June 23, 2011

One white shirt

We all know the white shirt as the quintessential basic, but how many of us wear it outside of the blue jeans-white shirt or white shirt-with-high-waist-trousers combination. Here's a fun project in collaboration with FirstRow.in to reinvent the white shirt in many many ways.
The first take:
 Jasleen wore her white shirt with a tube dress
Dress (last worn here) & long necklace, Forever New| shirt, courtesy: First Row (Pretty Things)| bib necklace, Aldo| bag, Fashion Street| Kolhapuris, Ethnicity

- A romantic yet morbid take on the white shirt. The black and white combination is classy and the stone bib necklace with the shiny bead strings in the neck was very old school.
- The satin little orange bag with the lavender kohapuris were my touch of colour and boho.
- If I had to wear this look outside, I would just change the length of the skirt to an ankle or right-above-the-knee length and keep the other things the same.
- A white shirt looks gorgeous with flouncy skirts and fun shapes although the natural instinct is to wear them tucked in with pencil skirts.
- I love mixing Indian footwear with Western wear, I think its perfect to wear with a skirt. For the traditionalists, pumps still stand.

Sonu wore her white shirt with sweat pants and a poncho
Shirt, courtesy: First Row (Pretty Things)| sweat pants & bag, Mango| heels, courtesy: Paver's England| poncho worn as a shawl, Fashion Street (last worn here)| watch, La Mer

- This look is more fun and ideal for a day out with friends. I added the poncho and wore it as a light-weight shawl to add colour to beat the monsoon blues.
- White shirts look great when worn with shorts of different lengths. You can variate between formal and informal with the choice of shorts and footwear.
- Gold sequins shorts worn with tan pumps and a white shirt are abosolutely delicious for evenings, while tan shorts worn with a white shirt and Swarovski gladiators are so chic during the day.
- Many people consider ponchos as a passé trend, I find them rather interesting. They are comfortable, breezy and so dramatic. It makes for a must-have, at least for me.
- For more tips to revamp your ubiquitous white shirt in 7 different ways, read our article on MumbaiMirror.com here.


  1. Love the white shirt with that beautiful skirt....Suck a great outfit...


  2. Love it BOTH ways!!! Great Post, you guys!

    ♥ from © tanvii.com

  3. love jasleen's take on white shirt..it's definitely unique and i wonder why i never thought about it...have worn shirt with cut off jeans/pants many times and i really like how it looks!!!..sonu looks totally perfect for a girl's day out!!

  4. The white shirt is so beautiful in itself and while I loved both of your takes on it, I must confess that I am more partial to Jasleen's interpretation:) There is something very vintage/Victorian about the look, perhaps its the flowing skirt or the shirt's structure. The bib necklace/chains are perfect accompaniments to the look as well...

  5. Excellent acessorising!! I am love with the lilac kolhapuris n sonu's peep toes!!

  6. Amazing..sonu is looking beautiful as usual..:)

  7. I loved the white shirt but the whole outfit I don't think I can pull that off :((

  8. I love how colourful the pictures are inspite of the monochrome.


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  10. OMG!I love this post so much that I want to take it out for movies,and then a quiet dinner and then back to my place and,you know,take things easy.LAAAAAAAAAAAAAABHHHHHHHHH both the looks but Sonu's look is more of my type.I'd be so overwhelmed in Jasleen's.But I'm sooooooooo inspired!Will do something about it on my blog soon.

  11. @ Meghna,
    We'd love to be part of your website. Please email us and let us know how we can participate.

    @ Soumi: So glad you liked our post and 'inspired' you. Let us know of your version of this post.

    @ Thank you all :)You'll made our day!

  12. I love the shirt & both the styles! So gorgeous both of you ! <3



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