Copy Paste

byNamrata Sheshadri Oct 05, 2017 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Gone are the days of plagiarism in stories and articles – or at least, it’s a little less because our ever-shortening attention spans mean people read less and view more – pictures are where it’s at. And with platforms like Instagram being used to launch and solidify the image and brand of people in “It-careers” right now – social media influencers, stylists, fashion bloggers – the question arises, where is the line between being “influenced” and just being an outright “copycat”?


Maximalism > Minimalism

bySonu Bohra Sep 10, 2017 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

The two style forces in my brain are constantly at war.


Suffering From Mall Fatigue

bySonu Bohra Jul 21, 2017 #FbTips 1 Likes

The story of abandoning my only source of cardio – but don’t worry, I’m still shopping!


Shopping Cart 2.0 

bySonu Bohra May 21, 2017 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Sometimes you need to look beyond the obvious and shop the unknown (or lesser known). Here’s your guide to shopping beyond Zara, H&M and Topshop



bySonu Bohra May 16, 2017 #Snjoutfits 3 Likes

Three step formula to my outfit: #1 Elaborate layer: You’ll know my love for layers and this lightweight cape in powder blue was something I couldn’t resist. I imagined wearing it three different ways at three different occasions: beach coverup, casual with shorts and belted with a maxi. I have to admit that’s one of the easiest … Continue reading Sun-kissed


Fast fashion, faster faux pas

bySonu Bohra Apr 26, 2017 #FbTips 2 Likes

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry (after the oil industry) and it is the constant need to shop and the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome that capitalises on this. We are all guilty of this and we are all complicit – I will be the first to admit it.


Allure of anti-fits

bySonu Bohra Mar 30, 2017 #FbPicks 3 Likes

With the Kardashian hangover, there’s little left to the imagination, and while it takes a brave sort of woman to wear a dress so tight you can see whether she’s had lunch or not; I think these days it’s a lot more courageous to dress yourself in loose, billowy outfits. Here’s why:


The Whys and Hows of a Shopaholic

byNamrata Sheshadri Feb 26, 2017 #FbPicks 3 Likes

Personally, if you had to ask me what the big deal is about a shopping addiction… what’s the joy, you ask…I’d be able to give you a laundry list of reasons:

IMG_0838 (1)

Zen and the Art of Personal Style

bySonu Bohra Feb 18, 2017 #Snjoutfits 3 Likes

Whether you like a feminine-meets-classic style or a tough-meets-glamorous look: embrace your avatar. Define it and refine it, don’t fight it!


Pinafore Parade

bySonu Bohra Feb 17, 2017 #Snjoutfits 6 Likes

Pinafore dresses are super cute and lends itself to an array of low-maintenance put-together outfits.


What blogging means to us

bySonu Bohra Feb 17, 2017 #FbPicks 2 Likes

When Jasleen and I started blogging nearly 8 years ago, we wanted to share our love for everyday fashion and introduce the idea of dressing up even on a mundane Monday. As time moved on and the world of blogging got competitive and a lucrative business the core agenda behind was getting lost on us. Fashion … Continue reading What blogging means to us


The Max Star Wars Collection

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Dec 08, 2016 #Snjoutfits 6 Likes

So admittedly, I was one of those people that didn’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek but my husband soon initiated me into the world of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Darth Vader – and of course I was hooked. When one of my all-time favourite brands Max launched the special edition … Continue reading The Max Star Wars Collection


Your non-traditional desi outfit

bySonu Bohra Oct 24, 2016 #Snjoutfits 4 Likes

Outfit idea for the not-so-desi women who don’t prefer the generic suits and saris



byJasleen Kaur Gupta Oct 20, 2016 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

My husband makes sure we Facetime as I break my fast and it’s just such a time of bonding where both of us try to fight everything and make this day work.


