Saffola soup 2

The evening snack you’ve been waiting for!

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Mar 26, 2018 #LazyGirlsGetFit 0 Likes

I gave up on having a nanny a while ago because I realised the quality of skilled manpower in the department is minimal or too highly priced. Also, the fact that I’m a bit of a control freak. But I’m going off topic, the problem is that my day starts at 7 and I power … Continue reading The evening snack you’ve been waiting for!


Filling the Void

byNamrata Sheshadri Mar 30, 2017 #ThingsToDo 2 Likes

Sap warning: In a rare fit of sentimentality, I’m going to take up at least a paragraph or two highlighting the one thing in my life for which I’m extremely grateful: my friends.  As I get older (and really, that’s the only way it’s going now… the number goes up while gravity pulls parts of … Continue reading Filling the Void


Feminism 2.0

bySonu Bohra Mar 08, 2017 #ThingsToDo 1 Likes

It’s not just about equal pay: it’s about equal opportunity, equal understanding, equal acceptance.



byJasleen Kaur Gupta Oct 20, 2016 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

My husband makes sure we Facetime as I break my fast and it’s just such a time of bonding where both of us try to fight everything and make this day work.


(Mis)Adventures of A Single Miss  Part 2 – Look Who’s Talking 

byNamrata Sheshadri Aug 30, 2016 #ThingsToDo 1 Likes

Here are the most obnoxious things people say to a single girl of a certain age:


An Open Letter to Women Starving Themselves to Fit Into a Bikini

byNamrata Sheshadri Aug 23, 2016 #LazyGirlsGetFit 3 Likes

The whole excuse about women feeling the pressure because of all the photoshopped models out there is like blaming rap music for all the gun violence in America!


The Morning Shot

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jun 29, 2016 #OnMyPlate 2 Likes

We have considered buying a coffee machine before but there is honestly so much in the market that seems fairly complicated and bulky that we never got around to it…until now


Fashionable decor

bySonu Bohra Jan 11, 2016 #Home 5 Likes

Here’s one more way to use that statement jacket you invested in! 


Punjabi Garam Masala in 15 minutes 

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Nov 03, 2015 #OnMyPlate 4 Likes

Just recently, I begged my mom for her garam masala recipe she uses in every single thing. I was feeling generous, so I/m sharing it with all you guys.


One (Vice) Can’t Hurt

byNamrata Sheshadri Aug 09, 2015 #ThingsToDo 5 Likes

As part of the #notperfect series today, we’re cutting loose and being bad once in a while. Trust us, it might just motivate you to be good.


Workout while watching TV

by Aug 03, 2015 #LazyGirlsGetFit 8 Likes

Sometimes exercises can just be about moving and being a little creative with your workouts. Tanvii shows us how:

IMG_7471 (1)

(Mis)Adventures of A Single Miss: Part 1

byNamrata Sheshadri Aug 02, 2015 #ThingsToDo 9 Likes

Top 10 things I want to say when people ask me “Why are you still single?”


Can’t Cut Carbs? Who Says You Have To?

byNamrata Sheshadri Jun 22, 2015 #OnMyPlate 9 Likes

The most important thing to remember when trying to work out/ lose weight/ build mass/ shed fat is that all the old clichés are true: abs ARE built in the kitchen, it IS 20% hard work and 80% diet, and a balanced diet IS the most important thing for your body.

Revamp Your Bedroom in Minutes

Revamp Your Bedroom in Minutes

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 15, 2015 #Home 7 Likes

As we venture into a lot of new arenas with…

Lazy girls are getting there

Lazy girls are getting there

byTeam Fashion Bombay Aug 19, 2013 #LazyGirlsGetFit 11 Likes

We have taken two different routes for fat loss. While Jasleen is only working out as much as she can while maintaining her earlier diet while cutting down on my rice intake.

Lazy Girls Get Fit

Lazy Girls Get Fit

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 25, 2013 #LazyGirlsGetFit 9 Likes

Being a fashion blogger means constantly being under the radar and along with the adulation there comes a lot of criticism as well.

KGF 2012

KGF 2012

byTeam Fashion Bombay Feb 05, 2012 #ThingsToDo 5 Likes

Popular culture is the new Babylon, into which so much art and intellect now flow. It is our imperial sex theater, supreme temple of the western eye.

Wining and Dining

Wining and Dining

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jan 16, 2012 #AroundTheWorld 6 Likes

We always thought we’re not meant for road trips, not that we are high maintenance or anything. It’s just that we love the comforts of our respective homes and refuse to move out at any cost.

Gold in the air of summer

Gold in the air of summer

bySonu Bohra Apr 06, 2011 #AroundTheWorld 2 Likes

Currently hungover from a mini-vacation in Goa. Sandy beaches, golden afternoons and some warm breeze is all that we can think of. Hope you all are enjoying your summer too.


Meet the bloggers!

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 25, 2011 #ThingsToDo 5 Likes

Finally an exclusive event for fashion bloggers. Jean-Claude Biguine organised an interactive session showing various ways to do your hair in quick and easy ways for the season.

The Last Dance

The Last Dance

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 17, 2011 #ThingsToDo 2 Likes

It’s difficult to say goodbye even if it means finally being able to say goodbye to tireless days and nights for the media, the designers, the models and the organisers.

LFW Day Three The wearable couture

LFW Day Three: The wearable couture

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 15, 2011 #ThingsToDo 0 Likes

The third day of Lakme Fashion Week made me realise that couture fashion was no longer limited the ramps or photo shoots.

LFW Day Four Arts & Crafts

LFW Day Four: Arts & Crafts

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 15, 2011 #ThingsToDo 1 Likes

Day four was filled with art and crafty creations by our innovative designers. It started with Kallol Datta’s collection where in he maintained his signature style with a twist.

The Kala Ghoda Festival

The Kala Ghoda Festival

byTeam Fashion Bombay Feb 07, 2011 #ThingsToDo 2 Likes

The much awaited arts festive The Kala Ghoda Festival (KGF) is here and we couldn’t be more excited. KGF supposedly the largest performing arts festival in the country

Packed with a punch

Packed with a punch

byRuchika vyas Jan 07, 2011 #AroundTheWorld 6 Likes

One of the most difficult parts of planning a trip is packing the luggage you’re going to carry around. The two of us tend to carry our entire wardrobe with us, so we requested travel enthusiast Ruchika Vyas, the Features Editor at iDiva, The Times of India to give us some packing tips during the Holidays.

LFW Backstage

LFW Backstage

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 03, 2010 #ThingsToDo 3 Likes

We’re sure you guys have already seen the ramp shots of LFW, so we have for you some backstage images to show you the buzz and excitement that goes on behind the scenes.