February 29, 2012

Love to be a girl

Isn't it lovely that as girls we have so much to choose from. Nothing makes us feel more girly and feminine than the good old skirt and blouse combination.

- Wearing your skirt with a shirt is a chic way to arrive for brunch or a board meeting.
- Wear flats and an over-sized clutch during the day and a sequined sling and high heel pumps for the night.
- If tucking in is not your style then try wearing it with a blouse or tunic. Wear them long and let the skirt do a little peek-a-boo underneath. A fun way to dress for a day out with the girls.
- Adding a long blazer with a mini skirt is also a great way to dress for a night out at the bar.

Jasleen wore a short skirt with a tunic style blouse
Blouse & necklace, Splash| skirt, Fashion Street| Shoes, En Route| bag, Bangkok

Sonu wore a pastel shirt with a pencil skirt
Skirt, Splash| shirt, Fashion Street| heels, c/o Pavers England| cuff, Swarovski| watch, La Mer| satchel worn as a clutch, Kashmir Novelties| on my lips, NYX Addis Ababa

February 27, 2012

Wardrobe essentials!

Treat dressing up on a budget as a challenge. Play around with a few versatile items you must invest in.

A cliché but an LBD is one of the most versatile garments in your wardrobe. You can wear the same dress in at least three ways: as a slip, a blouse and as a dress itself. 
We personally love blazers, they add instant style to any outfit. Wear it with a plain tee and denims, with a dress or as a formal suit. We recommend a bright colour to stand out in the crowd.

Nude Pumps:
Invest in stilettos, pumps or wedges whichever you can walk in comfortably. They are a great buy because they match well with almost all garments. Preferably, buy a shade that matches your skin tone, so that it looks like an extension of your feet.
The perfect jeans:
You can wear them over and over again, with a T-shirt, shirt, top or a blouse. So, it's essential to own a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. Try Only, Levis or Calvin Klein for slim fits and the hourglass/pear shape head to Lee or Zara. Spend wisely and if they are expensive think of it as a long-term investment. A good pair of jeans will last you for years. Read more about denims here, here and here.
A waistcoat:
A waistcoat helps you layer without adding weight and is suitable for the humid weather. They are easily available in all stores. A waistcoat can revamp a plain tee or make a plain shirt look a little more formal.

Always accessorise your ensemble. Spruce up a plain tee and jeans with a funky necklace and you will totally stand out.Try our current favourite stacked up trend to make a fashion forward statement.

Places to shop:
High street: Depending on your budget start with high-street brands like Vero Moda, Zara, FCUK, Calvin Klein, Mango and Promod.
Favourite Zara finds: asymmetrical skirt and faux fur bag
Street smart: For street shopping we swear by Hill Road, Bandra, Dharavi and Colaba Causeway. They are absolute goldmines. Simply walk down the streets post college or work hours with your girlfriends you are sure to fine a few things you like. Bandra has some great footwear and clothes, Dharavi has awesome bags, Colaba Causeway has beautiful junk jewellery.
Favourite Dharavi find: Two-toned leather bag from Dharavi

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February 21, 2012

Smokin' Hot

Perhaps the oldest trick in the book, smokey eyes never go out of style. Many people shy away from them because they think it's not for them or it's too complicated but that's not true. Here's how we break it down for you.

1. Colours:
The first thing to know is that smokey eyes doesn't necessarily mean black, so you can start with a nice natural brown and move on to black, olive green, purple, navy and brick. Most Indian skin tones can carry off all these colours. remember to not pick fluorescent shades, instead pick deeper, earthen shades and you won't go wrong with it.

2. Eye shadows or pigments?
You can use the regular pressed powder form of eye shadows or pure pigments for your eyes. Pigments do give more intense colour and that's why people like to work with them. In pressed eye shadows MAC and Makeup Forever truly gives you great colour on pigments as well as eyeshadow. No other eyeshadow comes close in terms of colour intensity having tried - Inglot, NYX, ELF, VOV, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Faces

3. Applicators
I find that a regular eyeshadow brush from Vega (Beauty Centre) suffices, the sponge (ear bud like tip) applicator has never seemed to work. For eye shadows I even like to use my ring finger directly but that may not work for everyone.

