Suffering From Mall Fatigue

bySonu Bohra Jul 21, 2017 #FbTips 1 Likes

The story of abandoning my only source of cardio – but don’t worry, I’m still shopping!


Fast fashion, faster faux pas

bySonu Bohra Apr 26, 2017 #FbTips 2 Likes

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry (after the oil industry) and it is the constant need to shop and the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome that capitalises on this. We are all guilty of this and we are all complicit – I will be the first to admit it.


Essential adornment 

bySonu Bohra Sep 05, 2016 #FbTips 6 Likes

Even 75,000 years ago, women of ancient civilizations felt the need to wear jewellery; today it’s only getting more popular. Millennia after millennia of fabulous bling adds up to more than just a passing trend. But is it just a mere fashion statement recorded historically and passed on mindlessly, or more? We find out.


The sale cycle 

bySonu Bohra Aug 29, 2016 #FbTips 9 Likes

Call me a frugal shopper or a savvy shopper but I take my job as a shopaholic extremely seriously. Here are some tips I swear by to buy clothes & bags at the best prices and deals


Style Decode: The Longline Jacket

bySonu Bohra Aug 14, 2016 #FbTips 11 Likes

Today, we focus on your closet ninjas who instantly elevate your outfit from blah to style star. Click to read more

Woman's hands holding clothes label with cleaning instructions.

Fashion rules you’re ignoring

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 10 Likes

 Aristotle once said “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” Here are some good habits we follow that make all the difference in our fashion game


Refreshing summer layering hacks

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 10 Likes

Creative ways to pull off summer layering without succumbing to heat stroke


Jean genie

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 12 Likes

Everyone deserves to find their own true love in a pair of jeans, so take a peek at my denim guide below and allow me to simplify your search.


Designer Deals

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 8 Likes

Here’s how to snag your designer items for cheaper


Avoid altering

bySonu Bohra Jan 14, 2016 #FbTips 7 Likes

Call it sheer genius or super lazy genes, but here’s how I skip the trip to the tailor if I’ve shopped for ill-fitting clothes:


Closet Rehab

bySonu Bohra Sep 16, 2015 #FbTips 7 Likes

Is time for a closet rehab?


Fashion Tricks I’ve learnt over the years

bySonu Bohra Sep 14, 2015 #FbTips 5 Likes

The one thing I’ve learnt in the world of fashion is that the small tricks and tips make all the difference. Whether it’s a drape or cuffed jeans, beauty lies in the details.


5 things I learnt during my shopping  ban

bySonu Bohra Aug 07, 2015 #FbTips 7 Likes

A self-inflicted shopping ban for 2 months was more enlightening than imagined. Here are some lesson I learnt in the process


Insta outfit ideas

bySonu Bohra Aug 01, 2015 #FbTips 10 Likes

From creatively curated to surprising mash-ups, here are 5 outfit ideas that will NEVER fail you!

What is a fashion faux pas?

Summertime Sequins

bySonu Bohra Mar 28, 2015 #FbTips 9 Likes

Summer is officially here and we’re for one tired of the boring maxis and skirts. So, this season we’re ditching the florals for some sequins that are actually perfect for the daytime too. Learn easy ways to glam up your looks with sequins.

Build your signature style

Build Your Signature Style

byTeam Fashion Bombay Feb 14, 2015 #FbTips 6 Likes

Every style icon espouses the what, where, how of building one’s go-to personal uniform from the ground up, to create a more confident/ dynamic appearance every time they step out.

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

bySonu Bohra Feb 01, 2015 #FbTips 3 Likes

Not just in real life but also in the fashion world. Pair these wardrobe opposites for a truly original statement:

Tip 9

10 tips every girl should know!

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 27, 2014 #FbTips 1 Likes

Fickle fashion trends and the growing emphasis on personal style can intimidate the best of us. Here are our go-to fashion tips that will make your style standout

What is a fashion faux pas

What is a fashion faux pas?

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 31, 2013 #FbTips 0 Likes

Whether it’s mixing different shades or trying a new…

5 mistakes you make with your bra

5 mistakes you make with your bra

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 02, 2013 #FbTips 0 Likes

We all know how wearing the right lingerie makes…

The Dhoti Trend

The Dhoti Trend

by Jul 21, 2012 #FbTips 1 Likes

Variations of the dhoti pants are a must in every wardrobe but most people struggle to find the right one to suit their personality and body type. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the quintessential dhoti pant…

Burning Bright

Burning Bright

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 10, 2012 #FbTips 1 Likes

Many will claim that the ’90s were a decade of bad films and uninspired fashion but that is not entirely true. The ’90s did give us the mini skirt and neon, a trend that has….

Four dress for all body types

Four dress for all body types

byTeam Fashion Bombay Nov 21, 2011 #FbTips 0 Likes

As the party season approaches, we thought we’ll jot down….


Shopping  mistakes you didn’t know you were making

bySonu Bohra Aug 17, 2010 #FbTips 4 Likes

Even the most avid shoppers make some of these mistakes. Make sure you don’t!