The beauty splurge

bySonu Bohra Feb 20, 2017 #Beauty101 1 Likes

Makeup can only do so much real beauty lies in your skincare routine.


What my adult acne taught me

bySonu Bohra Oct 02, 2016 #Beauty101 5 Likes

It may not be pretty or fun, but it’s bound to hit everyone. Luckily, adult acne is treatable, and while you’re going through it, you can pick up on a few important skin care (and life!) lessons, like I did


Is it time for a make under?

bySonu Bohra Sep 07, 2016 #Beauty101 2 Likes

In an era where the Kardashian ‘kontour,’ overwhelming beauty how-tos on Pinterest and more-than-multiple beauty vloggers take centre-stage, I’m making a humble plea for a make under. Here’s why:


Sleeping beauty

bySonu Bohra Jun 05, 2016 #Beauty101 8 Likes

We all know how stressful mornings are and the last thing you need is a tedious beauty routine. Here are some easy, time saving hacks to wake up effortlessly gorgeous and actually be able to say #wokeuplikethis


The right way to SPF

by Jun 05, 2016 #Beauty101 5 Likes

Proper protection against that scorching summer sun

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Beauty at Westside

byTeam Fashion Bombay Sep 17, 2015 #Beauty101 3 Likes

We got a chance to meet the makeup guru Pallavi Symons. Here’s a snapshot of our tete-e-tete with her

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Beauty Lesson: Concealers

bySonu Bohra Sep 15, 2015 #Beauty101 7 Likes

Everything you need to know about the holy grail of any makeup kit. Your go-to concealer guide.

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To share or not to share

bySonu Bohra Aug 09, 2015 #Beauty101 3 Likes

We’ve all done it: A swipe of lip gloss in the ladies’ room or a touch up of blush here or there. Does sharing makeup rank on the list of beauty no-nos? Read on to know more


Makeup Myths

bySonu Bohra Aug 09, 2015 #Beauty101 7 Likes

Myth or fact? Let’s find out:


SOS: Save our Skin

bySonu Bohra Jul 30, 2015 #Beauty101 9 Likes

Read through some timeless beauty tips that will work for every skin type, at any age!

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Are you brushing your lips?

bySonu Bohra Jul 30, 2015 #Beauty101 7 Likes

The newest buzz word in the world of beauty includes scrubbing your lips for a younger looking skin.

Radiant during Ramadan

Radiant during Ramadan

bySonu Bohra Jun 19, 2015 #Beauty101 7 Likes

Keep your skin and hair fresh and glowing even as you’re fasting in this holy month. Here’s how:

A makeover story

A makeover story

bySonu Bohra Apr 07, 2013 #Beauty101 5 Likes

Thank you for sending in so many entries to our #Mirrormirror makeover contest by Inglot and Here’s unveiling the three lucky winners in their Before and After avatars.

Steal versus Splurge Beauty Series III

Steal versus Splurge: Beauty Series III

bySonu Bohra Sep 05, 2012 #Beauty101 5 Likes

What we like: This cream blush in Plum is just the perfect colour. In spite of being a true pink, it suits light and dusky skin tones alike. The mousse like texture feels like air in application and is very easy to work with. The price is a definite highlight for us. You don’t mind using it for a couple of months at a stretch and discarding it.

Steal Versus Splurge: Beauty Series II

Steal Versus Splurge: Beauty Series II

bySonu Bohra Aug 19, 2012 #Beauty101 2 Likes

Yes, we’ve literally been obsessed with all kinds of red lips. They instantly dress up any look and just make you so glamorous suddenly.

Steal versus Splurge Beauty Series I

Steal versus Splurge: Beauty Series I

bySonu Bohra Aug 09, 2012 #Beauty101 2 Likes

Over the years we have experimented a lot with beauty products and here is us sharing some little secrets of what we learnt.

Smokin' Hot

Smokin’ Hot

bySonu Bohra Feb 21, 2012 #Beauty101 2 Likes

Perhaps the oldest trick in the book, smokey eyes never go out of style. Many people shy away from them because they think it’s not for them or it’s too complicated but that’s not true. Here’s how we break it down for you.