September 17, 2014

Makeup and made up

It's only recently that I got used to wearing makeup and I'm by no means any expert to teach anyone But since I got many requests for this look, here's a step-by-step post how I wear my makeup for a night out. On a regular day I prefer some tinted moisturiser, some mascara and cream blush.  

Step 1: Primer
To kickstart your makeup routine, begin with a primer after you moisturise your skin. This will prevent your makeup from cracking and minimises the pores. Use an eye cream and an eye primer for brighter eyes. If you want your makeup to last and settle in correctly I highly recommend a primer especially if you have oily skin like me. 

Products I recommend: 
- Makeup Forever Primer (I recently tried Lancome LA Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer and I love that too. But Makeup Forever has primers with different tints to balance your skin tones. I am cool tone, so this pink one neutralises my natural skin colour)
- Bobbi Brown Hydreating Eye Cream 
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

Step 2: Foundation
After your primed your face, I suggest you use a translucent/ finishing powder in this step. I know majority people use the youthful skin reflects light and powders prevent light reflection and end up magnifying your lines. Then apply your favourite liquid moisturiser or  tinted moisturiser. A sheer liquid formula should fill the bill—just apply it where you need it‚ usually in the center of the face, especially around the nose.
After applying foundation, I apply just a little highlighter above my brow bone and on my cheekbone.  I prefer to apply the highlighter in this step so that it settles in by the time I use a bronzer.

Products I recommend:
- Make Up Forever HD Foundation
- Benefit High Beam

Step 3: Shape your brows:
Shaping your brows may seem like a small, negligible step but does wonders to shape your entire face. It will make you eyes the focal point of your face. A colored powder usually provides a better thickening effect than a pencil. But for a daily look the mighty pencil is far more user-friendly.

Products I recommend:
- Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting eyebrow Pencil
Step 4: Liner and Lashes
For a fresh dewy look it’s important to brighten the eyes. Carefully line the top eyelid close to your lashes. This will make your lashes look extra-dense at their roots and finish by swiping on a volumising mascara.

Products I recommend: 
- MAC Penultimate Eye Liner
- Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Masacara

Step 5: Contour and brighten
Ditch the neutrals and buddy up with the bright. Your face will have a naturally flushed look if applied at the top of the cheekbone and also has a lifting effect. I recommend a bronzer cum blush that will accentuate your dewy skin. 

Product I recommend:
- Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder

Step 6: Red pout
It took a lot of time for me to get used to wearing lipstick. It called for attention I didn't appreciate it back then. After blogging for a few years, wearing makeup became part of the process and evolution. My lipstick obsession stems from there and hasn't stopped since. I prefer matte lipsticks that make my lips look fuller.

Products I recommend:
- MAC So Chaud

September 10, 2014

Fashion lessons I learnt as a new mom

I obsess over one thing in phases. I'm the kind of person who will buy the same thing in different colours because I live in the perpetual fear of "I might never find it again." I'm also the kind of person who loses sleep over that one thing I didn't buy but more on that later. 

I have never worn fitted clothes to begin with and post baby that's been quite a boon. While I'm yet to fit into anything with buttons, elastic waists are an invention I thank God for everyday. Here's a couple of fashion lessons I learnt post my darling baby.

Lesson no. 1: 
Don't get disheartened and throw away your old wardrobe:
Try everything and what really doesn't fit, put it away for a while and you will find loads of things that still fit you. 

Lesson no. 2: 
Recycle your old wardrobe to fit the new you:
If that shirt doesn't button up, wear it a a jacket over the stretchy tee, if that top shows off a few bulges, pair it with a lightweight cape to hide those.

Lesson no. 3: 
Don't give up!
As a new mom you are tired and have to get practical, prepare for hours to get out of the house even for a while, swap your designer bag for the diaper bag but the key is to keep the excitement up. Now that the baby is a part of your life from hereon, accept it and move on. Don't  stop dressing up just because you're tired and the baby will wrinkle your fabric or spit on it anyway :) This will make you feel so much better about yourself too. 

We were going to a friend's house party near by and this is what I wore (of course, I swapped this bag with the diaper bag but these are small sacrifices for my big smiling bundle of joy)

Outfit: all Zara| bag, DKNY
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