Copy Paste

byNamrata Sheshadri Oct 05, 2017 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Gone are the days of plagiarism in stories and articles – or at least, it’s a little less because our ever-shortening attention spans mean people read less and view more – pictures are where it’s at. And with platforms like Instagram being used to launch and solidify the image and brand of people in “It-careers” right now – social media influencers, stylists, fashion bloggers – the question arises, where is the line between being “influenced” and just being an outright “copycat”?


Shopping Cart 2.0 

bySonu Bohra May 21, 2017 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Sometimes you need to look beyond the obvious and shop the unknown (or lesser known). Here’s your guide to shopping beyond Zara, H&M and Topshop


Allure of anti-fits

bySonu Bohra Mar 30, 2017 #FbPicks 3 Likes

With the Kardashian hangover, there’s little left to the imagination, and while it takes a brave sort of woman to wear a dress so tight you can see whether she’s had lunch or not; I think these days it’s a lot more courageous to dress yourself in loose, billowy outfits. Here’s why:


The Whys and Hows of a Shopaholic

byNamrata Sheshadri Feb 26, 2017 #FbPicks 3 Likes

Personally, if you had to ask me what the big deal is about a shopping addiction… what’s the joy, you ask…I’d be able to give you a laundry list of reasons:


What blogging means to us

bySonu Bohra Feb 17, 2017 #FbPicks 2 Likes

When Jasleen and I started blogging nearly 8 years ago, we wanted to share our love for everyday fashion and introduce the idea of dressing up even on a mundane Monday. As time moved on and the world of blogging got competitive and a lucrative business the core agenda behind was getting lost on us. Fashion … Continue reading What blogging means to us



bySonu Bohra May 13, 2016 #FbPicks 8 Likes

I read somewhere that women (post- and pre-30) should stop wearing the weight of other people’s expectation and judgements. So on that note, I’ll share some things I’ve learnt over the years! Here’s to us, old gals: #1 Opt for the fit When I buy a new item, the first thing I look for is … Continue reading #Allaboutyou


Get up and run: The Period Confessions

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Mar 29, 2016 #FbPicks 3 Likes

Whether you are 13 or 30, getting your period can never be shrugged off. It’s a monthly reality that you never get used to and with every age it comes with its set of problems.  However, you never let them stop them from doing ANYTHING! I know a lot of people who take ‘pills’ to … Continue reading Get up and run: The Period Confessions

IMG_4697 (1)

‘Tis the season for some magic

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jan 08, 2016 #FbPicks 8 Likes

The search for the perfect bra for a well-endowed woman is like trying to find Bigfoot, you hear stories about it from other people but never in fact witness it for yourself.



bySonu Bohra Nov 03, 2015 #FbPicks 6 Likes

5 things to keep in mind when shopping for fabrics with #UnboxWithLiva


 Work bag essentials

bySonu Bohra Sep 19, 2015 #FbPicks 8 Likes

Besides the obvious list that includes your phone, wallet, keys and sunnies here are a few things I just can’t leave home without

DSC_0170 (1)

Vertical Limit: Zero!

bySonu Bohra Jul 30, 2015 #FbPicks 8 Likes

A fashion girl’s tale on adopting flats full-time!


5 shoes every girl needs

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jul 06, 2015 #FbPicks 11 Likes

Curating the perfect footwear collection is all about…

watch it

Watch it!

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 14, 2015 #FbPicks 4 Likes

How many of us actually check our watch for time? Bet the answer is none. Sadly that’s something our cellular devices have taken over.

Kangana Ranaut walks the ramp with other models donninf LIVA, the new age fluid fabric

Liva Fluid Fashion

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 30, 2015 #FbPicks 5 Likes

With a new baby and Sonu in Muscat, it gets hard for me to to attend events. But I rush to every event if I get a chance.


Red Velvet

bySonu Bohra Jan 27, 2015 #FbPicks 5 Likes

This second phase of blogging and the mini break gave us a lot perspective on which direction we want our blog to head. One of the most important was honest collaboration with brands we genuinely connect with and appreciate. Today, we want to introduce — Red Velvet — one such brand that struck a chord. The designer duo started the brand only two years ago and is quickly gaining its due.

Amante Final Round UP @ LFW

Amante Final Round UP @ LFW

byTeam Fashion Bombay Sep 25, 2014 #FbPicks 3 Likes

From the fitting sessions to the finale evening, amanté was part of the LFW magic and opulence. The brand added more colours to the fashion week with the interactive and sensuous Pink Couch.

My Style My GALAXY S5 Contest

My Style My GALAXY S5 Contest

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 30, 2014 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Extending our love for gadgets and in particular our Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. Here’s your chance to win them in 3 easy steps. Cutting it right to the chase:

Fashion Bombay x Samsung Galaxy S5

Fashion Bombay x Samsung Galaxy S5

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 13, 2014 #FbPicks 3 Likes

As technology and social media become a part of our daily routine, the popularity of gadgets has ensured that newer and trendier gadgets are introduced frequently.

Holiday Favourites

Holiday Favourites

byTeam Fashion Bombay Dec 18, 2013 #FbPicks 1 Likes

Aldo Shoes have been a favourite with all girls. We are no exception. It was a delight to be a part of Aldo’s new collection launch with a lot of glitter, shimmer, shine in high heels and flats.

