April 22, 2012

Reporting from the garden city

Love the beautiful people at Bangalore, genuine smiles, warm people and great response to our styling advice at W for Woman. We did great South Indian style dinner with lamb and appams, prawn curry, poppadums and lemonade at the Coconut Groove.

We took some quick pictures before stepping into work: 

Sonu wore a summery floral print blouse with skinny jeans and block heels
Blouse, c/o W for Woman| jeans, United Colors of Benetton| blazer, H&M| bag, Hidesign| heels, c/o Steve Madden| glares, Ray Ban| watch, Guess| kada, mom's

Jasleen is OD-ing on neon with a bright top, bright nails and bright footwear too
Pants, W| tunic, Sarojini Nagar| chappals, Catwalk| bag, Dharavi| watch, Swatch

Our two days in Bangalore were so fun!
With Sonshu

April 19, 2012

Hello, mini vacation

Going away for a weekend holiday and don't know what to pack? Fashion Bombay is here to the rescue. Here are some packing rules for the weekend away.
1. The list: Start with a list of things you need, have and need to buy.We headed to Roxy at High Street Phoenix to get our weekend away essentials.
2.The essentials:
- One piece dresses/ tunics/ kaftans double up as wraps to wear over swimsuits and bikinis.
- Carry button down shirts to be worn with shorts, during travel and even as coverups at the beach.
- Carry two pairs of shoes: waterproof flip flops for your beach activities and leather sandals to accessorise any outfit.
-  A bright beach bag - usually in canvas or a waterproof material is essential. It not only looks good but also is washable and hence ideal for an adventure. Canvas totes, shoppers and plain fabric totes double up as beach bags. 
- Bright swimwear are ideal and should be worn under your outfit for a vacation, this way you can jump into the pool or hit the beach at any time without needing a changing room.
- A bright cap to protect yourself from the harsh sun and tan!
Shorts of any kind - denim, cotton, long or short. Pack as many as you have.
- Beach towel: Lay on the beach, cover up after a swim or wipe yourself after a quick shower, a towel is an absolute must have for a beach holiday. A beach towel is a must to save you from the sand but this is not to be wet. Use a Madrasi towel or a hand towel for drying purposes.
- Don't compromise with cheap sunglasses, protect your eyes with a good pair.

3. Double up: The trick to packing right is packing light. Carry items that double up and can be worn in multiple ways. Carry tunics that cover about the mid thigh length and these can be paired with your shorts. Even if your shorts aren't visible they look sexy and summery. Of course you can wear the tunics as is as dresses. You can also pack several t-shirts that you can use as day wear, sleep wear and beach wear too.
4. Vanity kit:
- Sunscreen with SPF 50 (we are loving Keihl's) is must for Indian skin - dab on and pat, do not rub it into your skin.
- Go natural for your holiday and just keep natural cheek and lip tint (Body Shop's lip and cheek tint), a highlighter or bronzer can be used to work on the tan. 

5. Medical kit:
- Emergency medicines
- Hand sanitisers
- Baby wipes that double up as makeup removers
- Toilet paper

 Have a great trip, don't forget to take loads of pictures <3

April 13, 2012

The summer foundation countdown

Disclaimer: All views in this article are purely based on personal experience and are our personal views.

Summer means trouble skin, for us at least. Humidity and oily skin being the biggest problems, your regular foundation may get too heavy or too runny and oily. We have sampled many foundations and picked five favourites that stood the test of time in the Mumbai summers.

#5 Inglot AMC mousse foundation
This texture is much lighter than any other foundation we've tried and it disappears into the skin instantly. The coverage is light and great for daily wear, over your sunscreen or daily moisturiser because it is slightly mattifying (not drying). It stays long and doesn't give a matte, cakey effect like some foundations tend to.
Price: Approx Rs.1,100 (You can order online with COD here)

#4 Clinique blended loose powder
This is the best option for people with sensitive skin. It is great at keeping the shine away in summers. Loose powder is gentle and doesn't clog pores making it a much safer bet. Clinique is also very mild to use. However, it’s surprisingly gives good medium coverage and can easily take care of minor blemishes. It is long wear and very effective on oily skin. It comes with a retractable brush as well for application but I feel comfortable using a kabuki brush.
Price: Rs 1,800/- approximately
#3 Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation
This foundation is ultra-light and gives a sheer coverage but instantly brightens the face, The minute you apply it, it tends to look whitish but within 5-10 minutes, the mousse settles and looks very natural. It is long-lasting and great for day wear, it's not waterproof but doesn't come off with sweat or get runny. The name suggests matte and it is great at controlling shine on oily skin but it doesn't get cakey at all. I have dry skin but this mousse spreads very easily and still has just a little dewy effect, so don't be misled by the 'matte' in the name.
Price: Rs.525 (It's about Rs. 475 at Beauty Centre)

