August 26, 2011

Skirting the issue

We both turned up in skirts today while Sonu wore an old-school, nomad-like, vibrant piece, Jasleen's was more edgy, and modern art inspired. Skirts have come along way and nothing spells feminine like an elegant skirt in silk, chiffon, georgette or satin. This is how we strutted our skirts.

Sonu wore a gypsy skirt with a vintage blouse
Shirt, mom's| skirt, Fashion Street| bag, Dharavi| shoes, Catwalk| necklaces, F21 & Popli

- While pulling up a boho look, remember to chic it up with an element or two. You accessories are the best way to do that.
- Longer lengths can make you drown if you're too petite so work with sheer fabrics and lighter materials. Add wedges or block heels to add the necessary height.
- Try varying various lengths of blouses and tunics with your long skirt to mix it up a bit

Jasleen wore a short skirt with a linen shirt
Skirt, Forever 21| Shirt, Only| bag, Metro| shoes, Bangkok| bracelets, Kazo, Malaysia and Bandra| belt, random sash

- Wearing tight and tight is not a good option unless you're Kim Kardashian, so break the monotony on the top or bottom with a baggy silhouette.
- Adding a belt to highlight your assets always works.
- The length of the skirt should be determined by how slender or chunky your legs are. The mid calf and knee-length look is great for thicker legs.

The Outtakes

For those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter may have already seen these images, those who don't you're in for a treat. Every post we present to you has it's individual story, incident or an experience, our Outtakes album is our medium to express those behind-the-scenes. These images to us, showcase it's beauty in imperfection. You can click on the images to see the entire post.
Hope you enjoy them.

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August 24, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week - The other side

We spent a fun day at the Source and Sonu and I got a chance to meet fellow bloggers Anushka, Santu, Ayushi, Kavya and Aastha. Dressed for comfort and style we spent the day at the Source (the shopping district at the Fashion Week) and between shows.

The Source
This is where all designer stalls assemble during the Fashion Week and sell their cool wares. We browsed the Veruschka stall, Fashion and You, Rohan Arora and what not. Jasleen even ended up buying shoes (after excessive bargaining with the help of fellow bloggers) and bagged a great deal. If you remember we covered him last season as well and as always we loved his kitschy stuff and unique take on shoes. A nice addition to a quirky wardrobe.
Rohan Arora with Jasleen
The Cafe
Based at The Source, this cafe is the perfect example of where NOT to eat. But for all those tired lovely ladies this is a good place to rest and sip on Diet Cokes (Sonu swears they have negative calories).

The Kingfisher Lounge

We spend some time at the Kingfisher lounge sipping cold beer on that particularly hot afternoon. Every year, there are sponsored lounges that let you have abundance of free booze, a great way to get prepped for the fashion shows - glitzy, glamorous looks prettier when you're slightly buzzed. We miss the Grey Goose lounge though that used to serve Espresso Martinis with a brandy cookie, you never knew how much you drank with those yummy treats until it hit you suddenly, wham!

The Shows
Of course, finally the actual fashion show - we watched Debarun's black & white collection and while we weren't bowled over, we did like some of the saris. Black and white jacket style blouses with striped saris seemed very wearable. As for Shyamal and Bhumika's show, we were a tad disappointed. We've seen the duo make some fabulous stuff with their heirloom pieces and dupattas and velvets but this year it seemed so commercial and common.

Anna Fashion
Anna Hazare seems to be everywhere. Yes, even the Fashion Week. We spotted a few front row fashion enthusiasts also show their support to the cause.

On the aside, this is what we wore to the Fashion Week (we both decided to exchange clothes for the event)
 Jasleen wore Sonu's asymmetrical tunic with white ankle length pants
Pants, tailor made| shoes, Rohan Arora| bag, Mang, tunic, borrowed from Sonu (last worn here)

Sonu wore Jasleen's skorts with a tunic
 Tunic, Fashion Street| skorts, borrowed from Jasleen (last worn here)| bag, dad's| shoes, Bandra| ring, Goa

August 19, 2011

OK! Magazine

Before I became a stylist I had heard a lot about photographer Rafique Sayed and his immense body of work with Black & White photography. I finally had a chance to work with him for a shoot with OK! Magazine. This is a jewellery shoot with Shraddha Kapoor, hope you guys like it.

Photographer: Rafique Sayed
Stylist: Sonu Bohra
Makeup & hair: Marvie Beck

A day at the park

Haven't you had one of those days when everything seems dull, boring and simply blah. Sonu and I were having one such day an decided to hang out in our 'average outfits'.

Here's what we wore:
Sonu wore a vintage dress with a denim shirt
Dress, Carolyn| shirt, Lee| bag, United Colors of Benetton| shoes, Bandra| watch, Tommy Hilfiger

- Vintage dresses and denim jackets are every girl's best friends. Throw them on and they take you just about anywhere.
- Dress it up with a blazer and heels or dumb it down with crochet flats and a hobo.
- To go the whole hog with a vintage outfit, try to add antique gold jewellery and round rimmed sunglasses.

 Jasleen wore a monotone ensemble
Blouse, Pax| pants, Colaba Causeway| footwear, Forever 21| owl necklace, Promod| bag, gifted by my father-in-law

- Mixing shades of the same hue is a lot of fun sometimes. It does get you to look washed out so a pop of colour on the cheeks, eyes or lips is a good way to add character without much ado.
- A nude dress or blouse is a classic must in the wardrobe and one should find something to complement the skin tone. Nothing to close to your skin colour or you will appear 'nude'.
- Well done hair and makeup can be the key to such as outfit's success. Try low slung pony tails, high buns or a messy French plait.

August 15, 2011

Wardrobe organising

While Jasleen does her monthly wardrobe arrangement, I do it on a daily basis. I keep my clothes and accessories organised and to maintain it, one has to do it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I don't have a large wardrobe space but here are a few things I do to keep it intact:
  • I follow the saying birds of a feather flock together when I'm arranging my wardrobe. All my shirts are together, similarly, so are my jeans, blouses, skirts and so on.
  • Many compartmentalise their wardrobe using colours. I used to follow it, but often got confused with the many blacks I own.
  • Keep a separate section for your delicates that should also include stoles, stockings, scarves and socks.
  • If you don't have vertical space for hangers like me, keep your blazers, jackets and special dresses in zip locks for clothes or saree packets. They are easily available in the market.
  • Keep hooks on your door for your daily scarves or outfit inspirations. You can also have a wire inside your cupboard to hang your scarves. It saves space and is easily accessible.
  • Always keep the frilly and satin tops and blouse on the top since they get crumpled easily.
  • I have similar rules for my footwear, keep your heels in one drawer and flats and everyday wear in another.
  • I keep separate makeup pouches: for daily use, party wear and for brushes, glosses and other swipes.
  • I'm a hoarder so I don't follow this rule but one should. For every new set of clothes shopped discard equal number of old clothes. It is a good way to manage space and avoid unnecessary clutter.

    A big thank you to all our readers and friends for their contribution in this post.
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