January 31, 2011

The twist in the great Indian wedding

See our first ever wedding special post for Vogue.in tomorrow. Come back to see tips on fashion, makeup and recycling.

January 29, 2011

Jean-Claude Biguine celebrating their 3rd anniversary

We finally made it to an event together. One of the best salon and spa experiences, Jean-Claude Biguine is fun all the way and amidst music, prawns and sushi we got a chance to meet a lot of interesting people. They are one of the few salons in the city who wax eyebrows. If you haven't tried it yet, you should, it's painless unlike threading, causes less irritation and lasts smooth much much longer than the threading technique.
P.S. Thanks Shubhi for inviting us to this fabulous party

Sonu wore her DIY blazer with Oxfords
Pants, Globus| blazer, DIY| tank, Fashion Street| clutch, Mango| oxfords, Forever 21| watch, Guess| ring, Popley| bracelet, self-made

- Since military looks are still in this season, this DIY is a cool piece to own. See Jasleen's military blazer here.
- I love blazers and jackets as you can see here, here and here. This one is lightweight and easily wearable because of it's neutral colour.
- Oxfords are my weakness, I love how comfortable and attractive they are. I have worn them with a dress, pants and jeggings. Which is your favourite combination?
Did you guys know that the Oxford shoe style derived from the Oxonian, a half-boot with side slits that gained popularity at Oxford University in 1800. The side slit evolved into a side lace that eventually moved to the instep, as students rebelled against knee-high and ankle-high boots. The toe cap can either be lined with punched holes or two narrow rows of stitching. (Wikipedia)
- The twisted rope plait was quite a hit, a trick I learnt on one of our shoots courtesy Seema V Jerajani, while my new bangs are by Pramod owner of Blow salon. Do you guys like it?

Jasleen wore a shift dress with her new Oxfords
Dress, Only| Oxfords, Zara| bracelet, Forever New| bag, Radley| brown eyeshadow, Miss Claire's| cheek and lip creme, NYX| gel eyeliner, Bobbi Brown

- A recent buy at the Only sale, this tunic/ dress is a fun thing to work with. Love the navy colour and the metal detailing on the shoulders.
- I chose to go monochrome with blue-on-blue that I then offset with a coral bracelet and orange lips.
- Navy is a great colour for the wardrobe because it's not as solid as black but is a lot more wearable during the day as well which I sometimes feel, black isn't.
- During the day I plan to wear these pants with wide bottom pants or my recently purchased sweatpants. How do you wear your dresses during the day?

January 24, 2011

The Comfort Zone

A meeting at the Palladium combined with the 80% discounted sales made for a great Saturday. We are truly enjoying the just right chilly weather in Bombay so us wearing jackets is really justified!

Only and Vero Moda had 80% dicounts on their leggings, needless to say we're saying goodbye to the skinnies we think. Incidentally, we both wore comfortable silhouettes for the day.

Jasleen wore pleated sweatpants with  her velvet blazer
Pants, Mango| t-shirt, Zara| blazer, gifted by my cousin Julie| brooch, Matchbox| Shoes, Bandra| lip and cheek cream in bright orange by NYX cosmetics.
- I am a complete sell-out for pleated pants. See how I've worn my powder pink ones here and brown high-waisted pants here.
- Been setting my eyes on some sweatpants of late, but this recent buy from Mango was an instant yes for me simply because they are as comfortable as sweatpants but not too casual looking - definitely more wearable than the ones I spotted at Zara.
- Sweatpants are making a big statement this season and you have to own a pair.
- Wear them casually and formally. Mixing a sexy blouse instead of a t-shirt and a statement neck piece like this one will instantly glam up this look.
- Also, this works great with a boyfriend blazer and a cropped jacket alike.
- Oxfords, kitten heels, sneakers and pumps could be the best choice in footwear for a look like this one.

Sonu wore a graphic print jumpsuit with a denim jacket
Jumper, jacket and ballerinas, Bandra| sling bag, Oberoi Shopping Mall| ring, Aquamarine| watch, Guess| bracelet, self-made
- There is a jumpsuit for every body type, so if you haven't bought one yet, it's time.
- Jersey materials and spaghetti styles are great for thinner bodies, the shorter styles are also yours to experiment with. See how Jasleen wears her jumpsuit here and Sonu here.
- I love the fact that I can both, dress them up and down, the way I like to fit any event. Needless to say, jumpsuits are so comfortable that you can spend long days in them.
- Play safe and choose a jumpsuit with strong graphic prints like the one I'm wearing or get one in a monotone.
- For a day affair, flats are a good bet and for the night out bring out your stilettos.

