September 30, 2011

Announcing our winners!

Thanks for all the lovely emails and wishes. After a lot of deliberation we have picked our winners. The winners were purely picked on the basis of LIKING the pages we mentioned and also going by the TIPS they gave for our readers. Most of our readers forgot to put in tips while entering our contest, those entries weren't considered.

We truly wish we could arrange a gift for all our lovely readers but at this moment, it will have to be these two. Here are the pictures and emails of the two winners. Thanks for all the love and support.

CONTEST # Wins a spa day at Saks Salon and a free shopping trip with Fashion Bombay at Guru Clothing
WINNER # Apurva Saxena
She provided us with 10 examples of what clothes to wear with what perfumes. We thought the idea of pairing perfumes to your ensemble were quite novel. Some of the perfumes to match your mood and clothes are -

1. Lacoste with a sun dress

2. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor with a floral ensemble

3. Radiance by Britny Spears if you are wearing bright colours

4. Moon sparkle by Escada at a cocktail party

CONTEST # Wins a free shopping trip to Pavers England and Guess with Fashion Bombay
WINNER # Ruchi Bubber

She gave us two simple yet effective beauty tips.

1. Kohl tends to get greasy in the summers and the humidity often makes kajal smudge. a quick idea to avoid that. Before sharpening your kohl pencil, place it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It will harden slightly and not break when sharpened. This will also help you apply them smoothly over the lids and you can create a fine line under your eyes and make it look neat.

2. Tip to choose a correct foundation for your skin: When picking out a concealer or foundation, the colour should always be tested on the inside of your wrist. The skin there is the most unblemished and will give you a good idea of how it will look on your face.

We want to thank all our participants once again. You all make us so happy :)

September 27, 2011

The right sole

We were invited by Woodland to review their shoes and bags and we took a look at their Bandra store. We decided to break this down into various facets of footwear and rate every one of those individually. This is what we have to say:

All their shoes, irrespective of the style you try are comfortable, sturdy and from what we understand are all weather. Even their high-heeled shoes were comfortable because the gripped your feet and were simple a sturdy ground to stand on. You can walk for hours in those sandals and not feel a thing. Really light, airy and soft on the knees and feet. We like that fact.

They had a couple of options in every style like loafers, sandals, pumps and boots. It was a good mix between style and sensibility. Although most of the choices were pretty safe, so we'd categorise as a good place to buy your classics. If something really new-age and trendy is on your mind then this might not work for you.

Perhaps the best thing about a pair of shoes in India especially is the fact that they can last you really really long. Even the cute-looking suede sandals are waterproof! The grip on all their soles is pretty solid too. They even had anew addition of some really sturdy, smart and a little overpriced leather bags. Our favourite was the tan leather duffel, only if we had a larger budget!

The USP:
Their USP is definitely their all weather boots. Perfect for walking, hiking, rains and all terrain, so no thinking on that front. Their boots are really rugged and cool so we'd wear them with rolled up pants and a cutesy skirt even. While we didn't pickup the all terrain boots, we did opt for a pair or purple booties that feel so soft and look ultra stylish.

September 21, 2011

It’s our Anniversary!

September 30th is a special day for us and on the occasion on our 2nd anniversary we want to thank all of you for the love, support and encouragement that we have received over the past two years. To celebrate the occasion, we want shower you all with gifts.

Since it’s our second anniversary, we decided to run two contests for you guys. You can participate in both and we will ultimately choose one winner per contest. The winners will be chosen on the basis of a random draw and will be announced on our anniversary, 30th September, 2011. 

Here’s what we have in mind:
LIKE Saks Hair and Beauty Salon and Guru Clothing on Facebook to win a spa day at Saks with Fashion Bombay along with a personal shopping experience at Guru.

Write in to us on with a recent photograph and share one of your personal fashion/ style tips to win gifts from Pavers England and Guess. 

* All participants have to send us a recent photograph to

September 20, 2011

At Hop-A-Shop

We were invited by HOP-A-SHOP, a unique shopping event that took people on a shopping tour to the city's lesser known haunts like Tappu Ki dukaan, Curio Cottage SOBO Fashion Store and Besos. We met the party at SOBO Fashion Store where we discussed modern essentials, body types and basic tips to keep in mind while shopping. Here are the excerpts of the discussion.
Modern essentials are new-age replacements of classics/ essentials. They are:
  • Old: White Shirt| New: A bright blouse in coral, orange, blush pink or beige
  • Old: LBD| New: A maxi dress in a solid colour or fun print.
  • Old: Denims| New: Pleated pants
  • Old: Tote| New: Satchel bag
  • Old: Pumps| New: Oxfords
  • Old: Link necklaces| New: Statement neck piece
 And here's what we wore:
 Sonu wore a double-layered blouse with cropped denims

Blouse, Pax (It was a steal, off their Rs 50/- counter!)| jeggings, Only| shoes, Bandra| bag, Pop Goes the Art| watches, Citizen & Titan| bracelets and ring, Aquamarine| lip colour, Chambor Orange Flambe

Jasleen wore an orange mid-length dress with cotton pants

Dress, Mango| pants, tailor-made| shoes, Rohan Arora| bag, Paul Smith (Malaysia)| necklace, Bandra| lip colour, Chambor Orange Flambe

September 15, 2011

Remembering Mukesh

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes of our recent shoot with Neil Nitin Mukesh for OK! India. With an attempt to merge vintage accessories preserved by Neil Nitin's family, we re-invented the fashion of the good ol' days. Titled as Remembering Mukesh, the photo spread has interesting old-school elements.
Go grab your copy to see the final shots, till then enjoy the video.

 Photographer: Martin Prihoda
Behind the Scenes Shooting and Editing: Viraj Velinker
Stylist: Sonu Bohra
Art director: Kunal Naik
Editor in Chief: Sonali Kamat

September 08, 2011

Going Green

Stores charging Rs. 3 and Rs. 5 for plastic bags are a great way of saving the environment. Although, initially this can be a huge inconvenience, stuffing things into your handbag and paying for something that always came free can be such a bummer. This is what Sonu and I started doing:

We picked a cloth bag from Clean Planet in a neutral colour and started carrying that around in our everyday handbags. I use it for lunch and shopping while Sonu uses it to carry her pair of emergency flats and sometimes camera. Once you get into the habit of carrying this second bag, you'll realise how easy it is to live without plastic bags. Go Green!

On the aside, this is what we wore.

Jasleen wore a long tunic with jeggings and a raw silk blazer

Jeggings, Only| tunic, Pax| Jacket, Fashion Street| watch, Citizen| bracelets, Bandra| shoes, Bangkok

Sonu wore neon shorts with a tunic and cropped jacket

Shorts & tunic, Fashion Street| blazer, Carolyn| bag, F21| shoes, Bandra| watches, Citizen & Titan| bracelets, Popli & SOBO

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