June 07, 2011

The rising phoenix

Yes, we were at the Pheonix Mills and though we didn't really shop, we had a great time. The rainy weather has certainly made the weather more bearable.

Sonu wore ripped jeans with a tank top with a  cropped blazer
Jeans, Bangkok| tank, Forever 21| cropped blazer, H&M| bag, Kashmir Novelties| glares, dad's| shoes, Bandra| bracelets, Popley and gifted by Sana| watch, Guess| lipstick, Chambor's Flambe

- Dress or under-dress with and without a blazer. An instant glam quotient can lift your spirits and your outfit.
- Ripped jeans are debatable in many circles, but if you pick a stylish rip like this one without an over-the-top grungy feel, then it can be a good pair to own. It adds the right amount of casual or chic in your wardrobe if done well. Light blue, white or black should be the colours to look for.
- Depending on the occasion show or hide your rip playing with long and cropped tops.
- While wearing horizontal stripes make sure you break the stripes with a layer. It takes away from the illusion of making you look wider.

Jasleen wore pleated pants with a ruffled shirt
Pants, Mango| Shirt, Fashion Street| bag, Dharavi| Shoes, Bandra| necklace, gifted by my sister, G| nail paint, Color Bar's Exclusive Shade 15

- Morning meetings required me to wear something slightly formal that would last me through the dust and other elements.
- The pleated pants and a black shirt were the choice because of comfort and colour.
- Basic shirts in rich materials are always useful and very versatile. Dress it up with pearls and a satchel bag and high heels for a chic event.
- Wear your shirt with shorts and a boyfriend blazer for brunch or over jeans for a casual day out.


  1. you look great I love that cropped blazer !


  2. I hv a similar pair of jeans from forever new in black. can you temme what to wear with it?? I am a lil heavier at the bottom !! : )

  3. LOVEEEE everything about Sonu's look!!!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  4. Sonu your look and my previous post !!,how cool is that . Loving it :-)

    Love J's neck piece very tribal and pretty .

  5. Oh my goodness, there's stripes really everywhere! I'm myself guilty of doing them twice in a row now! But y'all look fabulous!

  6. Sonu, your look is my favourite one yet :D

    Looove it!

  7. j, uve done a fantastcic job with sonu's pics in this post..ur photography skills r getting soo much better..i love the little experiments with mirror and all... love sonu's outfit utterly... and ur necklace too..u girls need to visit me in nyc!!

  8. OMG, love your blazer and tank S!! And love J's watch and necklace!

  9. Fabulous fabulous outfit you two!

    I love the bold colour of that cropped blazer and the aviators - soo cool!


    I'm Back!
    Please come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

  10. I just love the book!

  11. Love the blazer (can't wait to get my hands on it !) & i love Jasleens top,its so SO beyond! <3


  12. Absolutely super styling!!!

    I love both ur watches:)

    very inspiring...


  13. love love love sonu's colorful look!!!..absolutely cheerful!!
    i dunno when raisn gonna hit my city..its really hot here!!! and dusty!!!

  14. LOVEEEE Sonu's blazer and Jasleen's hot ruffled shirt! :)


  15. ooh can i say i love S' hair more than the blazer?! And that ruffled top that J is wearing is SO versatile!

  16. this is shmamazing like seriously

  17. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    which shops do u guys go mostly at fs ?????????

  18. You girls are so pretty! I love both your outfits. That red blazer is FABULOUS and I adore the necklace with the second outfit so much. :)

  19. Jasleen, I'm definitely in love with your hair!

  20. Each of your second photos in this post are probably among your best photos I've ever seen. You girls look gorgeous!

  21. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    love both the looks! the blue bag is soo hot! where is kashmir novelties?


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