May 15, 2015

Revamp your bedroom in minutes

As we venture into a lot of new arenas with Fashion Bombay, we want to bring you the most honest and utilitarian ideas to make your life more fun, fashionable and fabulous. 

Spaces from the Welspun group sent over a couple of bedsheets to try and while I was always aware of their superior quality, trying them first hand was something else. My usual bedsheet choices are governed by design and what looks pretty but since my baby’s arrival on the scene I’m more mindful of quality, texture, softness as well. She spends a decent amount of time on the bed and that also means a lot more bedsheet changes. 

I personally think the bedsheets are really stylish in terms of patterns and look good wash after wash. I have a very set number of bedsheets so longevity matters to me. Also, the fact that the bedsheets don’t get rough (you know those fibers that you often see on your clothes after several washes) makes it an A grade product for me. 

I took some time to meet with the people behind the brand and bring you a more fashion focus on bedlinens. A special mention to the darling #karamkaur for being the perfect model. 

See the excerpts of my interview with Dipali Goenka, Managing Director, Welspun Global Brands Ltd.
1. Solids vs. Prints, bolds vs. Pastels, what are the hottest summer trends in bedsheets.
Prints are definitely going to be dominating this season. Graphical prints that look like paintings are going to be a hot favourite amongst the consumers. Mélange stripes, checks and jacquard prints that are the most preferred by the consumers. 

2. How has the Indian sensibility changed towards bed linen and lifestyle fashion?
Earlier Indian home fashion was restricted to white colour bed sheets or light colours with dainty prints. This has seen a radical change as the world is getting smaller and exposed to global fashion and trends. 

3. What are some must-haves in every linen closet?
One’s individual spirit should be embodied through his or her style. The room should speak about one’s individual self. They should be able to find their space through bed linens and home fashion that brings comfort at the same time speak about their style of fashion. 100% cotton sheets with solid colours and jacquard prints gives the room a luxe feel while the graphical prints brighten the room and bring liveliness. 

4. How does a layman assess the quality of a bedsheet besides the obvious thread count?
Apart from the thread count and the material used, the cost plays a very important factor while selecting a bed sheet. This is followed by the colour and design and lastly by the innovation used. Like for example, the Hollow-core technology used in Hygrocomfort helps in regulating the temperature or the antimicrobial sheets that prevent from infection by pathogenic micro-organisms.  Also the water repellent fabric that is used in some of the SPACES Home & Beyond sheets that help in absorbing the hard stains such as coffee or tea on bed sheet, it also helps to keep the mattresses and mattress cover dry. These innovative technologies add value to the performance and the utility of the bed sheet. 

5. Do fashion trends impact bed linen trends as well?
With the evolving consumer mindset, these days consumers have started taking utmost attention to home fashion as they used to take when it came to apparels. These trends have been seen with every 6 month change in trends via Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter  

6. What are some stark differences in tastes and needs – Indian vs. global
In India consumers purchase the bed sheets depending on the print and design that are used while in the west solids and jacquard play an important role. Also performance of soft furnishings is very critical. Hence, fitted sheets such as Flexi Fits that is offered by SPACES act as an important functionality and will be a boon to the evolving Indian consumers as well.

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Interview by: Jasleen Kaur Gupta

Model: Karam Kaur

April 03, 2015

Print Mixing 101

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