October 22, 2014

Italian Holiday

I never totally understood people when they spoke so passionately about travelling. I mean I enjoyed it but would much rather cosy up in a cafe in Colaba in my city where everything was familiar and knew me. After getting married and moving to a new country, embracing new places, new people and traditions didn't seem as bad as imagined. Travelling has become one such tradition we've adopted and I'm glad we did. It really opens the window to your soul. Seeing the world, exploring new cultures and cuisines with fabulous company is truly priceless. 
Here's just a glimpse of merely one part of my trip, my outfits. There's a lot of recycling since I was forced to packed light. Hope you like them! Do let me know in the comments section.

Blouse, Promod| jacket, local boutique in Venice| jeans, Topshop| boots, Timberland| bag, Furla| glares, Ray Ban

Tee, Asos (also worn here)| jeans, Topshop| flats, Massimo Dutti| blazer, c/o Romwe| bag, Furla

Dress, Ritu Kumar Label| jacket, Perniaspopshop| bag, Gucci

Shirt, Stradivarius| skirt, Asos| trench, Fashion street| brooches, Curio Cottage| bag, Prada| flats Massimo Dutti

Blouse, Origem| cape, Masaba| jeans, W for Woman| boots, Bata| bag, Prada

Tee, Asos| skirt, Promod| blazer, H&M| shoes, Vans| bag, Prada

Tunic, local boutique| jeans, W for Woman| shoes, Vans| bag, Prada

Shirt, Forever 21| jeans, W for Woman| jacket, Fashion Street| shoes, Bata| necklace, Popley

Tank, PAX| skirt, Zara| blazer, Forever 21| belt, Moschino| flats, Asos

Shirt & flats, Asos| blazer, c/o Romwe| jeans, Topshop| bag, Prada

October 20, 2014

Photo a day VI

Here's a quick recap of what I wore the week before I left for Italy. Which outfit is your favourite?

Tank, Asos| blazer, H&M| pants, Matalan| necklace, Vivat| bag, Coach| jutties, Colaba Causeway

Blouse, New Look| jeans, Topshop| waistcoat, Splash| jutties, Chandigargh| bag, Furla| necklace, Goa

Top, Asos| skirt, Promod| flats, Massimo Duttii| bag, Oberoi Mall

Blouse, Fashion Street| pants, H&M| flats, Asos| bag, Furla

Skirt, Nishka Lulla via Perniaspopshop| blazer, H&M| tank, Forever 21| heels, Charles & Keith| clutch, Mini's Boutique

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