Officially 30

bySonu Bohra Oct 19, 2016 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

Turning 30 was an exciting experience for me. Unlike popular culture, I am looking forward to this phase. You truly start understanding what you want by this age. Other than that I can officially walk out of a party with excuse of being too old 😛 To be honest, I’m looking at things more rationally now. … Continue reading Officially 30



bySonu Bohra Oct 17, 2016 #Snjoutfits 1 Likes

I have an aversion to plain and basics. It became clear to me when I bought this plain sweatshirt with the sole purpose to add these hand-made tassels (by my tailor of course). With the winter just around the corner, this sweatshirt is definitely going to be on a constant rotation. More DIYs here. I’m wearing: … Continue reading Tasseled


Doing Traditional 

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Oct 17, 2016 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

My husband and I hosted a Maata Ki Chowki for my sister’s wedding and I wanted it to be a traditional affair. But even in that I wanted to do an atypical colour combination. I was a huge fan of Benarasis at the time of the wedding (still am) and was sure I wanted to … Continue reading Doing Traditional 


Age appropriate dressing?

bySonu Bohra Oct 03, 2016 #Snjoutfits 5 Likes

I read somewhere that women (post- and pre-30) should stop wearing the weight of other people’s expectation and judgements. So on that note, I’ll share some things I’ve learnt over the years! Here’s to us, old gals:


The Wedding Reception

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Sep 28, 2016 #Snjoutfits 4 Likes

This Sardar weds Muslim wedding deserved a bit of green, so all us cousins decided to wear green to show our solidarity. I am absolutely in love with hand embroidered animals, the bird idea was mine and my designer thought adding the cage would complete the look. What do you guys think? I’m wearing: Outfit: … Continue reading The Wedding Reception


Dhol Dhamaka Mehendi

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Sep 28, 2016 #Snjoutfits 4 Likes

There is truly nothing more obnoxious or more lovable than a big Punjabi wedding. And there it was, a mad house full of dance, music, food and of course mehendi. Since this was just the beginning we kept it simple in terms of colours and style. I’m wearing: Outfit & earrings: Shaadi Hai Kya Shoes: … Continue reading Dhol Dhamaka Mehendi


Fashion & modesty

bySonu Bohra Sep 27, 2016 #Snjoutfits 5 Likes

Dressing modestly often gets a bad rep for being boring and not fashionable. Here’s my list of modest clothing that is both stylish and super comfortable


Shop like a man

bySonu Bohra Sep 12, 2016 #Snjoutfits 7 Likes

Shopping tips to borrow from your man:


Do you DIY?

bySonu Bohra Sep 07, 2016 #Snjoutfits 10 Likes

Inspired by all street style stars, models, and bloggers who have adapted to customising their own jean jackets or faded skinnies with a variety of cool, colourful patches, I decided to try it on my plain jacket.


 Tailored to perfection 

bySonu Bohra Sep 06, 2016 #Snjoutfits 10 Likes

Probably the most ignored fashion investment: a good tailor. Here’s a list of reasons why you need a tailor if you don’t already have one


Essential adornment 

bySonu Bohra Sep 05, 2016 #FbTips 6 Likes

Even 75,000 years ago, women of ancient civilizations felt the need to wear jewellery; today it’s only getting more popular. Millennia after millennia of fabulous bling adds up to more than just a passing trend. But is it just a mere fashion statement recorded historically and passed on mindlessly, or more? We find out.


Ode to Aiman

bySonu Bohra Sep 02, 2016 #Snjoutfits 5 Likes

Intricate embroidery, sleek silhouettes and bold hues, Aiman Agha’s design masterpiece in a nutshell. She uses everyday silhouettes but adds a punch of unexpected drama to it. Her idea is to take age-old Indian embroidery techniques and reinvent its application with crazy new motifs. “We focus on making everyday basics interesting. Instead of cookie-cutter, digitally-enhanced graphics, … Continue reading Ode to Aiman


The sale cycle 

bySonu Bohra Aug 29, 2016 #FbTips 9 Likes

Call me a frugal shopper or a savvy shopper but I take my job as a shopaholic extremely seriously. Here are some tips I swear by to buy clothes & bags at the best prices and deals


To layer or not to layer

bySonu Bohra Aug 25, 2016 #Snjoutfits 10 Likes

There’s no such thing as the wrong time to layer it up, is there?

embroidered dress

Needle & Thread

bySonu Bohra Aug 24, 2016 #Snjoutfits 9 Likes

Now that I stick to few but better clothes clothes mantra, I prefer splurging on these embellished & embroidered dresses. Here are a few reasons why I’m obsessed with embroidered clothing and accessories.


Boho essentials

by Aug 24, 2016 #Snjoutfits 6 Likes

Embroidered jackets, hand-painted juttis, loose printed dressses — currently in bohemian heaven.


