April 30, 2010

Summer Splash

This was a summer special shoot we did for iDiva, The Times of India, with Waluscha Robinson were we created three summer looks. Hope you guys like it.

Pictures by Jitu Savlani
Makeup and hair by Dilshad Ukaji

(Left to Right)
Resort retreat
Gown, Alberta Ferretti; necklace & ring, Curio Cottage; silver necklace, Suhana Pittie; shoes; Aldo
Disco date

Dress, Shyamal & Bhumika; jewellery, Curio Cottage; shoes, Aldo; clutch, Aldo Accessories
Sunday brunch
Skirt & shades, Promod; top, Jade; shoes, Aldo; jewellery, Curio Cottage; bag, Mango

April 29, 2010

Back to school

We went for a quick coffee at the Banyan Tree at Fort and landed up taking some fun shots. Here's what we wore.
Pictures by Asif Ansari
 Jasleen was nostalgic about her school days and wore a pinafore-styled dress with gold Mary Janes
Dress, Hues; yellow shirt, Singapore; bag, Gap; Mary Janes, Bata; flower brooch, gifted

Sonu wore a denim jacket that reminds her of her childhood days with a pink skirt
 Denim jacket, Mango; skirt, Colaba Causeway; bag, vintage, ballerinas; Aldo; specs, Tommy Hilfiger

Some fun shots
 We were trying to twirl around in our skirt/dress

What all should we eat??

... and buy??

A beautiful painting at the cafe.

April 28, 2010

Ain't no matter if you're black or white

Today, in the spirit of showing you guys more of Bombay, we went to Lion Gate and around. Everytime we passed the graffiti wall we thought of clicking pictures there. And today, we finally did thanks to our friend and colleague Asif Ansari.

Lion Gate is an old heritage building of the Naval Dockyard. Did you know that the Bombay Dockyard, has the country’s only heritage toilet. Located just inside the Bombay Castle, between the historic Bombay and Duncan docks, the fully operational lavatory has been in use since 1750, mostly by sailors who aren’t allowed to use their ship’s toilets when the vessels are in the harbour. They're open to visitors on the first Sunday of every month, if you wish to visit.

So here's what we wore today
Sonu wore a kurta over a dress to add shape and length.
Kurta and bangles, Colaba Causeway; dress, FCUK; gladiators, H&M; bag and belt, Aldo; shades, Mango
 Jasleen wore a self-designed kurta and pants.
Ensemble, self-designed; shoes, Aldo; owl necklace, Promod; bag, Forever New

April 27, 2010

By the Pier

Keeping in sync with our blog's name, we thought of shooting serene locations of Bombay. Ballard Pier's quaint, not-so-crowded and beautiful buildings did the trick for us.

 A scenic view of Ballard Pier

Sonu wore a grey zipper shirt with an over-sized clutch
Grey zipper shirt, Forever 21; jeans, vintage; ballerinas, Pieces, clutch and shades, Mango

Jasleen wore a Kerala inspired fabric dress in cream and gold
Dress, made of mum's old sari; ballerinas, Bandra; bag, Forever 21; shades; Tommy Hilfiger

April 23, 2010

Feeling blah

We are still stuck with the hangover yesterday's shoot, so here's what we wore today.

Jasleen wore her new flower hairpin with her red kurta

 Kurta, Fashion Street; jeans, Mango; mojris, Delhi; bag, Forever 21, flower hairpin/brooch (worn as a pendant) Aldo

Sonu ignored the summer heat and wore her pleated corduroy pants with a top
Pants, Mango; top, Forever 21; peep-toed heels, Bata; bag, Dharavi; belt, Aldo

April 21, 2010

In the heat of the moment

The Bombay heat is getting to us, so we tried to let go of all layering and accessories as much as we could. Here's what we wore on this sunny day.

Sonu kept it simple with an over-sized tunic and her favourite Christmas candy stole
Tunic, Maker Arcade; jeans, Mango; Christmas candy stole, Colaba Causeway; Mary Jane, Bata; bag, Aldo; necklace, Popley

Jasleen felt girlie and clubbed her painted-effect top with her favourite skirt
Top, Hum India; shoes, Bandra; skirt, FCUK; star pendant; self-made; hair pin, Aldo Accessories

April 20, 2010

500 days of summer...

We saw this movie just last night and loved it so much. Today, we found a tree near office that was so beautiful and reminded us of summer, so we decided to shoot there. Here's what we wore today.

Jasleen wore a retro outfit with animal print leggings and a denim wash tunic

Tunic and mul shirt worn inside, Fashion Street; leggings, Kazo; bag, Forever 21; shoes, Bandra Hill Road

Sonu accessorised her sleeveless jacket with gold necklaces and bracelets

Jacket, Bandra; tunic, Fashion Street; jeans, Mango; shoes, Tres Mode; neck pieces, Promod, Curio Cottage and Mango; bracelets; Curio Cottage, Accessorize; ring, Popley; bag, Hues
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