December 26, 2011

The party style guide

Dressing up to different kinds of parties can be challenging. Here are some quick party looks we cooked up for you guys and included tips of hair and makeup as well.

Look 1: Trial & Error (while shopping)
Style: Comfortable

Dress in the most comfy outfits with minimal accessories. Avoid layers and too much jewellery, you'll thank us when you are in the trial room. Stick to dresses or tunics with pants/shorts combination since you need to be fast and comfortable in the dressing room. Wear flats and carry a sling bag or a messenger bag for all the ease you need while shopping.

Makeup & hair:
Minimal or next to none. If you want to flaunt an even complexion without foundation, try the many primers in the market that leave you with a soft glow.

Look 2: Casual dinner party
Style: Casual chic
Nothing beats the classic combination of a blouse with denims for a dinner party. Chic and minimalistic yet extremely stylish, add a touch of your personality with your accessories. Wear links or a statement necklace with peep toes or wedges heels.

Makeup & hair:
Keep your makeup minimalistic with the main focus on your eyes with a winged liner and a wear nude lipstick. Try somkey eyes in green, blue or purple instead of the same old black. For your hair try an updo for a fresh and glamorous look.

Look 3: Theme party
Style: In character
Not sure if it’s The Big Bang Theory hangover or what? But we're definitely doing a ‘geek chic’ look for our next theme party. If you’re not a big theme party fan like us and look for easy-looks then this may come to your rescue. It’s simple yet in ‘character’ (well... at least for us) and super stylish. For your next theme party, look for character you relate with like Rachel from Friends or Sonam Kapoor from Aisha. In this way you can recreate from your wardrobe, without feeling uncomfortable in the party.

Makeup & hair:

Fill your eyebrows for a masculine touch with matte makeup and lips. For your hair, try a middle parting loose low bun. Bright orange or pink lips in powder matte can finish your look.

Look 4: First date
Style: Girlie
First dates are romantic and dreamy, so be girlie and elegant. Try an LBD but refrain from a very tight fit, you want to look graceful. Add a belt to show off your curves with a thin necklace. Add kitten heels to complete your look. To be honest there are no first date dressing rules, the idea is to stay comfortable. You can’t be pulling your dress if it’s short or pulling your top if it’s low. Stay true to your style, so if you’re not comfortable in a short dress wear pants or a maxi dress.

Makeup & hair:
Keep it fresh and pink. Wear your plum/peachy blushes with fuchsia or hot pink lips. Try a side braid to add to your feminine attire. Keep your eyes simple and dewy with a pencil liner in pink or glitter.

Look 5: New Year’s Eve

Style: Glamorous
Get glamorous and sexy dress for your New Year party. Give your boring LBDs a rest and think sequins, metallics or deeper colours like teal or maroon. Depending on your personal style, pick the length and silhouette of your dress. Don’t match your accessories, add a contrast instead. So pick a maroon clutch with a gold dress like here.

Makeup & hair:
Go for dramatic makeup with bold eyes and lips. Our favourite is a bright red shade with metallic eyes. Leave your hair open and show off your tresses and don't be afraid to curl them for maximum effect. Poker straight hair is a boring option. For metallic eyes, the Indian skin tone looks best in gold or copper bronze.

Look 6: House party
Style: Effortless
House parties are cosy and warm, so keep your look similar. Since you get to chill and chat on couches avoid tiny dresses or skirts. You’d rather be safe with denims or palazzo pants. Wear a statement tunic/dress as a tunic to be part of the festive mood. Opt for wedges or platform heels to complete your look.

Makeup & hair:
Keep your complexion luminous with a liquid foundation and add a cheek stain instead of powder blush, it looks natural and gives you naturally flushed cheeks. Also, you can add a soft gloss to you lips or layer with vaseline and a thin layer of your favourite matte lipstick. Dab lipstick with your fingers for a natural looking colour.

All these garments are available in FCUK. Get shopping ladies!


  1. Gorgeous looks girls - you both look fantastic! Enjoy your holidays!

  2. WOW!WOW!WOW!FAB,FAB,FAB tips!I'm feeling so confident now!The only downside is that I'm a little tight on cash at this moment.But parties will always be there,right?And I can work a few looks in there with the items I've in my wardrobe only!Thank you so much for sharing!Made my day!

  3. Those tips will come in handy these days! happy holiday season ladies :)


  4. Love all the looks esp. the glamorous, girly and casual chic!
    Great tips!

  5. Oh girls! Both of you have got such gorgeous hair!!! <3

    P.S.: Great tips too... :)

  6. WOW. What a fantastic post! Handy tips, love your picks for outfits and its so so relatable :)
    GOOD JOB! :D

  7. thank u ... super informative blog n sexy to top it all

  8. Nice one...
    hey,u mite hire a professional photographer for capturing pics of u gorgeous gurl.... i can !
    wat sayz?

  9. love the house party look's tunic

  10. Thanks for such a special tips!


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