13 thoughts on “Age appropriate dressing?

  1. Loved d dress n totally agree wid u ..I am 40 but still manage to dress my way not d way people think 40 yr olds should dress .

  2. Loved your confidence and style. I am 37 and don’t feel it at all;-) we need more such gals like you …mmmhua… love you 😉

  3. Now that’s a really great article! Dress for yourself! I believe in that too. Sometimes I am under peer pressure and wear something which I am not comfortable in. It’s always necessary to be what you are and keep bringing small changes in your wardrobe to keep oneself updated. Thanks for your article.

  4. This is an amazing post about aged style. Yes, it’s very much confusion because we need to balance a lot of things like peer pressure and so-called society. But I believe wear something that will make you happy. A cute smile on your face can defeat everything. So, do what you love, wear what you want.

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