Keeping it simple 

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Aug 24, 2016 #Snjoutfits 6 Likes

Running behind a toddler isn’t easy but your outfit can be!


Raga Magic

bySonu Bohra Aug 23, 2016 #Snjoutfits 5 Likes

Discussing a closet essential that’ll stay stylish forever!


90s Gal

bySonu Bohra Aug 21, 2016 #Snjoutfits 8 Likes

Looking for a fun and comfy looks for a girls’ night out?


Desi Touch

bySonu Bohra Aug 15, 2016 #Snjoutfits 10 Likes

Now that most of my shopping is done online, I always look for desi elements to make my daily #snjoutfits more a little more exciting. Topping my list are batik, zari or gota work with a simple silhouettes so that they’re easily wearable. This dress with a clamp dye print in a bright hue was just perfect for an afternoon … Continue reading Desi Touch


Style Decode: The Longline Jacket

bySonu Bohra Aug 14, 2016 #FbTips 11 Likes

Today, we focus on your closet ninjas who instantly elevate your outfit from blah to style star. Click to read more

Woman's hands holding clothes label with cleaning instructions.

Fashion rules you’re ignoring

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 10 Likes

 Aristotle once said “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” Here are some good habits we follow that make all the difference in our fashion game


Refreshing summer layering hacks

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 10 Likes

Creative ways to pull off summer layering without succumbing to heat stroke


Jean genie

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 12 Likes

Everyone deserves to find their own true love in a pair of jeans, so take a peek at my denim guide below and allow me to simplify your search.


Designer Deals

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #FbTips 8 Likes

Here’s how to snag your designer items for cheaper



bySonu Bohra May 13, 2016 #FbPicks 8 Likes

I read somewhere that women (post- and pre-30) should stop wearing the weight of other people’s expectation and judgements. So on that note, I’ll share some things I’ve learnt over the years! Here’s to us, old gals: #1 Opt for the fit When I buy a new item, the first thing I look for is … Continue reading #Allaboutyou


Get up and run: The Period Confessions

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Mar 29, 2016 #FbPicks 3 Likes

Whether you are 13 or 30, getting your period can never be shrugged off. It’s a monthly reality that you never get used to and with every age it comes with its set of problems.  However, you never let them stop them from doing ANYTHING! I know a lot of people who take ‘pills’ to … Continue reading Get up and run: The Period Confessions


Soak up the sun

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Mar 20, 2016 #Snjoutfits 7 Likes

It’s amazing how a little outdoor time can make you feel so relaxed and happy. A quick shopping trip turned into evening tea so I’m layering cottons for a comfy look. I avoid wearing kurtas with leggings/jeggings and always opt for palazzos and wide pants.  I like the silhouette much better. This is how I wore … Continue reading Soak up the sun


The Layerer 

bySonu Bohra Mar 18, 2016 #Snjoutfits 4 Likes

 I was obsessed with the ‘3rd piece rule’ long before it became a legit term. To me, an outfit is incomplete without an added layer. From a waistcoat, blazer to a light jacket, it’s almost always imperative to have it on. Of course, I suffer through the hot summer days, then I thank fabrics like … Continue reading The Layerer 


Avoid altering

bySonu Bohra Jan 14, 2016 #FbTips 7 Likes

Call it sheer genius or super lazy genes, but here’s how I skip the trip to the tailor if I’ve shopped for ill-fitting clothes:


Jean Jacket

bySonu Bohra Jan 09, 2016 #Snjoutfits 6 Likes

One of those foundation pieces in your wardrobe that work on a bohemian dress, an LBD or a tunic. We’re decoding the perfect jean jacket.

IMG_4697 (1)

‘Tis the season for some magic

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jan 08, 2016 #FbPicks 8 Likes

The search for the perfect bra for a well-endowed woman is like trying to find Bigfoot, you hear stories about it from other people but never in fact witness it for yourself.



bySonu Bohra Nov 03, 2015 #FbPicks 6 Likes

5 things to keep in mind when shopping for fabrics with #UnboxWithLiva

HW0A9440 copy (1)

Perfectly Packaged

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Oct 20, 2015 #Snjoutfits 11 Likes

Flyrobe certainly makes going out much easier. You can enjoy your hair appointment in your salon and get your nails done while your outfit is arranged and home by the time you get there.


