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio is a free game production engine for the Roblox platform that allows you to make games and interactive experiences. While this means you can only publish and sell your games on the Roblox store, it’s not the worst situation for a game developer; given that Roblox is secretly the biggest thing in the world.

4: Unity 

Unity began as a 3D engine in the year 2005, but in 2013, it gained official 2D functionality. This app is ideal for making games of all kinds and sizes, from mobile 2D simple games to jaw-dropping graphical masterpieces. Unity was the app that played a significant role in boosting the popularity of the component-based design.

5: Game Maker

This app is perfect for inexperienced game developers but that doesn’t mean experienced game producers can’t use it. There is a built-in script called Game Maker Language that allows you to create magnificent 2D games. Users can easily import animations, fonts, characters, and build games they like.

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With the help of Studio’s shader effects and Box2D physics engine support, developers may create visually beautiful, high-quality physics-based 2D games. At the touch of a button, the export modules allow you to design a game, produce numerous executables and export them to multiple platforms.

6: Flowlab

Users can create their own Flash and iOS games in their browsers with Flowlab. This online game creation tool is designed for game producers that have no prior programming experience. The game builder comes equipped with all of the necessary tools for a novice game producer. It’s also easier for developers to share their games because the toolset is hosted online.

Users can connect activities to develop advanced game logic using FlowLab’s unique flow-based programming. Users can also design characters, NPCs, and animations using the built-in animation and sketching tools.

Many other apps exist out there that can make it easier for you to create your very first game.


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