4. Application:
The best way to get started is to stretch your eyelid outwards, this lets you get a stretched even surface for application. Apply only on the eyeballs, not the arc of the eyebrows. You can then slowly start moving outwards, I like to create a winged shape with smokey eyes but depending on your eye shape, you might want to experiment with some shapes. I usually leave the waterline empty as this makes my small eyes look slightly bigger, filling it in doesn't work for me and also looks way too intense with the smokey eyes. After you have the desired shape, you can use a highlighter, illuminator or simply a dab of Vaseline on the brow arc to add a slight dewy effect that goes really well with the smokey effect.

5. Handy tips for smokey eyes:
  •  You are bound to get powdery residue on the under eye so I always tape some facial tissue on my entire cheek. Or I don't put any foundation before hand and only after my eyes are done, I use a non-oily cleanser and wipe that area and then apply my foundation. The tissue idea works better for me.
  •  I always keep a ear bud dipped in makeup remover handy, this way I can erase and manipulate the shape of my smokey eyes without too much hassle.
  •  Always tap and lightly blow on your brush before application, this avoids extra spillage in the first place.

February 16, 2012

Hippy gal meets party diva

It doesn't happen often but we were on two different pages style wise while choosing our outfits. While Sonu was thinking a Valentine's Day dinner date (weekend V-Day celebrations), Jasleen was fantasising about a holiday on the beach. In a bid to feel bright and shiny she went OTT with neon green shoes and feather extensions braided in my hair. Sonu looked ready to party Sex and the City style in her metallic dress with a pop of orange for some fun. Sometimes it's fun to be like chalk and cheese, don't you think? Although on second thoughts we both did end up wearing orange and stockings.
On wearing stockings:
- Stockings are always fub whether you wear them foot or footless - the ankle length being more wearable in the city of course.
- Don't use stockings to merely add lenght to short dresses, use it to add layers and character and colours.
- Wear a long shirt dress with contrast stockings and a belt for a fun day with the girls.
- Wear stockgs with your short playsuit and a sling bag for a day at the mall.
- Wear stockings with your denim shorts and a tank top and leather blazer for a night out in town.

Sonu wore her metallic dress with stockings
Dress, gifted| stockings, Marks & Spencer| blazer, Zara| heels, Charles & Keith| clutch, Aldo Accessories| bracelet, Curio Cottage| cuff, Swarovski

Jasleen wore neon orange stockings with a tunic/dress
Dress, Mango| stockings, Vero Moda| bracelet, bag & feather hair extension, Kala Ghoda Fest| shoes, Bandra| belt, Forever New
Clicked by my husband, G

February 14, 2012


Feeling sexy is not only about wearing that little black dress. Most men will tell you that there is nothing sexier than a woman in a man’s shirt. Taking this a notch further, here’s our take on the quintessential oversized shirt (OSS). Borrow from your boyfriend, dad or husband or simply invest in one but the oversized shirt must make an entry into your wardrobe this season.
  • Start with: A solid colour in bright hues, pastels or a basic white. Then move on to prints like checks, paisley prints and polka dots. The easiest way to wear your shirt is with a pair of high-waist or pleated pants. Tuck in your shirt and wear a pair of Oxfords with a satchel bag for a nerdy look. If you want to be a girly girl then colour block with an A-line skirt and a pair of ballerinas. For those who don’t mind experimenting, wear your shirt long over a maxi skirt and shape it with a thin belt to create the illusion of a long dress.
  • For an interview: Wear your OSS with skinny pants and a bowtie, a chic briefcase bag should top that off. A sheer white oversized blouse worn with a pair of sequined shorts and high heels can be a high fashion look for Brunch or High Tea. When you are looking to layer, the oversized shirt makes for an excellent lightweight jacket. For the skinny girls, a large shirt worn with high heels,a slim belt, shorts inside, can make a perfect shirt dress.
  • Find them at: Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway, Hill Road, Zara, Guess, Vero Moda, Only are flooded with shirts in every perceivable pattern. Checks and prints in cotton and bright hues in silken finishes are what we recommend for the season. The silken oversized blouse can be worn simply with a pair of comfortable knee-length skirt, a bling watch and a sling bag — a look so simple and elegant that you can never go wrong with it.
So no matter how you choose to wear your OSS, if there is only one thing that you must buy this month then let this be it!

