June 14, 2011

Recycle your wardrobe

We love to recycle in our life, it's green and it's innovative. Here are a few things we do to make the world a better place.

1. Vintage clothing
Raiding your mom's closet is always a good idea for old saris, bags, pieces of jewellery and sunglasses. You can make a silk or zari jackets or use an old beaten leather bag that looks gorgeous with almost any attire. Remember the saying old is gold, it’s not just a phrase for fashion it’s the truth. Fashion comes full circle every few years. So think carefully about what you want before you cut anything up. If not, wear it as is with a sexy blouse or a corset.
By the Pier
2. One woman’s trash = other woman’s treasure
Dispose clothes and accessories that you haven't worn in a long long time and things you just don't like anymore. Ask your friend to do the same and then raid each other's spoils. You are bound to get a couple of nice things in exchange for your stuff.
3. Same clothes, different day
Don't wear your clothes in the same way twice, that's what makes it so boring. Instead, try different shoes, a different bag, change the jewellery and other accessories if you want. Keep the following pointers in mind:
Dress: Wear it with a jacket or a shrug, an open shirt or even tucked into your high-waisted pants.
Tunic: Wear it as a dress for an evening party or with a pair of loose linen pants for the day. Leggings, jeggings and jeans are your regular options. Also, wearing sky high heels versus flats will be based on the occasion you want to wear it for.
Blazer: A blazer: boyfriend or cropped, are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Wear it with jeans, pants, shorts, a long skirt or a nice dress to create a whole new look. If you want to dress down this same look, you can wear flats gladiators, like me, instead of heels. If on the contrary, you want to dress up the same look, wear a sexy satin blouse in a nude or a rich emerald and wear big stone earrings and heels to accessorise.
Left: Spentacular| Right: Rising of the Phoenix
4. A statement neck piece:
Don't be boring with a statement neck piece and limit it's usage. Instead of wearing it with your all-black or all-white ensemble; pep it up and wear it with prints, textures and contrasting colours. Wear it under a blazer, over a dress with a silk blouse or a plain t-shirt. Think out of the box.
The Tribal Necklace
5. Back to the basics
Instead of hankering after pricey, outrageous pieces that have no repeat value (because everyone will remember when you wore it last!), fill your closet with basic layering pieces:
A waistcoat: Wear it over a simple t-shirt and jeans combination for instant upgrade
A wrap: Wear it with a knee-length dress or a long white shirt with leggings.
A Summer breeze


  1. I follow this with my outfits. Even in Indian, I wear different dupattas! :)


  2. Great ideas!I've not been able yet to get enough money to buy a vero moda blouse I had my eyes on for quite a long time but this post makes me feel much better.Thank you.

  3. Always so beautiful, you guys! :)
    Loving the tips!


  4. Loveee this and I totally agree!!!


  5. Love the concept behind this post!!
    Justice meted out to all the pieces here :)

  6. Super post!! Great mix n match ideas...my favorite pieces are the tribal necklace and the red blazer..

  7. Thanx for sharing the lovely tips girls!!! Your fashionable expertise is always appreciated! :)

  8. some very good pointers regards fashion...i keep raiding my mum's closet from time to time!!!

  9. You've got some great tips there! I love using my moms 70's stuff, it's much more fun than buying all new things.

  10. Hey Super Blog - love it!!! Keep it coming please


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