May 31, 2011


In this sweltering heat of Bombay, we are attracted to anything and in this case everything aqua.
Ring, Popley| nail paint, Color Bar's Blue Lagoon

May 28, 2011

In the Jeans

We went denim shopping, a thing that baffles, annoys and troubles most women. Finding the ideal pair of jeans seems tougher than the search of the holy grail and sometimes finding even one pair that fits you right becomes a life long search. We went to the Calvin Klein store in Bandra for the perfect pair of denims.Here are a few ideas and tips we kept in mind.
1. Hourglass/Pear: Big hips, narrow waist, upper body is very small, lower body is large
  • Flared bottoms make your hips look narrow.This balances your body and takes attention away from your hips.
  • Avoid baggy style, drop crotch styles, pleated denims that add weight around the hip areas.
  • Bling, sparkles or any sort of embellishments on the front and back pockets will only draw attention to problem areas.
  • Don't wear tank tops, spaghetti and tight t-shirts just because you have a thin upper body. This will only make your lower body look hugely dis-proportionate. Wear short sleeved shirts, one shoulder blouses and tops, ruffles shirts and tops instead.

 2. Apple: Narrow hips, thick waist, upper body is bigger than the lower body
  • Cover the tummy fat with high-waisted jeans that rest just above the navel, NOT right below the chest. An extra wide waistband on the jeans helps control the tummy fat.
  • If you want your hips to look less narrow then you can opt for low rise jeans that defines the hips but make sure your love handles are not popping out. If you're a toned apple body then this is perfect for you.
  • Pleated styles, baggy styles, boyfriend jeans are perfect for you because this let you balance your wider upper body with your narrower lower body.
  • Embellished pockets can also give the appearance of a wider waist if you want to stick to high waist styles.
  • The t-shirt and jeans combination is not for you. Wear blouse and tunic style tops.

 3. Banana: Overall skinny body with no real definition for the waist.
  • The idea is to create a shapely waist so tie styles on the waist, belted jeans are great for you.
  • Harem styles, drop crotch styles, Jodhpuris you can experiment with them all.
  • Use voluminous materials on the top - sequins, tops with a shine, crepes, silks and satins.
  • Flowing long tunics with a thin belt on the waist, wrap blouses and shirts are great for your body type.
    Don't s
    While denim shopping try different tops on with the jeans you plan to buy. This gives you an idea if anything is popping out or whether your jeans are really versatile.
    Don't by jeans that are one size loose because jeans tend to loosen and take the shape of your body over time. A size bigger or slightly loose jeans will definitely get loose for you later. Buy the right fit, not too tight and certainly not loose.
    When buying jeans make sure you check the fit on the crotch, a camel toe or odd fit on the crotch can ruin the look for you.
Ankle length styles are very fashionable but are not for short women. They make the legs appear stubby and short and the hips wider.
    If the store houses bags and shoes then try your jeans with different kind of shoes and bags to create a whole look for yourself and it is also a great way to check the length of the jeans.
    Don't buy excessively embellished or fake faded jeans that look like they have wet patches on them, they never look cool.
    Taking pictures of yourself is also a good way to choose jeans objectively.
Never compromise on the length and fold them in. Alter your jeans by the store or a local tailor to a preferable length.
    Light blue, dark blue, white, black, dark wash are some basic colours to have.
Don't follow trends blindly, if bright coloured pants aren't your style don't buy them.

May 26, 2011

Pops and prints

A day filled with meetings and a quick lunch. This is what we wore.

Sonu chose a combination of pastel colours with subtle pops
Shirt & flats, Bandra| jeans, Bangkok| bag, Dharavi, borrowed from Jasleen| watch, Tommy Hilfiger| rings, Forever 21 & Claires| bracelet, Popley
-- This is a trend mostly everyone has tried - breaking a simple black and white with pops of red. This season though try something fun and break your monochromes or simple colours with electric blue, neon orange or lime green.
-- Don't get carried away and match your pops of colour to your bag, jewellery and shoes at the same time.
-- Remember to let the pop remain just that - a pop - wear colour in just one place. Accessories, shoes, a hair band, a bag, or a lip colour are the choicest picks.
-- Do you guys remember a beautiful package arrived a few weekends ago and we strategically shared the Oriflame products. Since I have oily skin I chose No Time for Shine powder. This compact like powder is mattifying but not drying and smooths over the skin very easily. It is easy to carry powder and the fact that you can use it for touchups anywhere without any mess. It comes with a spongy applicator so no need to carry extra brushes. The colour is nude and sheer with just enough coverage to brighten your skin and hide slight imperfections.
Jasleen wore a printed dress with thong sandals
Dress, Fashion Street| thong sandal, United Colors of Benetton| bag, vintage, borrowed from Sonu| bracelet, Accessorize

-- I am an apple shape, so when I'm wearing prints I make sure I showoff the slimmest part of my body – my legs. If you're top heavy, reverse the strategy by wearing a black top and a beautiful printed skirt. Don't forget a pair of basic black heels to finish the look.
-- While wearing prints make sure do not do the following things:
  1. Don't wear head to toe prints ever.
  2. Wear only one print piece at a time.
  3. Never wear printed accessories when wearing clothes in busy prints or patterns.
  4. No matter how you do it, enjoy your prints and patterns and above all have fun with them. Just remember not to overdo it.
-- Lately, I have been using Oriflame's Oxygen Boost Capsules. I feel my skin looks tired and dull, so I chose this Vitamin C rich serum that can be used on any skin type and a slight tingling is normal. I usually use it at night before sleeping to wake up to visibly brighter skin. I totally recommend it to all of you for you. Although, the capsules could be a little pricey to use everyday but this fourteen day treatment is meant to be finished in fourteen weeks. I have used it for a week now and I'm happy with the results but whether the effect will last after stopping use remains to be seen.