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February 11, 2012

At the Fest

Like last year, we ventured out to visit this season's KGF Fest. Both of us dressed in bright colours and ready for Summer. We met many of our lovely readers during our visits to the fest. It's always overwhelming and exciting meet people who appreciate our work. Thank you for all the love and affection you shower on us.

Jasleen wore a maxi skirt with a tangerine blouse
 Skirt & blouse, Mango| bag, Rocky S @ Lifestyle| necklace & bangle, Kala Ghoda Festival| ring, Aquamarine| chappals, Janpath
  • Learn easy ways to wear tangerine and other orange shades here.
  • BTW, we've worn this necklace so many times already. Some our favourite picks are 1, 2, 3.
Sonu wore a hyacinth coloured button down with orange bottoms
Button down, Splash| denims & links, Colaba Causeway| collar pin, vintage| bag, Zara| heels, Charles & Keith
  • Read more about the colour blocking trend here.
  • Wondering how to wear coloured bottoms? We've answered your questions here.

February 09, 2012

The Multiple

The urban makeup trend is moving towards technique and skill. We tell you how you can use some new-age products in a multiple ways.

#1 What:
How to use it:
Pigments are always underestimated. These highly pigmented powders in all colour ranges are actually very easy to work with. Pigments are great because they not only give you true intense colours but also last really really long.
On your eyes:

On your face:
On Your body:
Mix the pigment with a few drops of water (you also get liquids and glues to mix them, if you want to get a more professional finish) and make an eyeshadow out of it. Use your fingers or an eyeshadow brush to apply it. You can also dip an eyeliner brush and use it to outline the upper or lower eyelid. It works as an eyeshadow or creamy eye pencil.

Mix pigment in gold or bronze with your moisturiser or light foundation and smooth it on your face with a foundation brush. See how it brings out a dewy skin and adds a little sparkle to your complexion. Perfect for a beach party or a club look.

You can mix pigment in a gold, copper or bronze with a body lotion and smooth it with your fingers all over your body. Make sure to douse you collar bones, calves and back with a little extra for a sexy, sultry finish.

Recommended brands: MAC, Inglot, VOV and Ben Nye

#2 What:
Cream blush
How to use it:
On your cheeks:

On your lips:

On your brow bone:

Replace the old powder blush with a cream blush for a healthy glow. Use your finger tips or makeup wedges to blend the cream blush into the apple of your cheeks.
Use your fingers to dab the cream blush on your lips for a nude, long-lasting matte finish to your lips.
Use the cream blush to add sheen to your brow bone with or without eyeshadow. This naturally gives the effect of brighter eyes.

Recommended brands: Clinique, NYX, Maybelline, MAC

#3 What: Gel eyeliner
How to use it:

As an eyeshadow:

As a kohl pencil:
As an eyeliner:
Scoop out a little gel eyeliner in a flat dish or plate, mix with two drops of water and use it as a black eyeshadow. The creamy texture will turn matte and last you hours, offering great colour intensity. The non-powder formula unlike most eyeshadows will ensure you have no powder spills and raccoon eyes after you apply your eye shadow.

Use the gel eyeliner on your waterline (lower lash line) to replace your kohl pencil. The non-smudge and non-pencil formula ensures long wear and darker, smoother lines.

Use the innovative gel eyeliner to create matte effect winged eyes.

Recommended brands: MAC, Bobbi Brown,Maybelline, L'Oreal

#4 What:Cheek and lip stain
How to use it:
On the cheeks:
On the lips:
Add just a dab of colour on the apple of your cheeks with a cheek stain. You can use the brush to dab dots on the apple of your cheeks (find them by smiling) and blend with fingers, a sponge or a blush brush.
You can use this on your lips to add natural colour and then follow with a gloss or lip balm for lips that look naturally healthy and pink.

Recommended brands: Bourjois, Bodyshop, Maxfactor

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