Style tricks from a mom

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 06, 2015 #Snjoutfits 8 Likes

Re-evaluating my clothes as I embrace motherhood.


 Work bag essentials

bySonu Bohra Sep 19, 2015 #FbPicks 8 Likes

Besides the obvious list that includes your phone, wallet, keys and sunnies here are a few things I just can’t leave home without


Closet Rehab

bySonu Bohra Sep 16, 2015 #FbTips 7 Likes

Is time for a closet rehab?


Fashion Tricks I’ve learnt over the years

bySonu Bohra Sep 14, 2015 #FbTips 5 Likes

The one thing I’ve learnt in the world of fashion is that the small tricks and tips make all the difference. Whether it’s a drape or cuffed jeans, beauty lies in the details.


The finale

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Sep 10, 2015 #Snjoutfits 7 Likes

Here’s what we wore on the last day of the fashion extravaganza.


Doing Desi

bySonu Bohra Sep 09, 2015 #Snjoutfits 16 Likes

Day 4 of Lakme Fashion Week was also Raksha Bandhan, so it was a good enough excuse to wear my favourite kurta with my newly purchased dupatta from Ka-Sha Khan.


The Jacket

bySonu Bohra Sep 08, 2015 #Snjoutfits 6 Likes

On Day 3 of the Fashion Week, I decided to drape this crop jacket that I’ve worn multiple times.


Two is better than one

bySonu Bohra Sep 07, 2015 #Snjoutfits 9 Likes

On Day 2, we were still stuck in Bohemia and donned our favourite pieces.


Feeling the bohemian vibe

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Sep 06, 2015 #Snjoutfits 5 Likes

Lakme Fashion Week Day 1 outfit and more!



byTeam Fashion Bombay Aug 11, 2015 #FbTV 6 Likes

Today, body image issues are more that what size jeans you wear. It’s about the #thighgap, the #collarbonechallenge and the god knows what else. We all face critics who tell you are less than perfect and not good enough. But little do you understand, the worst critic is that ‘fat’ girl in our own head. We … Continue reading #Notperfect


5 things I learnt during my shopping  ban

bySonu Bohra Aug 07, 2015 #FbTips 7 Likes

A self-inflicted shopping ban for 2 months was more enlightening than imagined. Here are some lesson I learnt in the process


1 Kurta x 3 Outfits

by Aug 05, 2015 #Snjoutfits 10 Likes

Rework one kurta to work, a dinner date with your family and weekend soirée with your girls.


Westernise your kurta

by Aug 03, 2015 #FbTV 6 Likes

As much as we love our jeans and tee combination, we can’t deny the comfort of the ubiquitous Indian staple — a kurta. Often paired with churidaars, salwars or palazzo bottoms, our wardrobe staple gets a makeover. We show you four innovative ways to westernise your kurta. Click on the video below for all the action:


Insta outfit ideas

bySonu Bohra Aug 01, 2015 #FbTips 10 Likes

From creatively curated to surprising mash-ups, here are 5 outfit ideas that will NEVER fail you!

DSC_0170 (1)

Vertical Limit: Zero!

bySonu Bohra Jul 30, 2015 #FbPicks 8 Likes

A fashion girl’s tale on adopting flats full-time!


5 shoes every girl needs

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jul 06, 2015 #FbPicks 11 Likes

Curating the perfect footwear collection is all about…

watch it

Watch it!

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 14, 2015 #FbPicks 4 Likes

How many of us actually check our watch for time? Bet the answer is none. Sadly that’s something our cellular devices have taken over.

Print Mixing 101

Print Mixing 101

bySonu Bohra Apr 03, 2015 #FbTV 14 Likes

We are obsessed with mixing prints and here’s a video showing you three easy ways to this trend. Do feel free to share your inputs in the comments section.

Kangana Ranaut walks the ramp with other models donninf LIVA, the new age fluid fabric

Liva Fluid Fashion

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 30, 2015 #FbPicks 5 Likes

With a new baby and Sonu in Muscat, it gets hard for me to to attend events. But I rush to every event if I get a chance.

What is a fashion faux pas?

Summertime Sequins

bySonu Bohra Mar 28, 2015 #FbTips 9 Likes

Summer is officially here and we’re for one tired of the boring maxis and skirts. So, this season we’re ditching the florals for some sequins that are actually perfect for the daytime too. Learn easy ways to glam up your looks with sequins.

