July 13, 2010

The Queen's Necklace

Marine Drive looks beautiful during the rains so we couldn't pass the opportunity to visit the sea. Every year, hoards of Bombayites and tourists flock to to the sea-side at Marine Drive and Worli Seaface to experience the Bombay rains. When the tide is high and waves overflow onto the promenade, it makes a breath-taking sight. Although we didn't wait around to be drenched, we enjoyed our time there.

Jasleen paired black jeggings with an embroidered shirt worn as a jacket
 Shirt, Fashion Street| jeggings, Aldo| mojris, Delhi| white t-shirt, Chemistry| bag, Oberoi Shopping Centre

Sonu paired a monochrome dress (worn as a blouse) and skirt with an ornate belt
Dress (worn as a blouse), FCUK| scalloped skirt, Fashion Street| belt, Forever New| elephant ring, Curio Cottage| pyramid studs bracelet, Claires| wantch, vintage| ballerinas, Peices


  1. i can see my bldg in the background!!!...love love love this shoot..and the outfits and ohh god do i have some insane number of memories around this place!!

    thanks u guys for the pics!! how i miss home!!


  2. Both look great .. The black and white effect is awesome

  3. Monochromes rule. 'Nuff said

  4. lovely pics girls!!!
    lovely outfits too..!

  5. beautiful backdrop and great editing. are you guys using lightroom? it's nice how you have the embroidery detail with the sleeves with the juti and the white belt with peach shoes stand out from the otherwise solemn background. love the post!

  6. Love this effect! Love J's jacket and Sonu's belt!
    ...and...I love that the bird in the 2nd pic (Jasleen) is looking at the camera!! If you click the pic for large view, you can see it.

    I know I'm getting boring now but... your hair, ladies, your hair... beautiful...

  7. Loving both outfit and the pop of colour on both.
    I'm pining for Mumbai. We stayed just by Wankhede Stadium last time we were there, love to experience it in the rains!

  8. @Prutha
    We're glad we could show you something you miss so much. Do come down soon, we'll see Bombay with you.

    Thanks, Sonu is Photoshop-happy these days and doing a great job at it!

    Yep, can't go too wrong with them can you?


    Thanks so much, Photoshop rules!

    Wow, the bird sure loves the camera, what a cool observation. And no we never get bored of compliments, so keep it coming ;)

    @Vintage Vixen
    Yes it can be so fun to be out in the rains, monsoons make memories.

  9. LOVE the clothes, the black & white pics, the view, the city...everything!

    sigh. i miss bombay

  10. I love how you both did the black and white combination in your outfits! Very pretty, and the pairing of the Indian-style accessories is right on!


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