April 13, 2012

The summer foundation countdown

Disclaimer: All views in this article are purely based on personal experience and are our personal views.

Summer means trouble skin, for us at least. Humidity and oily skin being the biggest problems, your regular foundation may get too heavy or too runny and oily. We have sampled many foundations and picked five favourites that stood the test of time in the Mumbai summers.

#5 Inglot AMC mousse foundation
This texture is much lighter than any other foundation we've tried and it disappears into the skin instantly. The coverage is light and great for daily wear, over your sunscreen or daily moisturiser because it is slightly mattifying (not drying). It stays long and doesn't give a matte, cakey effect like some foundations tend to.
Price: Approx Rs.1,100 (You can order online with COD here)

#4 Clinique blended loose powder
This is the best option for people with sensitive skin. It is great at keeping the shine away in summers. Loose powder is gentle and doesn't clog pores making it a much safer bet. Clinique is also very mild to use. However, it’s surprisingly gives good medium coverage and can easily take care of minor blemishes. It is long wear and very effective on oily skin. It comes with a retractable brush as well for application but I feel comfortable using a kabuki brush.
Price: Rs 1,800/- approximately
#3 Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation
This foundation is ultra-light and gives a sheer coverage but instantly brightens the face, The minute you apply it, it tends to look whitish but within 5-10 minutes, the mousse settles and looks very natural. It is long-lasting and great for day wear, it's not waterproof but doesn't come off with sweat or get runny. The name suggests matte and it is great at controlling shine on oily skin but it doesn't get cakey at all. I have dry skin but this mousse spreads very easily and still has just a little dewy effect, so don't be misled by the 'matte' in the name.
Price: Rs.525 (It's about Rs. 475 at Beauty Centre)

#2 Clarins skin illusion liquid foundation
This foundation is quite high coverage but is very long lasting and brightening, great to use at night a well. In our personal experience it could look slightly whitish in flash photography. Very long lasting, it smells great and feels very mild on the skin. Apparently it has plant extracts that actually better your skin. Portability could be an issue with the glass bottle.
Price: Rs.1,800

#1 Bourjois healthy mix
After trying an array of foundations, the Healthy Mix remains an absolute favourite. Light texture, good coverage, yummy smell, long wear and great finish. It gives you natural looking beautiful skin. It is light enough to use in summer or winter and is really value for money. It also looks very natural in photographs and I'm currently on my third bottle. The bottle is very light and portable and the pump dispenser is very handy.
Price: Rs.950 (It's about Rs.850 or Rs.800 at Beauty Centre)

Which is your favourite summer foundation?


  1. I have tried the maybelline one too. As you said it's really light on your face. I use that whenever i am in a hurry and use it like i apply my regular moisturiser :) will surely try Bourjois healthy mix now :)

  2. OOOh! I love the Bourjois one! I tend to like most of their products! even their nail paints are pretty nice.

  3. Hey sonu. I love the lipstick in the first pic. Can u tell me which one is it?

    1. Hi Tanveer,

      It is NYX's Addis Ababa.

  4. Ruchi KaurApril 16, 2012

    Sonu i completely envy ur skin...so flawless !!! :)))

  5. useful post..in summers i cant bear to wear foundation which is cakey or suffocates skin so for day wear completely skip it!!!!


  6. cute!!!


  7. hi
    thanks for this useful post!can you do a same one on sunscreens.i am looking for a good sunscreen which doesnt make you white and sweaty in this summer.i spend a lot of time outdoors during the day.

  8. hi there!
    such a useful post!can you do a same one on sunscreens?i am looking for sunscreen which doesnt make you sweaty and white.i have combination skin and a very sensitve one.also i get all red faced as soon as i go out in the sun.looking forward to your post .

  9. Revlon Photo-ready is also a good buy for its price!! with in-built glitter particles, it radiates light to give a dewy glow and hides all visible flaws. comes in a cute glass bottle with pump-dispenser, Sweat-proof and blends easily. very light weight with a mild aroma, gives full-coverage without a cake-y look.

    Now m waiting to try on the bourjois healthy mix! :D



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