Just a lazy day

Just a lazy day

bySonu Bohra Mar 16, 2015 #Snjoutfits 8 Likes

I never thought the midi length suited my frame but I was adamant on giving it a shot. This skirt stole my heart at first glance and I thought I must make it work.

Build your signature style

Build Your Signature Style

byTeam Fashion Bombay Feb 14, 2015 #FbTips 6 Likes

Every style icon espouses the what, where, how of building one’s go-to personal uniform from the ground up, to create a more confident/ dynamic appearance every time they step out.

Street Smart

Street Smart

bySonu Bohra Feb 11, 2015 #Snjoutfits 4 Likes

Doing casual is easy when you add on a jacket. My obsession of late has been long line jackets and dusters. This one here is pretty light in material and therefore wearable in Bombay (air conditioning).

Mojris V/S Mojris

Mojris V/S Mojris

bySonu Bohra Feb 04, 2015 #FbTV 4 Likes

We are all about mixing global trends with local/desi picks. Whether it’s wearing kurtas with blazers or replacing ballet flats with mojris.

Photo a Day VII

Photo a Day VII

bySonu Bohra Feb 01, 2015 #Snjoutfits 3 Likes

After missing a few weeks here’s an amalgamation of my everyday outfits. Which outfit is your favourite?

Photo a day VIII

Photo a Day VIII

bySonu Bohra Feb 01, 2015 #Snjoutfits 4 Likes

Here’s a quick recap of my daily outfits. Which one do you like? Feel fee to let us know in the comments section.

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

bySonu Bohra Feb 01, 2015 #FbTips 3 Likes

Not just in real life but also in the fashion world. Pair these wardrobe opposites for a truly original statement:


Red Velvet

bySonu Bohra Jan 27, 2015 #FbPicks 5 Likes

This second phase of blogging and the mini break gave us a lot perspective on which direction we want our blog to head. One of the most important was honest collaboration with brands we genuinely connect with and appreciate. Today, we want to introduce — Red Velvet — one such brand that struck a chord. The designer duo started the brand only two years ago and is quickly gaining its due.

Sneakers with everything, everywhere

Sneakers with everything, everywhere

bySonu Bohra Jan 27, 2015 #FbTV 1 Likes

All we can dream about this season are the comfortable, chic and easy-to-wear sneakers. Everything from plimsolls, slip-on sneaks or the traditional lace ups in a neon hue.

How to Wear a Statement Jacket?

How to Wear a Statement Jacket?

bySonu Bohra Jan 15, 2015 #FbTV 2 Likes

You guys already know our love for blazers, jackets, waistcoats and capes. So, our first video couldn’t be dedicated to any other topic.

Fashion Bombay on YouTube

Fashion Bombay on YouTube

bySonu Bohra Jan 07, 2015 #FbTV 5 Likes

Call us crazy but we are sincerely and utterly in love with all things fashion. Diagnosed as shopaholics we wear our personalities on Fashion Bombay and want everyone around us to view dressing up as passionately as we do.

The Little Yellow Dress

The Little Yellow Dress

bySonu Bohra Jan 06, 2015 #Snjoutfits 3 Likes

Kickstarting the year with a lot of energy, plans and ideas for Fashion Bombay. We have exciting things lined up for all of you, so stick around.

Confessions: Why blogging is now a chore for Fashi...

Confessions: Why blogging is now a chore for Fashi…

bySonu Bohra Dec 02, 2014 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

It’s never easy for a blogger to admit this, ever, but after 6 years of blogging it has finally happened. The bloggers’ bloc is a real thing.


Love & Cheesecake

bySonu Bohra Nov 13, 2014 #Snjoutfits 3 Likes

The salted caramel cheesecake is what my dreams are made of, of late. Easily one of my favorite places to hang out close to home, Hiranandani Powai is beautiful for a stroll.

Casual coffee date

Casual coffee date

bySonu Bohra Nov 04, 2014 #Snjoutfits 5 Likes

One of the things I missed the most in Muscat were the quaint little cafes of South Bombay. I loved spending time with a friend with some laughter, gossip and a strong brew.