January 20, 2011

Internship with Fashion Bombay

If fashion is the magic potion that makes your world a happy place then we'd love to invite you for a three-month internship with Fashion Bombay. From attending high-end events to accompanying us for fashion shoots, this will be a chance to train with us and work as a team on various fun projects. You can work from home for the most part but be willing to be active on the field as and when required.

People interested can email us on jsostyle@gmail.com with your resume and an attached photograph.

- You must be 18 years of age or above
- You must be based in Bombay
- You must be fluent in written and oral communication in English
- You must be good at researching on the Internet and familiar with using MS Office
- You must have a keen interest in fashion or the business of fashion
- A fashion or design degree is NOT a prerequisite

January 18, 2011

Your bling box tutorial

We already know that jewellery and accessorising can make or break your outfit, so we won't discuss that but let's learn how to mix up your jewellery and think out-of-the-box when it comes to your accessories. Here are the five Ms for your bling box.

Mix the metals:
·        You don't have to match silver to silver and gold to gold, that's the fun with metallic colours, they all gel really well together. So, try wearing gold and silver bangles, links or chunky cuffs together. 
·        Even when you look at real gold or diamond jewellery, don't shy away from mixing gold with the plain whites, the effect is certainly more eye-catching.
Silver bangles, Silver House| elephant tusk kada, mom's| coin ring, Amrapali| wrist and ring band, traditional band from Oman

Make a statement:
·        Use your unusual jewellery pieces to make a statement in the quirkiest of ways.
·        Wear a big necklace with a printed dress for a change and not just with your LBD.
·        Pair your oversised cocktail ring with a boyfriend blazer and jeans.
·        Wear big statement earrings with an androgyny inspired outfit like pleated pants and a blouse.
·        In a nutshell, break away from the urge to wear statement pieces only with plain outfits thinking it' s OTT, think differently to make the most of your jewellery.
 Two-in-one ring, Forever 21| Peace ring ring, Claires| Forever and inscribed ring, Sangam Jewellery

Modern versus Vintage:
·        Don't tuck away your old jewellery just because something else is in fashion. In fact, keep going back to your old jewellery to see what you can mix with some new pieces.
·        For instance, mix an old Kundan kada with a modern cuff and a watch.
·        Pair an old pendant with link chains that are in fashion and wear your mom's old rings with little party dresses and sequined jackets to create a contrast.
Blue and green ring, Popley| owl ring, Forever 21| watch, Guess| Kundan kada, mom's| link bracelet, self-made, blue suede bracelet, H&M, gifted by friend Hiral Ruparel

More is less:
·        You've obviously heard about how a little goes a long way but in case of experimenting with your jewellery, don't shy away from throwing on a bit much as long as you don't fall prey to the much-match devil. 
·        So break your jewellery 'sets' and mix them up and wear as much as you want as long as you balance it well.
White stone and flower ring, Aquamarine| gold beads bracelet, Popley| cuff rings, Curio Cottage

  Mix your colours:
·        Wear a blue bracelet with a gold watch, a metal cuff and your silver filigree bangles. Make yourself a nice palette of colours to play with.
·         Don't let the colour of your jewellery be dominated by your clothes - they don't have to match. Instead, use complimentary colours or stick to neutral colours. Wear peach earrings with a brown dress, or a big emerald ring with a pink blouse.
Read this post at Vogue.in also

Photos: Yash Virkud
Model: Sonu Bohra
Text: Jasleen Kaur Gupta

January 17, 2011

Waiting for tomorrow

It's time to show a preview for our post for Vogue.in due tomorrow.

