May 10, 2012

Burning Bright

Many will claim that the ’90s were a decade of bad films and uninspired fashion but that is not entirely true. The ’90s did give us the mini skirt and neon, a trend that has been repeatedly doing the rounds at fashion weeks this past season in India and globally.
Indian wear and western wear have both adopted the trend beautifully. In fact from high street brands, the neon trend has spilled over to a lot of mass brands as well the street markets. Like any other trend, neons have translated into makeup in the form of bright eye shadows, neon orange and red lips.
Neon myths:
Hot pink, bright orange and dangerously bright greens have been the most popular colour choices so far. Still think the trend isn’t for you? Don’t give up yet. It’s perhaps one of the most common myths that bright colours only suit white and really pale complexions. Au contraire, the Indian skin tone with its warm brown, ruddy, peach undertones can carry off bright colours very well.
Tiny doses:
Also, it’s important that you don’t overdo neon (we often tend to ignore this rule, we love our brights). In small portions, neon becomes very wearable for anyone. Try it in small doses with colour-blocked blouses mixed with more muted solids.
Other than that, neon accessories are a great way of adopting the trend with neon wedges, bracelets, bag or even a lipstick. Forever 21, Zara and Vero Moda clothing, M.A.C, Inglot, Bourjois and Chambor have some lovely matte and semi-matte orange and pink lipsticks to choose from.
Shop the trend:
Hit the local shops in Bandra, Colaba Causeway and Fashion Street showcase the latest in neons as well. On the lust list, you must check out the neon satchel bags available online at the Cambridge Satchel Co. An expensive buy (Rs7000 to 10,000 approx.), they are truly delicious. Places like Attic and Oak Tree in Mumbai also showcase lovely bags and blazers in pop art/ neon colours if you’re looking for something more unique and one-off. For Indian wear, bright kurtis, floral prints, anarkalis and Patiala styles are all available in neon accents.
New neon:
Even with the new year’s changing fashion, neon is going to be around for a while. The Indian weather is also very suited to wearing these colours so make sure you keep your eyes open for some neon-spotting when you go out shopping next.

  As seen in our column Style Quotient in Daily News & Analysis


  1. I love how you guys fearlessly use colour.
    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. love the tips :)

  3. You'll always hit the nail right on the head! :) Brilliant write up guys! :)


  4. Neon is indeed the hot trend right now.....Everywhere I go, I am seeing NEON *_*

    Love what you both adoring <3 <3 :D

    Loads of Love,

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  6. Love your blog and your style. Agree, I love brights too. I tend to ignore and go over board :) <3

    Stilettos Diary


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