March 26, 2011

Fashion Bombay's shopping cart

We had three meetings lined up back to back so we decided to be comfortably dressed. While Jasleen worked with studs and a statement necklace, Sonu highlighted her red pants with her black and white light jacket. Here's how we were dressed.

Jasleen wore an all black outfit with flats
Tunic, Kazo| pants, Mango| bag, Forever New| thong slippers, United Colors of Benetton| necklace, Accessorize

Jasleen's necklace from Accessorize| Sonu's vintage Raybans (stolen from her dad's closet)

Sonu wore her current favourite jeans with a light jacket
Jeans & oxfords, Zara| asymmetrical shirt, Fashion Street| jacket, Carolyn| bag, Forever 21| all jewellery, Curio Cottage| glares, vintage Raybans

One of our three meetings was rather fun. Vero Moda invited us to browse their store and we did so happily! A big thank you to Latha Sunadh for the generous offer to buy one garment each at the store.
Some people buy statement pieces, things that fiercely stand out and they stick to the theme in their bags, accessories, shoes and jewellery. We are the other kind of shoppers. We can't seem to get enough of basics that we can wear in multiple ways and repeat over and over again with spurts of statement pieces or pops of colour. Before we get to what we bought, here's a little journey into our shopping experience. You can also log on to their Facebook page here, if you want to like them or look at more information on Vero Moda.

Vero Moda in Bandra is a huge store so two thumbs up for the space, the music is catchy and the staff is very helpful and welcoming. What really caught our eye was the fact that their racks are separated colour wise, what a novel way to showcase their collections. We also dig the Best Bought rack that holds pieces of things that are most popular with customers.

1. Buy garments that are multi-purpose - silk blouses, shirts, blazers, pleated pants, dresses that can pass of as tunics and dresses etc.
2. Think of a colour palette - think of what kind of colours you already have in your wardrobe and try to pick contrasts to add pops of colours.
3. Pair it in your head - while shopping whenever you pick up bottoms of tops, make mental notes of how you will wear them and come up with at least 3 ways of wearing the garment. This way you can make sure that you get value for money.
4. Take pictures - If you are with a friend, quick pictures from your phone camera are very helpful in gauging how an outfit looks on you from an objective viewpoint, this should help you make a decision.
5. Buy your size - Don't buy your future or past size, make sure it fits. Don't buy things that need alteration, it might spoil the ready fit and shape of the garment and you have no way to picture how it will look on you once it's altered. So when you're out shopping this weekend, make sure you remember these tips.

Like we said thanks to Latha we got to buy one garment each. As you all may know by now, Sonu can't get enough of her blazers and bought a cropped navy piece. Jasleen on the other hand is always on this ultimate quest for the perfect blouse and she bought a beautiful floral piece. We will be posting pictures of our outfits really soon.


  1. thats awesome... fun trip along with free stuff..thats great!!

  2. Is this the Vero Moda in Bandra?

  3. Oh! Who doesn't love free stuff! Loving J's necklace and Sonu's Red bottoms ;)

    from ©

  4. Oooh J! What a gorgeous neckpiece!! And Sonu...those shades are the bomb!!!!
    Can't wait to see you two wearing the new stuff! :)

  5. @ Pernicious One:
    Yes, this is the Vero Moda store @ Bandra. :)

    @ Thanks everyone :)

  6. Love the necklace jasleen and its unbelievable how you team these red pants in such varied ways each time!!

  7. Jasleen love your necklace and Sonu love your jacket. Congrats for those free stuff and Sonu one day would love to see your jacket collection

  8. All black can hardly go wrong, can it? Love both of yalls looks especially the accessories.

    Vero Moda is going to be my sure stop when I visit next! :)

  9. I didn't see this neckpiece in B'lore...
    Is there a way I can order for it ?


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