 Clicked by Yash Virkud

January 16, 2011

The Chivas Studio

While we aren't the party hopper kinds and almost always refrain from the party circuit, the Chivas Studio's Friday event was worth going for. It was a great blend of fashion, art and music -- all things nice. They had a colourful art presentation by Bose Krishnamachari, a fashion show by Etro and for the finale at the after party was Karsh Kale's magical performance. A special thanks to Neha Varma for inviting us.
Sadly, Jasleen was busy with attending two weddings that day and couldn't it.
Here's what I wore:

Sonu wore a maxi dress with a rhinestone embellished blazer
Dress, Dubai (wore the flip side of this dress)| blazer, H&M| necklace, Silver House| bracelets, Curio Cottage| bag, Oberoi Shopping Mall| flats, Bandra
  • I've always had a problem dressing up when I 'have to.' The compulsion somehow adds a lot of pressure for me. In such cases, I wear whatever I feel like and not something particularly too dressy. 
  • Remember whenever in doubt, wear what you'll be comfortable in. And, for all the rules and tips we give you guys, sometimes it's good to break the rules and wear what you feel like.
  • I am currently obsessing over maxi-lengths, they are effortlessly glamorous and comfortable.
  • Black is always a safe option for evening events. Try to embellish it with some accessories for some colour. 
  • Depending on the type of event, choose your footwear. Fashion events include a lot of walking around, so I chose flats.
Snapshots of the night:

All pictures by Ruchika Vyas

January 15, 2011

Makeup Regime

Laura Mercier secret brightening powder
How to use it: You can use this like your regular loose powder, but this is a perfect way to settle your foundation and brighten your skin at the same time. Available in pure white and slightly yellow shades, the brightening powder can also be used as is to liven up your face. Use a powder brush to lightly dust it on your face. You can use more on your shiny areas like the nose and forehead.
Upside: It lasts really really long. One small jar can last you for 2 years with regular usage.
Downside: If you try to wear it as is it sometimes makes the skin look too matte. If you have dry skin make sure you use some hydrating serum, primer or moisturiser prior to use.
Price: Rs. 1,800 approx.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation
How to use it: Use it with the dot method or with the help of a foundation brush and blend. This foundation is so light and airy that if you pick the perfect shade you will not find any demarcation lines or the scary white effect after you wear it. It’s light enough to wear every day and also camera friendly. You can use it with the health mix concealer for hiding any major skin issues.
Upside: This foundation is actually good for your skin and when worn during the day acts as a protection from pollution and sunlight.
Downside: While it brightens the complexion and hides basic blemishes, this is not for people who are looking for high coverage.
Price: Rs.950

Eye Makeup
What: M.A.C Gel Eyeliner
How to use it: It makes liquid eyeliners look bad. The M.A.C gel eyeliner is easy to work with once you have some practice. You can buy a standard Vega brush for Rs. 100 for the purpose. The gel leaves a dark, matte and strong line that refuses to wear off during a long day. The waterproof and smudge proof formula means no lines and streaks running down your face.
Upside: This product really allows you to experiment and create new looks. While working with it you can even use an ear bud to smudge and create a smokey eyes effect. If you mix it with water, you can even use it as a cream eye shadow.
Downside: After prolonged use the gel might get a little dry, but besides that there are no cons to this fabulous product.
Price: Rs.950

What: Mascara by Clinique
How to use it: Most Clinique mascaras are fabulous because they have this fibre formula that makes it non-smudge and waterproof. Unlike other mascaras you won't have this little flecks of mascara on your cheeks. You can choose from their curling, lengthening and volumising range.
Upside: Unlike other waterproof mascaras, this one is easy to get out with a makeup remover, the mascara turns into little plastic-y fibres once you use a makeup remover and doesn't stick to your face or give you raccoon eyes.
Downside: Clinique is a brand that's easy on your skin so you shouldn' t buy this if you are looking for something dramatic and life-changing. This is better than most in terms of the final result but not the best.
Price: Rs.1200 approx.

What: Cream blush in Soft Plum by Maybelline
How to use it: This mousse-formula is perhaps one of the best cream blushes we have ever seen. Other cream blushes tend to be very shiny or too creamy, but this one just converts itself to this semi-powder finish leaving a very natural look. Take it on your fingertips and blend on your cheeks depending on where you wear your blush. Don’t use too much unless you need the colour to be intense.
Upside: It’s a very natural colour and will suit almost any skin tone. The packaging is compact and easy to carry and the amount lasts you really long. The price is very reasonable.
Downside: It lasts easily for 3-4 hours but post that depending on your skin type (oily) you might need touch-ups. Stays better when worn over foundation or on a dry skin type.
Price: Rs. 250 approx.

