What Are Makeup Errors That You Need To Overcome

Makeup Errors

Therefore, the most severe mistake in makeup. It takes a woman several years to find the right makeup – usually, after 20 years, it is difficult for us to try eyeliner. Therefore, after working for a long time in front of the mirror, we are not happy with the result.

At the same time, you can find a lot of inspiration on the bronzed cheeks of Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) or Rihanna (Rihanna) possessed by burgundy lipstick. Not everything is right for you. And because you’re still trying, you should avoid some makeup errors at all costs.

Excessive Face Wash

Facial cleansing is the first step in starting the right makeup and an essential step. Each woman has her skin type, and we must remember that her age undergoes many changes. Therefore, if you find dry, flaky skin after applying a liquid foundation, it was evident that this is the time for you to abuse it.

It is ideal for washing your face twice a day when you get up in the morning and before going to bed at night. It is best to use a mild, mild detergent. Believe me. You don’t need soap at all because natural skin oil can perform miracles.

Makeup on Dry Skin

Applying makeup to dry skin is one of the biggest makeup mistakes. Then his face was dull and tired. Before applying makeup, make sure your face is well hydrated.

Applying Makeup in Improper Lighting

Treat yourself to natural light to understand which makeup is best for you and which is not. Otherwise, illustrations using artificial light may be completely different than expected.

Wrong Beauty Product Mixing Techniques

Make-up is more than putting on a red mask or eye shadow. If improperly blended, even neutral shadows will look unnatural and inappropriate. The key to everything is the effective distribution of cosmetics. Check out the top makeup rules and buy some great products and brushes.

Incorrect Concealer Application

What should a previous primer or concealer be? We think it would be better to correct the defects after applying the primer. But remember a few points.

Do not use many products on any part of the face. Too much concealer in the dark circles under the eyes makes you age. It is best to put a few drops on the eyes and legs under the shade. Do not apply it directly to dark circles.

You can also use the coating technique: drop a drop on the “circle,” mix and allow the composition to dry, and then apply another coat.

You can also use the powder between the two coats. You can’t use a concealer for everything – there are many shades and each shade is handled differently. The peach neutralizes blue and fights against dark circles. Green eliminates redness; It is suitable for covering acne and scars.

Too much “Tonal”

The extra shades are not suitable for anyone, and the makeup, in this case, seems messy. Worse yet, it turned out to be a clown mask. Sometimes you do not need to apply the cream all over your face, but you can use it to the cheeks, nose, and eyes. And remember: the correction is more suitable for removing stains.

“Trouble with Eyebrows”

The eyes are the windows of the soul and the eyebrows hit. Sharp eyebrows can accentuate the eyes, and thick hair looks messy. Thin eyebrows or handles are not for everyone and can change your appearance. If you need an eyebrow consultation, contact a professional.

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Over the years, the eyebrows have become brighter and less frequent, so that you can color them. But don’t you want them to look abnormal?

An eyebrow pencil with no sharp lines can give them a natural look, but the shading effect is better. You can also use eyebrow kits. They have everything you need to get the desired result.

Using the Wrong Eyeliner

Black pencils have more or less heavy faces. Otherwise, they look sharp. Especially if you have blue eyes and blonde hair, if the skin tone is lighter, choose a brown eyeliner.

Ink Errors

First, the mascara should be two shades more profound than the eyebrows. Never apply more than two coats of mascara. Otherwise, it will shrink. By the way, after 3-4 months of use, the mascara also looks very bad.

Do not paint the lower eyelid in light colors, hold the brush vertically, and then apply it several times. Sometimes a waterproof mascara is necessary, but washing it is much more difficult so that regular use will damage the eyelashes. Use only in summer.

“Shoals” with Lips

It is the worst thing to brush your lips with a pencil. Don’t draw thin and sharp lines. It isn’t very good. If you choose a darker color than lipstick, you will find it very strange. The lining should be light on the edge of the lips and not visible.

A pencil is needed to prevent the lipstick from dripping. Clear lines and missing lipstick – not right. Mix the pencils carefully to get the best results. Another correct technique is to apply the desired shading to all lips and then attach the color with lipstick.


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