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May 22, 2011

The Disco Era

The 70s were all about dancing and disco and fashion reflected that and they pretty much wore colourful party clothes. Through the decades, fashion repeated and reinvented the 70s and this is what we're doing today, borrowing elements from the era. While Jasleen's wearing metallic shimmer, Sonu is sporting sequins. Jasleen's green glasses are for colour while Sonu's side ponytail is also reminiscent of the playfulness of the era. We both also wore pink lips since Disco was about bright colours and dark, thick eyeliners.

Jasleen did monochrome by mixing two textures in grey 
Top, gifted by Tina Bhabi| jhola pants, Sobo Fashion Store| shoes, courtesy: Pavers England| ring, Lifestyle| bag, Bangkok

- Monochromes are fashionable this season.
- These jhola pants, a recent buy to my collection of the many pleated pants that I simply love.
- With the monochrome trend I also mixed colour blocking with my box bag and footwear.

 Sonu did a burst of colour in blue and sequins with a funky side ponytail
Top, Colaba Causeway| pants, Crawford Market| peep-toe heels, courtesy Pavers England| clutch, gifted Forever 21| cuff, Swarovksi| bracelets, Popley and Sobo Fashion Store

- Over sized tops are for everyone when worn well.
- Wear them with neon leggings or stockings, a belt to turn it into a dress, with pants for a casual day or a skirt for a quirky look.
- These pants were a recent purchase from Crawford market and fit in the most eclectic way with the top.

May 19, 2011

Behind the scenes

We have been meaning to share some behind-the-scene shots of the shoots we do for magazines and advertisements, but when we are on the set we are completely consumed by our job. So while we were shooting for our scarves we took a few shots to share some moments with you all. A big thank you to Kavya for the fab makeup & hair and Manini our gorgeous model for all the support. Hope you'll enjoy these images.
You can buy your favourite JSo Original scarf @ SoBo Fashion Store, Hughes Road.

May 18, 2011

A tale of 7 cities

JSo Style is born out of destiny and passion when two fashion passionistas clicked in their first meeting nearly like love at first sight. A fashion venture started by Jasleen Kaur Gupta and Sonu Bohra who are fashion writers and stylists and more importantly self confessed shopaholics. Jso Original is an expression of our passion for fashion through their creative designs and unique style. Our current collection: Seven Cities is a window to seven exotic locations that come alive on their infinity scarves with unique elements that will make you want all of them. These 100% handmade scarves in jersey material are the perfect accessory to add that glam quotient to any outfit.

 You can buy your favourite scarf @ SoBo Fashion Store, Hughes Road.

There’s no one city that does bling better. This overdose of gold and silver links makes this jeweled scarf a statement piece that every wardrobe must have.

The home ground for Indian navy, Bombay is a fashionable city that lets each person be exactly what they are. The epaulettes conquer the chic of the country’s financial capital.

New York
The dream city is woven with shimmer and magic powder that this airy scarf holds. Fashionable from head to toe wear this scarf single or mix with other colours and create your own style statement.

The land of mystique, kohl and gold is embodied in this scarf with metallic studs in gold and silver that you can wrap around your shoulder or wear long on your desert sojourns.

The classic old world charm is intertwined with the pearls in this scarf. Wear it to work or wrap it around twice as a pearl necklace for a day downtown.

The party spirit of Mexico City is the fragment this scarf is based on. Wear it as a jewellery item or rock it as a head gear, there’s no limits to wearing this one.

Goa is about endless fun, summer romances and all night parties. This infinity scarf completes that circle of all that is positive, vibrant and exceedingly simple.

A big thank you to Arjun Chipalkatti for the photography
& Kavya D'souza for the hair and makeup

May 17, 2011


We've already spoken about summer's hottest trends like Colour Blocking, Whites and Florals. Today we bring to you subtle trends: cropped jeans and leopard print accessories.

-- Cropped jeans: are comfortable and a good buy for the monsoons.
-- They are casual, so may not be your ideal choice for formal occasions.
-- Cropped jeans have a tendency of making you look shorter. So, if you are petite or short then wear them with wedge heels.
-- Like any pair of jeans, cropped jeans are extremely versatile. Try them with a tank and a sling bag or a plain shirt and bright brogues.

-- Leopard accessories: An animal print ensemble is a bold choice and may not work for everyone, hence we recommend animal print accessories.
-- Leopard print accessories brighten up the plainest of outfits. Even a white shirt and jeanss combination looks glamorous with a leopard printed clutch.
-- Printed accessories are a good and easy way to mix prints. Try animal printed bangles or rings with a stripped tee and if you are feeling too adventurous club it with a floral skirt.

Sonu wore cropped jeans with a shimmer jacket
 Jeans, Mango| jacket, Kenneth Cole| wedges, Bata| bag, Aldo| necklace, Curio Cottage| cuff, mom's | nail paint, China Glaze

Jasleen wore a white tee, linen pants and a leopard hobo bag
Pants, Mango| tee, flats & watch, Bangkok| bag, Lifestyle| glares, Guess

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