What: Lip and Cheek Tint by Bodyshop
How to use it: People swear by Benetint by Benefit but although that’s been on the wish list for a while because it’s pricy, the Bodyshop Lip and Cheek Tint is a fabulous product to have in your vanity kit. This blood red liquid comes in a gloss bottle with a gloss brush. You can apply 2-3 dots directly on the apple of your cheeks and spread in a circular motion. You can also use a sponge or a powder brush for the same effect. You can build up layers depending on how dark you want the colour to be but usually one to two layers are more than enough.
Upside: What we love about the Cheek & Lip Tint is that it sits well on both unlike some other tints that have recently launched in the market like Lakme and Bourjois. Plus, it has great staying power and you don’t need touch ups, it is also non-transfer making it look absolutely natural like your skin is glowing!
It works on any skin tone so you can pick it up without trying.
Downside: It tends to darken after application so don’t use too much. Make sure you practice how to wear it because it’s a medium many may not be used to working with.
Price: Rs.575

Lip wear
What: Revlon matte lipstick
How to use it: Unlike regular lipsticks, the Revlon lipstick stays on your lips for the whole day. It glides effortlessly across lips with a suede-like finish with maximum color impact. The matte effect of the lipstick also enhances thin lips giving you fuller lips. They have beautiful rich shades from nude to deep berry.
Upside: Easy to apply and stays on for hours. There’s no flakiness or feathering even after hours of its application.
Downside: Limited shade selection.
Price: Rs 480

What: Lip gloss by Makeup Forever
How to use: Apply it like a regular lip gloss. It is extremely thick so be aware of the amount while you are applying. The best way to use is a very light application. Bubblegum pink or a tan coral choose a shade for your skin tone.
Upside: Will stay on your lips even after a meal.
Downside: If applied too much it will make your lips feel glued together.
Price: Rs 550 approx.

January 14, 2011


Our early morning look for a meeting at the Orchid Hotel:

  • Early morning meetings can be difficult especially if you’re not a morning person like us.
  • It’s always better to plan your outfit the night prior to avoid any mishaps in the mornings.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed.
  • Most people leave their accessories for the last minute, we suggest set the entire look with shoes, accessories and your bag a day prior to your meeting.
  • Always remember, it never harms to be well-dressed, even if you’re not from the fashion industry.
 Jasleen wore a self-designed dress with a blazer
Dress, self-designed| blazer, Zara| flats, Bandra| bag, c/o Nidhi Karnavat Chopra for Pop Goes the Art
  • When in doubt go with a dress you’re comfortable in. Just make sure the dress covers your knees, it's never a good idea to wear a short dress for a meeting.
  • Besides fighting the cold in the morning, the blazer came in handy for a crisp formal look.
  • I love laptop bags for their versatility. I carry all my folders, bank papers and my laptop, all essentials for a meeting.
 Sonu wore high-waist pants with a blazer
Pants and heels, Bandra| blazer, H&M| tote, Kashmir Arts Gallery| tee, Colaba Causeway| belt, Forever New| glares, Raybans

These pants aren’t for the voluptuous pear or hourglass shaped women (like me). But if your self-control is as bad as mine and you are tempted to buy high-waist pants then wear them ‘correctly.’
-- Ideally, wear them with a blazer to cover the hips.
-- Wear them heels to add height.
-- Preferably, buy printed high-waist pants to camouflage the curves.

