The Ugly Mom: Why I let my toddler decide her own clothes

byJasleen Kaur Gupta May 13, 2017 #momtales 2 Likes

She would dress herself and while I admit it hasn’t been easy, I certainly would do it all over again and here’s why:


The Ugly Mom: A mum’s honest letter to a friend

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Feb 15, 2017 #momtales 0 Likes

Why having a baby is the worst and the best idea ever! A mum’s honest letter to a friend.


The Ugly Mom: The struggle with my jeans

by Feb 13, 2017 #momtales 0 Likes

The point is that yes my body has changed and yes I may have fewer hours in the day to work on it, but I have more motivation, more organised time and more ‘mombie’ energy (when you’re tired all the time but still get everything done?)


What no one told you about being a new mother

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jun 17, 2015 #momtales 8 Likes

Your little bundle is finally here and the phones won’t stop ringing. Friends and family want to know if it was normal, how long it lasted and the general labour experience followed by some well-meaning advice. But what no one prepares you for is the soon after.