Fashion with Bebe

Fashion with Bebe

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jul 02, 2013 #FbPicks 1 Likes

This is a long overdue post with our wonderful readers and Bebe. When Sonu was in Bombay last month we thought we’ll organise a quick reader’s meet. Here’s a glimpse of our stylish and fun-filled event.

Sale Picks (Under Rs 3,000-)

Sale Picks (Under Rs 3,000/-)

byTeam Fashion Bombay Apr 25, 2013 #FbPicks 1 Likes

As we gear up for the sale season, here are our favourite picks all drool worthy! Which one will you choose?

Take 5: Youshine

Take 5: Youshine

byTeam Fashion Bombay Apr 02, 2013 #FbPicks 2 Likes

We recently visited the Youshine Store in Phoenix Market City, Kurla. This quaint little store had some of coolest trends for this season.

Stripes galore!

Stripes galore!

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 10, 2013 #FbPicks 1 Likes

When Major Brands (the guys who got Mango, Promod, Ninewest, Bebe, Aldo, Inglot and La Senza to India) invited us to review their new collection we were extremely excited.

Take 5: Vinegar

Take 5: Vinegar

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jan 09, 2013 #FbPicks 2 Likes

We love our high street brands to death but on the flip-side we know that the mass appeal and production means we will catch people wearing that same dress we own.

Take 5 Calvin Klein Jeans

Take 5: Calvin Klein Jeans

byTeam Fashion Bombay Dec 23, 2012 #FbPicks 2 Likes

We are super close to the ultimate party and here are trendy tips on what you could be wearing for the big night. Hint: The Bad Ass Party Girl!

Take 5: Play dress up with FCUK

Take 5: Play dress up with FCUK

byTeam Fashion Bombay Dec 05, 2012 #FbPicks 3 Likes

This season brings so much fun and activity to every household. From wedding parties to dinner dates and club nights, the season offers so many occasions to dress up.

Take 5 Stalk. Buy. Love

Take 5: Stalk. Buy. Love.

byTeam Fashion Bombay Nov 06, 2012 #FbPicks 5 Likes

A quick guide to some trends we’ve been stalking and highly recommend to others. Wear them in small doses or all at once, we leave that choice to you!

Take 5 Charles & Keith

Take 5: Charles & Keith

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 19, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

So we already know that any sensible girl swears by Charles & Keith heels for their ultimate comfort. However, we witnessed the recent makeover at their newly launched (and might we add, huge) store.

1-2-3 Flash Giveaway!

1-2-3: Flash Giveaway!

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 02, 2012 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Fashion Bombay is 3-years-old and loving it. As always we want to make you a part of the celebrations in the fun-nest way possible. This year we bring our lovely readers 3 quick flash giveaways back to back.

Take 5: Accessorize

Take 5: Accessorize

byTeam Fashion Bombay Sep 24, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

For us Accessorize was always synonymous with heavily embroidered cloth bags and while they were gorgeous, you could only own so many of them. The NEW Accessorize has shoppers and totes and big everyday bags that we totally love.

Review SimplySizzl.in

Review: SimplySizzl.in

byTeam Fashion Bombay Aug 24, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

We love a young energetic team who invest their sweat and blood in their newly launched venture. The Simply Sizzl.in team has it all: they are professional, chic style and most importantly a great product.

Steal versus Splurge

Steal versus Splurge

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jul 31, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

We often hunt for budget buys because we just want so many things that we need to divide our money to buy them all!


Reporting from Trivandrum

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 18, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

Our mission to revive everyday dressing and corporate styling continues and this time we headed to a small, quaint and extremely beautiful city

Fashion Bombay Flashback

Fashion Bombay Flashback

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 12, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

Call us self-obsessed or narcissistic but browsing through our posts from the past is one of our favourite things to do. It’s humbling to see how we began and how far we’ve reached.

The 3-way denim

The 3-way denim

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 29, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

White denims are a prerequisite in every woman’s closet and you simply can’t do without them. Especially during the hotter months, the ubiquitous white denims are a blessing in disguise.

Share Your Feet

Share Your Feet

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 23, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

What started as a fun experiment to invite our readers to our social media channels soon became one of the most exciting and responsive activities of Fashion Bombay.

Corporate training workshop

Corporate training workshop

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 14, 2012 #FbPicks 1 Likes

We were really lucky to get a chance to visit the Infosys campus in Bengaluru courtesy W for Woman. We went there to conduct an interesting fashion workshop for the lovely corporate women at Infosys.

Fashion Cafe

Fashion Cafe

by Nov 23, 2011 #FbPicks 1 Likes

A quick post to invite all our readers, friends and family to the Fashion Cafe with W for Woman. Come join us this Saturday at the W for Woman store in Colaba where we will help you shop, give you styling tips and delve into versatility of Indian contemporary clothing.

Fashion Bombay's shopping cart

Fashion Bombay’s shopping cart

by Mar 26, 2011 #FbPicks 1 Likes

We had three meetings lined up back to back so we decided to be comfortably dressed. While Jasleen worked with studs and a statement necklace, Sonu highlighted her red pants with her black and white light jacket. Here’s how we were dressed.


Your online shoe shopping guide

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Aug 19, 2010 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Wedding party to attend in Delhi. No clothes to wear. Therefore no shoes to go with it. Enter, online shopping. Yay. Pretty much the story of my life. Since I have to go to Delhi for a wedding there is a lot of wedding shopping to be done and always the advocate of buying online … Continue reading Your online shoe shopping guide