June 19, 2015

Radiant during Ramadan

Keep your skin and hair fresh and glowing even as you’re fasting in this holy month. Here’s how:

Eat right:
Include fresh fruits, salads and protein in your suhoor and iftar. Avoid spicy and oily food and drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated with detox waters, mix strawberries, cucumbers, mint or chia seeds in your water for that additional boost.
Your skin also gets dehydrated when you’re fasting. It is recommended to moisturise your skin 2-3 a day. Even if you have an oil skin, pick a get based lightweight moisturiser. If you have dry skin do moisturise as per reuired. If you are a busy girl on-the-go just add a bit of olive oil or almond oil to your moisturiser for loonger hydration.

Skin routine:
Tweak your beauty regime a bit during this season. Avoid frequent washing and scrubbing of face you will only lose your natural oils and will lead to dryness. In Ramadan limit using toners and astringents because these products not only rip off natural moisture from skin but can also make your skin feel dry. Use toner only once a day.
As the body's supply of water diminishes, the skin becomes dehydrated and more prone to sunburn and pigmentation. It also takes longer for the old glow to be restored and the darkening to fade. So, never ever skip sun protection before stepping out in the sun.

DIY Care:
Since Ramadan is during summer, your skin can use a little bit of extra freshness. Pour some rose water in a spray bottle and keep it in your purse. Whenever you feel tired just spray some rose water on skin to instantly freshen up yourself. Alternatively, make your fruit pack:
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or orange juice with 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on skin for 10 minutes.
  • Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of grated papaya pulps and apply it on skin for 15 minutes. Papaya can serve as skin food for those who have dry skin. To prevent aging and other issues associated with severly dry skin you can mix a few drops of almond oil with papaya.
  • Grated apple with honey is a good face pack for normal and sensitive skin.

More Conditioning and Less Shampooing
To maintain shiny and healthy hair try avoid frequent shampooing and use mild shampoos instead of your regular shampoo. While conditioning never apply conditioner to the hair roots as this may cause dandruff and make your hair oily.

June 14, 2015

Watch it!

How many of us actually check our watch for time? Bet the answer is none. Sadly that’s something our cellular devices have taken over. Be that as it may, a timepiece continues to be every man’s necessity. How, you may wonder. Blame it on the pre-eminence of haute horology. Now it’s all about the status that invariably puts the spotlight on your persona too. Furthermore, we’re so spoilt for choice that today there’s a make for every occasion. Don’t believe us? Calvin Klein’s latest collection is out for you to see. Here goes…
Life between 9-5
There’s that charm to a leather strap at work. Precisely why we recommend the City collection for men. Its vibrant colours ought to prep up that mundane routine. As for women, they better talk shop in the Simplicity collection. You’ll mean business with an understated edge.

Working up a sweat
For the bold athlete Calvin Klein’s Colour it is. One look at its silicone straps and sandblasted-aluminium case is enough to know that this line is certainly water-resistant. For men and women, its variants couldn’t be more colourful. Women can also go in for the sprightly Lively range. Besides this monsoon season kill two birds with one stone by banking in on these smart yet swish statements.

While globe-trotting
For all you beach bums or hikers, a metallic or leather-strapped watch is a bad idea. And no, that doesn’t rule out all your possibilities. Heave a sigh of relief with Calvin Klein’s Earth collection. Trust us, the fabric armlet makes it pliant for every kind of vagabond. 
On a steamy-date night
Nothing spells sexy as much as an animal print does. To spice up the romance, bring out your sensuousness with Spellbound timepieces. In case you’re of the opinion that a print isn’t for all attire, you’ll be in for a surprise. It’s actually a classic that’s known for being oh-so-neutral. Don’t even bother thinking twice. 

Get your hands on these gorgeous timepieces at all Calvin Klein Stores.

Written by Karishma Loynmoon for Fashion Bombay

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