#2 Clarins skin illusion liquid foundation
This foundation is quite high coverage but is very long lasting and brightening, great to use at night a well. In our personal experience it could look slightly whitish in flash photography. Very long lasting, it smells great and feels very mild on the skin. Apparently it has plant extracts that actually better your skin. Portability could be an issue with the glass bottle.
Price: Rs.1,800

#1 Bourjois healthy mix
After trying an array of foundations, the Healthy Mix remains an absolute favourite. Light texture, good coverage, yummy smell, long wear and great finish. It gives you natural looking beautiful skin. It is light enough to use in summer or winter and is really value for money. It also looks very natural in photographs and I'm currently on my third bottle. The bottle is very light and portable and the pump dispenser is very handy.
Price: Rs.950 (It's about Rs.850 or Rs.800 at Beauty Centre)

Which is your favourite summer foundation?

April 09, 2012

The white collar

The ubiquitous white shirt comes to your rescue through the hotter months. Learn seven easy ways to spruce up the good ol' white shirt:

Style it
Accessorise your white shirt with a colourful bib necklace or long necklaces. Add a twist by wearing the bib necklace under your collar, playing with the peek-a-boo effect.
See here.
Available at Aldo Accessories, Curio Cottage and Sapphire for Rs 1,200 onwards.


Cinch your long shirt with a wrap and wide belt. You can also try experimenting with a  long chain or a thin scarf knotted in front. For a different silhouette, let the belt sit low, resting on your hips.
See here.
Check out wraps and scarves at  Zara and Chemistry for Rs 1,200 onwards

A unique way of revamping your plain shirt is by overloading your wrists with chunky cuffs and rings. This way you add a zing to your outfit without taking away from the shirt itself.
See here.
Go crazy with cuffs, bracelets and charm links at Aquamarine, Popley and Colaba Causeway for Rs 400 onwards

Playing around with layers is always a good way to reinvent your wardrobe. Add a light layer like a waistcoat or a poncho to give an instant face-lift to your white beauty.
See here.

Look for a floral cropped blazer at Zara, Mango and B:Kind for Rs 1,600 onwards.

Give your shirt a makeover by doing a little DIY – adding intricate stitching, simple metal studs or rhinestones around the collar or bottom edge.
See here.

Get girlie with an over-sized shirt and a mini skirt or or add a masculine and pair your white shirt with Oxfords and denims.
See here.

Available at Aldo and Zara for Rs 2,100 onwards.

Make a statement in your white shirt with a unique hairdo. Add gentle curls or sweep your hair into a sleek up-do to take the look from day to night.
See here.

April 06, 2012

The Summer Dress

The only good thing about the sweltering hot weather is that we get to bring out them summer dresses. Here's our take on summer dresses. These ones here were especially designed with feedback from Sonu and me by Pocketfullofdresses.com and we were so excited that they turned out to match our styles and personalities so closely.

Here's what we expect from the perfect summer dress:

Comfort: Soft cotton, breathable linens, light viscose and good quality voiles are the only things the summer skin can tolerate. We like the flowy-ness fabrics like viscose offer along with the comfort factor. Linens vary in thickness and quality so make sure you find yourself a soft one.

Style: The silhouette on a summer dress can vary from V neck spaghetti styles to the 40s style conservative dress. Whatever your pick, we make sure there is plenty of versatility to work with. In this case Sonu's dress is so workable with jackets and wraps for cooler weathers while I can wear mine as a tunic r even a blouse.

Colour: A summer dress has to be fun. Bright colours, bold prints, quirky motifs make a summer dress all the more fun. While tribal prints, nautical stripes and flamingos seem to be the flavour of the season, we feel that polka dots, florals, hearts and stars remain timeless styles for a summer dress.

Body type: It's important to pick a dress that suits you. A summer dress doesn't have to be short or flowy. Maxi lengths, straighter styles, mid calf lengths and longer sleeves are all doable in the right fabric and colour choice.

Jasleen wore her summer dress with block heels and a quirky neckpiece
Dress, c/o Pocketfulofdresses| shoes, c/o Steve Madden| bag, gifted my MIL| necklace, Nitya Arora

Sonu wore her summer dress with a vintage chic touch and wedge heels
Dress, c/o Pocketfulofdresses| heels, Bandra| clutch, Oberoi Shopping Mall| watch, Guess| bracelet, DIY

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