Saffola soup 2

The evening snack you’ve been waiting for!

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Mar 26, 2018 #LazyGirlsGetFit 0 Likes

I gave up on having a nanny a while ago because I realised the quality of skilled manpower in the department is minimal or too highly priced. Also, the fact that I’m a bit of a control freak. But I’m going off topic, the problem is that my day starts at 7 and I power … Continue reading The evening snack you’ve been waiting for!


An Open Letter to Women Starving Themselves to Fit Into a Bikini

byNamrata Sheshadri Aug 23, 2016 #LazyGirlsGetFit 3 Likes

The whole excuse about women feeling the pressure because of all the photoshopped models out there is like blaming rap music for all the gun violence in America!


Workout while watching TV

by Aug 03, 2015 #LazyGirlsGetFit 8 Likes

Sometimes exercises can just be about moving and being a little creative with your workouts. Tanvii shows us how:

Lazy girls are getting there

Lazy girls are getting there

byTeam Fashion Bombay Aug 19, 2013 #LazyGirlsGetFit 11 Likes

We have taken two different routes for fat loss. While Jasleen is only working out as much as she can while maintaining her earlier diet while cutting down on my rice intake.

Lazy Girls Get Fit

Lazy Girls Get Fit

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 25, 2013 #LazyGirlsGetFit 9 Likes

Being a fashion blogger means constantly being under the radar and along with the adulation there comes a lot of criticism as well.