April 03, 2015

Print Mixing 101

We are obsessed with mixing prints and here's a video showing you three easy ways to this trend. Do feel free to share your inputs in the comments section.

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March 30, 2015

Liva Fluid Fashion

With a new baby and Sonu in Muscat, it gets hard for me to to attend events. But I rush to every event if I get a chance. The Liva Fashion Show was one such event I recently attended. Part of the Birla Cellulose, from Aditya Birla Group, the event unveiled their much awaited new age fabric brand - LIVA and their stylish brand ambassador Kangana Ranaut.  

The evening saw a beautiful amalgamation of the five elements to bring out the essence of Liva, in a fluid fashion showcase titled ‘Panchtatva’. James Ferreira, renowned for his subtle non-literal infusion of Indian elements, presented the Liva Collection themed Air, Puja Nayyar, known for her unique ideation towards experimentation in design, used Earthas an element to showcase the expanse of the fabric Liva, Narendra Kumar, well known for his structured silhouette and sharp tailoring, displayed the fluidity of the fabric, using Wateras the inspiration and Anita Dongre, who is known for her wide range -prĂȘt to couture, traditional to contemporary, classic to avant-garde and desi to global, took inspiration from Fire to bring alive the fiery fluidity of Liva.

Here are some of our favourite picks:

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