February 26, 2010

Second Batch of scarves on sale

This is the second batch of scarves on sale. Please place your orders on jsostyle@gmail.com with the respective code numbers. Don't forget to add your full postal adress and contact details to the mail.

Code No. 002 -- Paris

Code No. 003 -- Egypt

Code No. 004 -- Oxford Street *

* The necklace is not part of the scarf.

Weekends bring joy

We have been eagerly waiting for Friday and it's here! So as always, the two were colour coordinated -- in grey. Here's what we wore.

Sonu was wearing the infinity scarf we made with a fun grey jersey tunic




Grey jersey tunic, Cotton Cottage; leggings, H&M; infinity scarf, self-made, bag, Mango, pumps, Tres Mode; bracelets, Claires

Jasleen wore her grey jacket with her new necklace

 Jeans, Mango; jacket, AND; white shirt and kada, Fashion Street; shoes, Aldo; necklace and clutch, Delhi;

February 25, 2010

We're on Blog Lovin' now!

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It's all grey and black here

Thank God it’s Thursday because that means there is only a Friday between us and the weekend!Yay!
Sonu and I realised we are dressed similarly today to match our tired and exhausted mental states, we both went with relaxed silhouettes and comfortable leggings. This is what we wore today.

 Jasleen had a great hair day today. Don't you just love her hair?
Tunic: Promod; top: Benetton; leggings, H&M; mojris, delhi; beaded braclet, Kala Ghoda; bangle: Delhi, Tassle: gifted by Sonu; pink stocking hair scrunchy, Delhi

I took some candid shots of Sonu, gosh, we do sometimes behave like a couple in love.
  Tunic, bolero and necklace: Fashion Street; gladiators, bag and ring: Aldo; leggings: Only 

PS: My ring says Make a Difference. I absolutely love it.

February 23, 2010

Tired, exhausted but still on the go

We know it's only Tuesday but we've had a hard week already and a long way to go. This is what we wore on the tiring Tuesday.

Sonu was out sourcing clothes for a shoot so she was simply comfortably dressed for the streets of Bombay.


 Shirt, Fashion Street; denim jacket, gifted, Promod; jodhpuris inspired pants, Globus, bag and necklace, Aldo; kadas, Colaba Causeway & Pantaloons; scrunchy, Malmal; specs, Tommy Hilfiger

PS: I know the last picture isn't fashion related, but I had to show off my beautiful butterfly bookmark. :)

Jasleen was indoors, so to protect herself from the freezing central airconditioning she wore her new boyfriend blazer
Tunic, Delhi; blazer, Mango; leggings, H&M; necklace, Forever 21; shoes, Forever New

February 22, 2010

JSo Original

We made a couple of infinity scarves to kickstart the JSo Style accessories line. You'll be happy to know we sold all! The infinity scarf is a one piece scarf, a loop of material that you can wear as a necklace, a belt, a stole, a choker---you can wear it long or short. It is so easy to drape because unlike your regular scarf, this has no ends.

We are in the process of making the second batch. Do let us know if you guys want to purchase one for yourself or a friend. This particular scarf is for Rs 200/- but we can also customise this for you by dressing it up with buttons, lace, crochet or sequins. The price will go up accordingly. We have other variations which we will be putting up soon. So watch this space for more!


This is a picture of our close friend and first customer Asish Samanta from Times of India.


Hope you guys liked our debut collection. Please leave your valuable comments.

Beating the Monday blues

We just needed another reason to dress up. So to beat the Monday morning blues here's what we wore.

Jasleen wore her new Mango pants with her favourite shrug.


Pants, Mango; pink top, AND; Shrug, FCUK; shoes, Delhi roadside; bag, Dharavi; necklace, Curio Cottage, shades, Tommy Hilfiger

Sonu wore her newly purchased nautical stripes with her blazer
Denim leggings H&M; blazer, Mango; nautical stripes dress worn as tunic, Fashion Street; earrings and bracelet, Curio Cottage, ballerinas and bag, Aldo

February 19, 2010

The Thing Around Your Neck

Sonu is currently reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's The Thing Around Your Neck, so it seemed appropriate to name this upload accordingly. We both love accessories and swear by them. This is a sneek-peek into Sonu's collection of neck pieces.


Sonu made this neck piece from an antique button she bought from a thrift store in Kala Ghoda. She added basic links to the button and look how great it looks. 

This is one of my favourites in her closet. This too, is her 'creation.' This was a broach that broke to which she just added a suede string to it. 

We gave this necklace to each other. It says Yours and Mine. Although a little gay, we both loved it and promised to wear it to each shoot we style. It's our very own lucky charm.

 Originally, this is a pocket watch available all over Colaba Causeway. We loved the carving it has behind. I hope you can see the owl and birds. 

 This colourful and bright necklace I totally love and want (to steal) from her. She got this from Fashion Street many years ago for Rs 100. 

Hope you guys liked the visit to Sonu's jewellery box. :)
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