The Morning Shot

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jun 29, 2016 #OnMyPlate 2 Likes

We have considered buying a coffee machine before but there is honestly so much in the market that seems fairly complicated and bulky that we never got around to it…until now


Punjabi Garam Masala in 15 minutes 

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Nov 03, 2015 #OnMyPlate 4 Likes

Just recently, I begged my mom for her garam masala recipe she uses in every single thing. I was feeling generous, so I/m sharing it with all you guys.


Can’t Cut Carbs? Who Says You Have To?

byNamrata Sheshadri Jun 22, 2015 #OnMyPlate 9 Likes

The most important thing to remember when trying to work out/ lose weight/ build mass/ shed fat is that all the old clichés are true: abs ARE built in the kitchen, it IS 20% hard work and 80% diet, and a balanced diet IS the most important thing for your body.