Cape on the town

bySonu Bohra Oct 29, 2014 #Snjoutfits 3 Likes

I love to complicate a simple outfit and that’s I guess a big part of my personal style. While some like keeping it clean, I like to add a fun mix of elements to my looks.


Italian Holiday

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 22, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

I never totally understood people when they spoke so passionately about travelling.


Photo a day VI

byTeam Fashion Bombay Oct 20, 2014 #Snjoutfits 1 Likes

Here’s a quick recap of what I wore the week before I left for Italy. Which outfit is your favourite?

Amante Final Round UP @ LFW

Amante Final Round UP @ LFW

byTeam Fashion Bombay Sep 25, 2014 #FbPicks 3 Likes

From the fitting sessions to the finale evening, amanté was part of the LFW magic and opulence. The brand added more colours to the fashion week with the interactive and sensuous Pink Couch.


Photo a day V

byTeam Fashion Bombay Aug 31, 2014 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

Local Treasures

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jul 07, 2014 #Snjoutfits 1 Likes

Lately, I’ve been very inspired by modestly dressed bloggers from the Middle East. I’m drawn to these hijabistas because they create a balance between their style and belief without losing touch with today’s world.  It reminds me of this wonderful quote I read, “The clothes you wear reflect the things that are hidden deep inside … Continue reading Local Treasures


The Perfect Brunch Maxi

byTeam Fashion Bombay Jun 04, 2014 #Snjoutfits 2 Likes

A pretty maxi which fits you just right is never easy to find. I’ve always struggled with those noodle strap maxis with ill-fitting silhouettes and lengths. Lets not forget the added woes of getting it altered to my size. But I’m glad a casual browse through The Closet Label seems to have solved all my … Continue reading The Perfect Brunch Maxi

My Style My GALAXY S5 Contest

My Style My GALAXY S5 Contest

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 30, 2014 #FbPicks 2 Likes

Extending our love for gadgets and in particular our Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. Here’s your chance to win them in 3 easy steps. Cutting it right to the chase:

Tip 9

10 tips every girl should know!

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 27, 2014 #FbTips 1 Likes

Fickle fashion trends and the growing emphasis on personal style can intimidate the best of us. Here are our go-to fashion tips that will make your style standout


Trend Alert: Sports Luxe

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 16, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

Embellished bombers, leopard printed sneakers and sequinned joggers, fashion gets a sporty facelift this season. Read on to see how you can ‘sport’ the trend! Sporty chic, luxe athletic, whatever you want to call it this trend is here to stay all summer. Sports-inspired clothing are flexible, flattering and, unusually for fashion, extremely comfortable. This … Continue reading Trend Alert: Sports Luxe

Fashion Bombay x Samsung Galaxy S5

Fashion Bombay x Samsung Galaxy S5

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 13, 2014 #FbPicks 3 Likes

As technology and social media become a part of our daily routine, the popularity of gadgets has ensured that newer and trendier gadgets are introduced frequently.


Photo A Day IV

byTeam Fashion Bombay May 11, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

Summer’s here in full swing, this particular week I am adding more colour and fun summer braids to my outfits.


The little lace dress

byTeam Fashion Bombay Apr 18, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

Lace is one of those fabrics that you can wear year around and in multiple ways. Glam, dainty or casual, there are many ways to don this girlie number. Today, I’m inspired by the casual chic Coachella street style. Dress, Origem (similar here)| bag, Oberoi Mall (last worn here)| heels, Bandra (also worn here)| cuff, … Continue reading The little lace dress


Summer Parties

byTeam Fashion Bombay Apr 11, 2014 #Snjoutfits 1 Likes

I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m always confused about dressing up for a night out during summer. So this time, I’ve figured out the perfect formula for fun summer parties ahead.


Photo a day III

byTeam Fashion Bombay Apr 09, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

This particular week was busy with a few wedding functions and some casual mixing prints and summer layering outfits. Let me know your thoughts.


The Perfect Pinafore

byTeam Fashion Bombay Apr 08, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

Pinafore dresses bring back childhood memories, I remember the last time I wore a pinafore was way back during my primary school years. Now, I associate these dresses to with a fresh breath of style yet minimalistic, perfect for summer.


Pregnant Chic!

byTeam Fashion Bombay Mar 24, 2014 #Snjoutfits 0 Likes

Your clothes suddenly stop fitting you but in the larger scheme of things it doesn’t matter.