How Effective is Total Effect?

bySonu Bohra Dec 08, 2016 #FbLoves 1 Likes

For the longest time, I ignored moisturising my skin because of the oily/sticky residue it would leave. After an acne breakout, I realised how truly important it is to have a comprehensive skin-care regimen, which I now follow on a daily basis. There are no shortcuts to good skin, and time and effort cannot be … Continue reading How Effective is Total Effect?


 Is it possible to stay ageless?

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Nov 20, 2016 #FbLoves 1 Likes

The other day I was lucky enough to attend the Olay Total Effects Launch with two eminent personalities  – Kajol, who has spent 25 years in the Bollywood film industry and Dr. Jaishre Sharad, the preferred dermatologist of all stars. Here’s what I learnt about stay ageless from them. Kajol: 1. Use Sunblock: While Kajol … Continue reading  Is it possible to stay ageless?


Heal with Himalaya

byTeam Fashion Bombay Sep 12, 2016 #FbLoves 5 Likes

Our overall experience with Himalaya and their range of beauty products


Kesar Craze

bySonu Bohra Sep 07, 2016 #FbLoves 1 Likes

My hunt for the perfect kesar product led me to Himalaya’s Fairness Kesar Face Pack, which has proven to be an affordable, portable and nourishing option.


The blackhead battle

bySonu Bohra Sep 06, 2016 #FbLoves 1 Likes

Humidity, pollution and excess oil secretion all contribute to those tiny black spots on the nose. Though exceedingly common, not many know they’re easily manageable with a regular skin-care regimen and sometimes with the help of an effective face scrub.

neem pack

Acne proof skin

bySonu Bohra Sep 02, 2016 #FbLoves 3 Likes

After much research and regular dermat visits, I realized nothing works better than a consistent beauty regime


Whiten v/s Brighten

bySonu Bohra Aug 29, 2016 #FbLoves 4 Likes

The ultimate debate for every girl with any skin colour


Beauty habits

bySonu Bohra Aug 14, 2016 #FbLoves 6 Likes

 These two beauty habits will save your skin — literally!


Wake up to beautiful skin

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jun 30, 2016 #FbLoves 7 Likes

My baby sister’s getting married next month and I’m going crazy trying to pack in everything I can for the wedding and for myself. The important thing on my agenda is my skin. I’ve always had the typical Indian problem of uneven skin tone and keep looking for products that can solve the problem. There … Continue reading Wake up to beautiful skin

Neem Pack

Summer Pure 

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Jun 03, 2016 #FbLoves 4 Likes

As far as Himalaya products go I don’t usually bother reading the ingredients because I know it is going to be full of ayurvedic goodness that is gentle on the skin. My whole test of the Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack was to check its efficacy. Living in Bombay makes my usually dry skin oily and … Continue reading Summer Pure 


Is Ayurveda a perfect modern day fit?

byJasleen Kaur Gupta Nov 13, 2015 #FbLoves 6 Likes

Unilever’s Ayush and their esteemed panel of Ayurveda doctors bust myths and also give us some ideas that can make a difference to your everyday life.


Do red lips actually empower women?

bySonu Bohra Sep 21, 2015 #FbLoves 8 Likes

Who: Sonu Bohra. Profession: Fashion writer and beauty product hoarder Accessory of choice: Red Lipstick Number in make-up bag: 12 Occasion to wear: Everyday/ everywhere Mission in life: Empower women with red lips So what’s the story: • I loved admiring my mom, with her ever-chic and well put-together style every time she stepped out. … Continue reading Do red lips actually empower women?


Beauty Hybrids

bySonu Bohra Aug 13, 2015 #FbLoves 9 Likes

The world of beauty is constantly reviving, reinventing and innovating products that make our everyday regime a little easier. Here’s a list of beauty hybrids that are worth the investment.

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Face Mist 101

bySonu Bohra Aug 01, 2015 #FbLoves 6 Likes

Facial mists set your makeup, and can calm, hydrate and replenish your skin’s lost radiance on a hot day. Read on to know more about this beauty must-have.

The summer foundation countdown

The summer foundation countdown

by Apr 13, 2012 #FbLoves 4 Likes

Summer means trouble skin, for us at least. Humidity and oily skin being the biggest problems, your regular foundation may get too heavy or too runny and oily.

The Multiple

The Multiple

by Feb 09, 2012 #FbLoves 2 Likes

The urban makeup trend is moving towards technique and skill. We tell you how you can use some new-age products in a multiple ways.