December 21, 2011

Delhi diaries

We didn’t know that a weekend in Delhi could be this eventful!

Day 1
We began with Sarojini Nagar since we had heard so much about the place. Unfortunately, the cold weather meant that the market was filled with stylish coats, woollen jackets and trenches. Now for all those who do have a place to wear these in, the Sarojini Nagar market was a great investment. From copies (or export rejects?) that looked like Burberry to Chanel to simply very fashionable designs we fell in love.

But alas, the lack of space and weather in Mumbai dissuaded us from making the purchase. We luckily found one tiny gullie that still had some stuff leftover from the summers and that’s where Sonu and I let loose. From basic shirts to neon blouses and thick stripes, we managed to haul back a decent amount of stuff.
The next halt was in Old Delhi’s Chandini Chowk where we had to abandon our hired cab to be able to get anywhere in the throng of people. In one row, we saw a temple, gurdwara and masjid coexisting in their traditional splendour.
After asking around we realised that Neel Patra is the best place to buy Indian suits and that’s where we started to head but in between all that the sights and wonders were beautiful to behold. From tiny lit up gullies, green balconies, freshly baked naankhatais and the parathewalli gullie, we ate our way to the market, stopping observing and what not. Beautiful embroideries and saris for as low as Rs.1,500
At night my cousins Amitesh, Preeti and Rashi were nice enough to take us to dinner at Privileged Punjabi that served some of the tenderest chicken that we’ve had the chance to eat. Our verdict: the Delhi Indian food is way better than what we get in Mumbai.

Day 2

We then headed to the W for Woman store for the styling event at South Ex 2 and even before we started we decided to get lunch at this street vendor Qureshi who was preparing fresh rumaali rotis. We ordered paneer kadai with a ton of malai and sat in the Delhi chill on plastic stools to enjoy what was perhaps the best meal of our lives.
At the W for Woman event, fellow blogger Sushmita and Fashion Bombay reader Ayesha decided to drop in to say hello.
Other than that, what we did realise in Delhi though is the complete lack of humour. Sonu and I think we're incredibly funny with our one-liners and usually draw a smile or a sympathetic laugh but at Delhi we only saw people getting offended with our humour. Besides that, Delhi was welcoming and a trip we are not going to forget, ever!

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  1. Yay!The post is here!I missed you guys!Yeah,parathey wali galli is iconic.And Mumbai is THAT hot!Sarojini nagar sells such good stuff at such reasonable prices!Sushmita saw you guys!Wow!Come to Kolkata sometime?I'll get to meet you!*dances around*

  2. looks like you girls had a lot of fun in delhi...
    great pictures, great post:)

  3. That is the problem when I am in Mumbai...I just cannot get any food to get over my Delhi food Delhi food is the best...Glad you had a gala time ^_^ I too was planning to drop by to meet you both, but got so badly stuck with commitments....although I gave Sonu a call to ask if you guys were still there...around 4:30 but guess you guys were busy enjoying Delhi ^_^

  4. Seems like an awesome trip! I have been dying to go to sarojini like forever!

  5. it was great meeting you lovely ladies...and so glad u enjoyed delhi!!!!

  6. i missed it :/ , i really do blame it on my skill of not scrolling down enough on your facebook page to see the venue and date :/. Its so awesome seeing you ladies :).

  7. Wow , it looks like u girls had a gr8 time in Delhi! I love shopping in sarojni nagar :P

    Btw I am a new follower , do drop by on my blog-

  8. YAY!! I am your 500th follower :D

    Thanks for the informative post :)

  9. I stayed in Delhi for five years and pretty much left my heart back there when I moved to Bangalore three years ago. I'm so happy to hear that you two enjoyed Sarojini and Chandni Chowk. It's made me realize that I want to go back there again :)

  10. Sarojini Nagar is a shopper's paradise!!! I LOVE that place! <3

  11. nice and colorful post :)

    even i visited Sarojini for winter garments last Saturday - check my blog



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