Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Pair of Shoes

Choosing a Pair of Shoes

Purchasing new shoes can be a more complicated task than it sounds. Besides the fact that you need to choose a pair of shoes that look great, you must purchase shoes that feel more comfortable and you can wear with ease. Choosing the right footwear can take you to a higher level, though some unacceptable shoes can harm even the most attractive outfit. They have the ability to make or break your look. It is true that one can predict one’s personality through shoes. However, it has been observed that boys make many mistakes while purchasing shoes compared to girls. So, before you buy shoes for boys, make sure to avoid a few mistakes mentioned in this blog. Avoiding these mistakes will help you buy the perfect pair of shoes for yourself or your loved ones. 

Mistake 1- Not Getting Foot Measurements 

It is a common mistake made by many  people. Do you remember the last time you measured your foot? Do you exactly know what your actual shoe size is? No, right? So, how could you expect to buy a perfect pair if you haven’t any idea about your foot size? We all are well acquainted with the fact that our feet’ size changes as we grow. If you buy shoes according to your previous size, they may not fit perfectly. So, shoes for boys and girls(especially teens or below 20 years of age) should be purchased only before getting their feet measured. 

Mistake 2- Buying the Wrong Size 

You might think that if you have measured your foot before buying shoes, there is no chance of purchasing some unacceptable size shoe! However, it’s likewise vital to take note that measuring can differ from one brand to another and, in some cases, even inside a brand as well.

Try not to purchase shoes without giving them a shot first. After trying on a pair, make a decision whether they perfectly fit your size or not. Then, continuously give them a shot until you get the right one for you. One little distinction in the shoes can have an immense effect on the manner they feel on your feet.

Mistake 3-Impulse Buy

A huge discount or streak deal on shoes for boys can be really enticing; however, if you ridiculously need those new shoes, ensure that they fit appropriately. Since they are a deal, it doesn’t mean you will buy a pair that hurts when you wear them.

Mistake 4- Wearing the Wrong Socks 

Wearing some unpredictable pair of socks can be another major mistake made while buying shoes for boys and girls. If you are going to buy shoes that should be worn with socks or stockings, ensure you have them with you. 

Mistake 5- Thinking of ‘Cost Matters’ 

If you ever think that costlier shoes are better than cheaper ones, then you are wrong! Just because the price is more affordable, it doesn’t mean these are bad quality shoes for boys and girls. Price doesn’t matter but fit, comfort, and quality do matter the most. 


If you make these mistakes while buying shoes, it can cause a fashion disaster. So, while choosing a pair of shoes for boys and girls, don’t fall prey to these mistakes in order to pick the trendy one.


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