September 30, 2009

The add-ons

We both love to accessorise our clothes. Unfortunately, very few actually follow this art. This vintage broach is one of my favourites. Found it at an Thailand Expo that happened in
South Bombay last week.

Vintage broach: South Bombay for Rs: 200

This necklace has two of my most favourite add-ons. The Jeanie bottle pendant that I bought from Colaba and the vintage maple leaf broach that I've pinned up to add that something extra.

Jeanie bottle pendant: Curio Cottage, Colaba for Rs: 800, gold chain: Curio Cottage for Rs 300, vintage maple leaf broach: gifted

I made this pendant from a broken earring I had. I absolutely loved it when I saw it at a local roadside store in Bombay.

Dove shaped pendant: South Bombay for Rs: 30

Shoe Fetish

Love the yellow ballerinas. They are super comfy and spice-up any outfit. I bought them from Colaba Causeway, but this picture was taken in Dubai when I was vacationing a few months ago.

Yellow Ballerinas: Habit Shoes, Colaba Causeway for Rs: 800

I love the way the colours of these shoes go together. These pink kitten heels are just the thing you need when your attire is a little to gray.

Pink kitten heels: Bandra roadside for Rs: 500
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