Tips for Choosing Comfortable Footwear for Pregnancy

    Footwear for Pregnancy

    As a pregnant woman, you’ve got to be very careful with what you eat, drink, or wear. This includes the kind of shoes you wear during work or sports. If you’ve been suffering from pain, swelling, or discomfort, it’s possible you’re wearing the wrong footwear. Here is how to choose the right shoe. In this article you will read about, tips for choosing comfortable footwear for pregnancy.

    Once you get pregnant, you experience very many body changes. The first noticeable thing is weight gain, which could cause your feet to ache and sweat. It’s normal to begin worrying about how you’ll lose the weight and start shopping for the best postpartum underwear to cover that tummy. But before that, it’s essential to focus on the present essentials like shopping for comfortable footwear during pregnancy. 

    Here are the factors to consider to ensure you buy the most comfortable shoes to wear during pregnancy:

    Limit Yourself to a Shoe Height of 4cm

    Shoe Height of 4cm

    If you’re a corporate working mom, the first thing you want to know is whether it’s okay to wear high-heel shoes during pregnancy. Unfortunately, as stunning as the heels in the shore store may be, it’s not advisable to wear high heels during pregnancy. 

    As the pregnancy grows and you gain more weight, your center of gravity changes making you less stable. These may lead to instability of joints and muscles, and an increased risk of falling. 

    Since any fall for a pregnant mom can be fatal for both the unborn child and the mother, it’s best to limit yourself to a height of 4cm.

    Shop for Your Shoes in the Afternoon or Evening

    Shopping at the right hours can help you buy comfortable shoes. Aim at shopping for your shoes in the evening or afternoons since your foot is largest in those hours. A shoe may fit in the morning, but when evening comes, they may become tight and uncomfortable.

    Also, divide your shoe shopping spree into two different times as you can experience significant changes in a very short time. You can schedule the first shopping after six months and the last one in the last three months.

    Shoe Shop

    Go for High Friction Shoe Heels

    Only buy shoe brands that have high friction shoe heels to ensure firmness and safety when walking. 

    Avoid any shoes without friction as they increase the risk of footing or falling, which could hurt both you and the unborn child. 

    Style and Material

    Women’s shoes come in multiple designs, and while keeping up with fashion is great, it’s not a priority during your pregnancy.

    You have to choose a style and material that prioritize your comfort. Here are some useful pointers to help you:

    • Avoid shoes with too many knotted strings as they may cause you to strain when wearing them as your belly grows.
    • Buy shoes with soft materials as they are comfy and allow you to move at ease 
    • Shoes with an airy design are best as they allow your feet to sweat comfortably
    • Choose shoes with air beds in the foot part as they prevent pain and aches especially during travel

    Style Materials

    Buying shoes with the right style and material ensure your weight is well spread, enhancing proper blood circulation for you and your unborn child.

    • Sandals or flip-flops. These can serve you during cold and hot seasons. Flip -flops are easy to wear and remove as they don’t require tightening any strings. During winter, you can wear them with socks to feel warm and cozy. You can easily slip socks without straining your tummy, so they’re no safety concerns. Also, you can wear your sandals both indoors and outdoors.  
    • Flat shoes. Flat shoes are very comfy, and also give you good control of your increased body size. You can buy the ones with ankle support and optimum arc to fully support your feet. Therefore, they’re the best work shoes for a pregnant mom.

     Adhere to Sanitation Rules

    This may not be a tip for buying shoes, but it’s worth mentioning.

    When you’re pregnant, your feet sweat more than it does on normal days. Therefore, it’s crucial that you follow the sanitation guidelines. This means:

    • Changing your shoes at least twice a day
    • Washing your feet regularly and leaving them to dry
    • Leaving your shoes to breath for eight hours before storing them
    • Spreading Xeraphium on shoes to keep them slip-resistant, clear, dry and decrease the odor

    Honoring the rules also protects your feet from developing any infections

    Final Words

    Footwear for Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it comes with so many body changes. It’s essential to learn new hacks to take care of yourself to ensure you and your unborn child are safe. Buying the right shoes is one way of taking precautions as it helps you reduce the risk of tripping or falling. 

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    We hope you learned something from our tips. If you’ve got any questions regarding Footwear for Pregnancy, feel free to comment or consult with us. 


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