      January 13, 2011

      Layers of fashion

      We often get mails and comments on our skills at layering our ensembles. But the truth to the tale is that if you layer correctly it will conceal your flaws or your problem areas. Here are some pointers to remember while layering:
      •  One of the best fashion tips of all times is to create a harmony of different pieces without doing a sickly much-match. A blend of fabrics, colours, prints and silhouettes in a manner that is pleasing to the eye is the best way to create fashionable and eclectic looks.
      • Layering is one such technique where different pieces come together to make something plain and simple look more interesting and unique.
      • Here, both of us are playing with layers. While Jasleen uses layering to create length and also steer clear of the typical top and skirt look, Sonu uses layering as an opportunity to dress up her basic tunic and jeggings combination.
      • It's a myth that slightly heavier people can't layer. Layering in fact, helps you hide your problem areas, hide loose flab and even give the illusion of shape and curves where there isn't any.
      • For the Indian weather use lighter fabrics,cottons, linens, muls etc. Even layering with a big statement piece, a stole, a shrug is a good way to add an interesting element to your attire.
      • Use layering to add colour or print or graphic design.
      • Use layering to create interesting silhouettes, create shapes and length or hide problem areas like the midriff or chubby upper arms.
      • See how we transform one dress in three looks -- Brunch wear, Beach wear and semi-formal wear -- here.
      Sonu wore a printed blazer with stone-washed jeggings
      Tunic, Colaba Causeway (also worn here)| jeggings, Only| blazer, Carolyn (set of this dress)| flats, Bandra| bag, self-designed| ring, Aquamarine| necklace, mom’s

      Jasleen wore a tunic with a skirt

      Tunic and flats, Bandra| skirt, Fashion Street| bag, Forever 21| belt, Forever New| necklace, borrowed from Sonu

      January 10, 2011

      Fashion Bombay in Don't Shoe Me

      Some of you have already seen these pictures from our shoot for Cosmopolitan, for those who haven't do check them out on Don't Shoe Me run by the fabulous Prutha Raithatha. Not only is she a quirky stylish diva, but also a very talented photographer. She managed to capture our craziness which we somehow conceal. For more pictures and great style log on to her blog: Don't Shoe Me.

      Clicked by Prutha Raithatha for Don't Shoe Me

      January 07, 2011


      While our look may not be completely formal, it’s the best we could do as far as formal wear is concerned. Thankfully in our profession there is no fixed dress code. Yet, we find ourselves in the midst of the popular jhola-kurta fashion statement created by the arty journalists or the other extreme of complete formal wear. We were at the liberty to wear anything as long as it wasn’t too revealing or too worn out.
      A while ago we got an email from a colleague – Shabana Khatib -- asking us for some tips on Western formal wear or corporate dressing.  Most formal work environments adopt a dress code to enforce decorum and a sense of uniformity. Classic formal wear include suits, blazers teamed with shirts or blouses and good fitting trousers or an appropriate length dress with minimal accessories.
      •    While dressing in formal wear, make sure you invest in good seamless underwear or bodysuits. Fittings are of prime importance in formal wear.
      •    Avoid wearing plunging necklines and make sure all your skirts and dresses are knee-length dresses. 
      •    For many, footwear is a major concern. Formal wear in most offices is pretty much chalked out, so closed wear peep-toed heels or pumps. If high heels aren’t your thing, then buy comfortable kitten heels so that your trousers shape you well.
      •    Wrinkled or torn clothes are an absolute no-no. To avoid the morning rush, try and iron your clothes a night prior.
      •    Keep your accessories and jewellery to a minimum. Wear tasteful classic jewellery like pearls, gold studs or basic link chains that you can wear with shirts and dresses.

      This is our tryst with semi-formal wear to a meeting at the Spenta Towers:

      Jasleen borrowed her husband G’s old trousers and teamed it with a tunic
      Tunic and flats, Bandra| trousers, Husband's| links, Forever New| bag, gifted by my sister

      •    The best way to expand your wardrobe is by borrowing clothes from your husband, boyfriend or dad. They are comfortable and totally in trend with the androgyny fad.
      •    Jasleen wears her tunic as a blouse. Try to make maximum use of your clothes. Experiment with your clothes and see them beyond their usual use. See how she wore this tunic here.
      •    Play it soft with your accessories when you are dress in an androgynous fashion. Wear some links and some heels to add that girly touch.

      Sonu wore a red blazer with jeans
      Blazer, H&M| tunic, Zara| jeans, GAP| brogues, Forever 21| bag, Dharavi| watch, Guess| bracelet, Curio Cottage| coin ring, Amrapali| brooch, vintage, mom's

          As much I love wearing jeans, I realise, I don’t wear them enough. If your office environment isn’t too formal then jeans are your best replacement for trousers.
      •    Red looks great on all skin tones and instantly brightens your ensemble. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to add more colour to wardrobe. This blazer did just that.
      •    Brogues are this season’s must-have accessory. I seem to have over done this trend, see me wear my brogues here and here.
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